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  1. Wm96


    Building the wall is no “compromise.” Most people are for DACA and against the wall! Call your representative and tell them to vote against this bad deal!
  2. Wm96

    PAC Grades

    Note: a "C" grade can either mean ambivalence, a split opinion within the PAC, or lack of information from the character on the issues they care about.
  3. Wm96

    PAC Grades

  4. Wm96


    So we have to build a racist, expensive, useless wall in order to protect young people from being deported to a country they've never known? Call your representative and tell them to vote NO on the wall! DACA should be passed on its own!
  5. Wm96


    @realDonaldTrump wants to defund the EPA and our National Parks! We can’t let this happen!
  6. Wm96

    West Coast Mid-Session Schedules

    Reminder: you can post campaign schedules for all characters registered in the region, not just ones that are running
  7. Wm96

    West Coast Mid-Session Schedules

    The next schedule is due on November 20th.
  8. Wm96

    West Coast Mid-Session Schedules

    Fundraising totals: Stephens: $1.8 mil Stephens: $9 mil Gutiérrez: $1 mil Gutiérrez: $1.2 mil Brightwell: $9.45 mil Williams: $4.4 mil Williams: $2 mil
  9. This is a winning issue and a good one to jump on at this moment in this region. Good job.
  10. TRUMP CALLS UP THE ARIZONA NATIONAL GUARD TO THE SOUTHERN BORDER, GUTIERREZ PLEDGES TO FIGHT THE CALL IF ELECTED This morning, President Trump called up the Arizona and Texas National Guards to the Mexican boarder to assist the border patrol in fighting the flow of undocumented immigrants into the country. The Arizona National Guard falls under the jurisdiction of the West Coast, and so the next Governor will assume the role of commander-in-chief of those forces. As such, it has already become an issue on the campaign trail Carmen Gutiérrez, Democratic Majority Whip in the West Coast Legislature and candidate for Governor, said that she would "take all possible steps" to prevent the deployment of the Arizona National Guard to the border. "Trump's actions are nothing to do with border security or immigration. They are everything to do with making himself look like a tough guy, and pandering to the racists and white nationalists amongst his supporters" said Gutiérrez. It is unclear what route Gutiérrez would take to challenge the order. She could challenge the order as unconstitutional, arguing that the National Guard is prohibited from assisting in law enforcement, or she could use her power, if elected, as commander in chief to challenge the President's authority. Either way, it would end up in court, and the winner of that challenge would be unclear. Mayor Williams and Mr. Lewinsky, the other candidates for Governor, have yet to comment on the order. @Andy @Sheridan @Williams
  11. Wm96

    Thoughts and prayers over wildfires

    This is pretty par for the course, only thing is that "thoughts and prayers" has less-than-great associations among west-coast progressives. Overall, not a big effect.
  12. This really motivates and excites progressives. Moderates are wary of the combativeness and conservatives hate it.
  13. Wm96

    Fact Check

    Need more info or context on an IG situation? Post questions to the AB here.
  14. Wm96

    PAC Endorsements (Bills)

    The Brady Campaign endorses the BUMP Act
  15. MAYOR WILLIAMS JOINS LEWINSKY AND GUTIERREZ IN BID FOR WEST COAST GOVERNOR Democratic San Diego Mayor Christopher Williams has jumped into the race for West Coast Governor for the 2019 Special Election. Williams joins Democratic Congressman and West Coast Majority Whip Carmen Gutiérrez and Republican Businessman Sergey Kirov Lewinsky. Each of the contenders is credible and fairly strong, and this early in the campaign there isn't clear favorite. Of course, this is the progressive West Coast, so whichever of the two Democrats makes it through the Democratic Primary will be an early favorite, even against a popular immigrant, tech tycoon like Lewinsky. But, there is a long history of Democratic states electing business-friendly, centrist Republicans, so let's not count Lewinsky out just yet. It is sure to be an exciting campaign season. We will keep you up to date here.