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    PAC Endorsements (Bills)

    PACs post endorsements of bills here
  2. Ok, that’s fair. I’ll grade it for you: The fact that his resignation came right after this makes it noteworthy and definitely wins you some points with conservatives and makes the Dems look bad across the board.
  3. Now that Fitzpatrick is gone, I’m not sure this matters anymore.
  4. Wm96

    Bowers to Ward: 'Shape Up, or Ship Out'

    Progressives are absolutely furious about this. Not only did you publicly criticize the Democratic Speaker, but you did it over tariffs. Some of them were on your side because of climate change and protecting industry, but not now. Moderates are still split, because they like the rebate but are generally pro free trade Conservatives like this now. They love the infighting among the Dems and still love the tariffs. So except for pro-business conservatives, they’ve more or less coalesced for this. So basically, this started out bipartisan but has become starkly polarized and partisan now. And, as a presidential candidate in a primary, this is not good for you.
  5. Wm96

    Liberal PACs

    Common Cause: There are a few good candidates for the Dems that Iowans can caucus for tomorrow, but González is by far the most exciting. Let’s clean up Washington! #GonzalezForPOTUS
  6. Wm96

    Liberal PACs

    Tweets from the liberal PACs: Common Cause NAACP The AFL-CIO Sierra Club The Brady Campaign
  7. Wm96

    Liberal PACs

    AFL-CIO: Lots good candidates to get out for in the Iowa Democratic Caucus tomorrow. The real novelty? A pro-union Republican! #VoteVang
  8. Wm96

    Liberal PACs

    ACLU: Tomorrow is the Iowa caucus, and we’ve made our endorsements. Honestly, as long as you’re not voting for González, it’s fine by us! #antichoice #fakefeminist
  9. Wm96

    PAC Endorsements (Candidates)

    Liberal-Leaning PAC Endorsements (all are subject to change before the end of the Primary): Common Cause endorses Daniela Gonzalez for the Democratic Primary "There are several good candidates in the Democratic Primary, particularly Congressman Brown and Governor Travere, but Daniela Gonzalez has been a better advocate for fair and ethical elections than anyone else in the field. We are proud to endorse her for the Democratic Primary." The AFL-CIO Endorses Congressman Vinny Brown for the Democratic Primary "Honestly, every Democrat in this race is really good on workers' rights, and we are happy to see such a pro-worker field. But, Congressman Brown is unparalleled in his advocacy for the worker. He understands that the worker is the basis of the economy and our society, and we hope to see him in the Oval Office." The AFL-CIO Endorses Congressman Vang for the Republican Primary "It's not very often that you meet a pro-union Republican, but this is it. We hope to see a pro-union candidate on both sides of the aisle!" The NAACP Co-Endorses Governor Travere and Secretary Whitaker for the Democratic Primary "This race has seen a serious lack of advocacy for black Americans. There have been some bright spots, but all in all Governor Travere and Secretary Whitaker have been the best, and often only ones in the field at advocating for the interests of minorities." The Sierra Club Endorses Daniela Gonzalez for the Democratic Primary "Quite a few of the candidates in this primary have been good on climate change. Congressman Bowers and Secretary Whitaker particularly, but none of them have been as great an advocate as Ms. Gonzalez. She would be a great choice for President." The ACLU Co-Endorses Secretary Whitaker and Congressman Macmillan for the Democratic Primary "There are a few really great and a few not as great candidates on the Democratic side right now. Of them all though, Secretary Whitaker and Congressman Macmillan stand out as the best candidates to take on Trump's authoritarian agenda." The ACLU Urges Democrats to Not Vote for Daniela Gonzalez "Daniela Gonzalez has some great policy proposals, and sometimes she seems extremely appealing, but at the end of the day she a conservative, anti-choice Democrat who who gave an entire speech on "jihadist extremism." We urge all Democrats to vote for any other Democrat in the primary.”
  10. Where PACs can endorse candidates for any office
  11. Wm96

    Mid-Session Schedules

    Forgot Sharp: Sharp: $50,400,000
  12. Wm96

    Mid-Session Schedules

    Fundraising totals: Fitzpatrick: $18,000,000 Fitzpatrick: $12,600,000 Travere: $64,350,000 Travere: $64,350,000 Talleyrand: $6,300,00 Talleyrand: $15,120,000 Lewinsky: $32,500,000 Bowers: $24,500,000 Bowers: $24,500,000 Goodwin: $6,000,000 Goodwin: $7,800,000 Gonzalez: $21,600,000 Rays: $3,600,000 Rays: $13,500,000 Macmillan: $25,200,000 Macmillan: $7,200,000 Swanner: $19,250,000 Swanner: $17,500,000 Fitzgerald: $12,150,000 Fitzgerald: $12,150,000 Brightwell: $20,400,000 Whitaker: $14,000,000 Whitaker: $45,500,000 Vang: $40,950,000 Crafts: $2,700,000 Crafts: $13,500,000 C. Ward: $30,240,000 S. Ward: $800,000 S. Ward: $4,400,000 Grant: $9,600,000 Grant: $3,200,000 Note: please post which character your schedule is for @Shiggy @Rufus Goodwin Note: only one schedule each @Nubbie
  13. Wm96

    Help for Homeschoolers Act

    Mr. Speaker, As Governor Williams has just recently passed, I move we table this legislation until we can get through this tumultuous time. I yield
  14. Your source for all local news on the West Coast
  15. GOVERNOR WILLIAMS PASSES FROM STROKE BREAKING NEWS: Governor Williams, who was admitted to UC Davis Medical Center earlier tonight, was confirmed to have suffered from a stroke. He went unresponsive at around 7:35 PM and responders were unable to revive him. Governor Williams was less than a year into his term. His passing will be grieved by the region and the country as a whole. As the next election is more than a year out, regional law states that another special election will be held to fill his position. A date is not set yet, but it surely will be in the coming days.
  16. GOVERNOR WILLIAMS HOSPITALIZED, POSSIBLY SUFFERING FROM A STROKE BREAKING NEWS: Governor Williams has been suddenly admitted to University of California, Davis Medical Center after collapsing suddenly at home. John Malkoy, a staffer for Governor Williams, found him today at approximately 7:00 and immediately called an ambulance. All signs seem to point to a stroke. No foul play is suspected, but the situation is still being investigated. We will keep you informed on this situation into the night.
  17. Wm96

    Help for Homeschoolers Act

    72 hours for debate
  18. Wm96

    Trump's 3D Veto A Travesty

    This is good for your support with progressives in the region who vehemently hate Trump, and pointing out the flip-flop by Republican Congressmen is good for your campaign. You could have won more moderates had you come back and talked about how you would do better or what could have been achieved, but by sticking to only attacks, you ended up with mostly a wash. Conservatives aren’t happy, but they aren’t upset either because they mostly support the 3D bill. Overall a win, but this could have been more.
  19. This is red meat for the Democratic base. It appeals heavily to minority groups and liberal urbanites, and they’re happy someone is talking about these issues when it seems like everyone is just appealing to white rural and rust belt folks. Of course, conservatives are not pleased, but I’m sure that’s not what you were trying to do. It’s interesting that you dropped out and decided to support González, who is arguably the most conservative Dem in the field. Your supporters are puzzled, but that will help her progressive cred.
  20. Wm96

    Rossi Talks 3D Gun Bill, 2nd Amendment

    This is interesting, because it seems like you’re appealing and justifying your bills to conservatives. You do remember that this character is running for Senate in the NE right? It seems like you should be making sure people don’t think it’s too pro-gun. But, even so, your proposals in the SAFE act are extremely popular across the board. Conservatives are happy with your justification and working with Gov. Lewinsky, moderates are pleased, and the left is a bit upset about your talking about how much you support the 2A, but they support the SAFE act. So you still win points.
  21. The people of the Northeast are surprised at how efficient and quick you have been at signing large, high-priority, popular bills. This is another one of those. Extremely high-priority, particularly in the NE after Trump’s veto. There is some ire on the far-right for “restricting gun rights” and some ire on the left for “not going far enough,” but the vast majority of people are extremely happy with this, especially right after the huge infrastructure plan. You’re going to have to run out of champagne eventually!
  22. Wm96

    Rossi Town Hall NYC NY

    Mr. Rossi, What would your priorities be if we sent you to Washington? Why should I vote for you?
  23. Interesting position. The public is split on this. More nationalist Republicans are happy because they believe Facebook, Twitter, and the like are censoring conservative media, while more libertarian Republicans believe this is infringing on private business. Progressives are mostly against this, because they believe that if anything, social media sites have allowed too much “hate speech.” Moderates don’t care very much, but they lean slightly toward being for this bill for first amendment reasons.
  24. Wm96

    Fitzgerald Praises Northeast Infrastructure Bill

    Good job—this bill is very popular across the board. Progressives are a bit skeptical of the housing part of the bill, but overall they’re happy with it, especially the climate change section that you touched on. Everyone else loves it.
  25. Wm96

    Fitzgerald: Strong Trump Economy Continues

    It is proven through polling that when you talk about the economy generally, most people are willing to give credit to Trump and are happy with the growth. When you talk about specifics: tariffs, tax cuts, deregulation, they are less happy. So, by talking about the economy broadly and bringing in those specific policies, you get big points with conservatives, lose points with progressives, and split the moderates down the middle.