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  1. Rome at the height of the empire would be really cool (again not counting the health aspect).
  2. Do you think Cap is more liberal now? I was thinking he’s more of a libertarian that’s lost his belief in government @Shiggy
  3. Do you think the characters are portrayed as liberals in the movies?
  4. So one of my friends posted an article on fb today discussing the “politics of Marvel.” In it, the author proposes that Iron Man started out as a neo-con and has moved further and further to the left over all of the movies, and Captain America started out as a standard, patriotic conservative and has become more libertarian and anti-government over time. This seems reasonable to me, but then I googled it and there are like 1000 different takes on the characters’ politics. What do you guys think?
  5. I actually used to be a pretty far-right, particularly socially far-right conservative. Throughout college, as I met more and more people from diverse backgrounds, I got more socially liberal, and now my transformation is complete.
  6. Dude that’s insane. I’m a grad student at Vandy and work as a scientific writer and financial analyst at VUMC—also went to high school at Davidson which is right next to Goodlettsville.
  7. No way! What neighborhood? I’m from Hendersonville. Correction: between Nubbie, you, and I, Nashville is taking over!
  8. Wm96

    Fact Check

    Need more info or context on an IG situation? Post questions to the AB here.
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