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  1. Character Name: Charles Samuel Litchfield, Jr. Home State: North Carolina Current Age: 28 Professional Background: Farming Hometown: Rural Positive Trait: Intelligent Negative Trait (optional): Womanizer Samuel Charles Litchfield, Jr. is the eldest son of a wealthy tobacco plantation owner. Sam has lived and learned the tobacco business from his father. An intelligent boy, Sam Sr. determined early on that he would ensure his son received a high-quality education beyond that of the plantation. Sam, Jr attended the University of William & Mary and earned his degree after focusing his study on philosophy and mathematics. Not interested in continuing his education into law or other matters, he returned home. His father gave him substantial control over the business aspects of the plantation, something which Samuel excelled at. In the year of 1785, Samuel courted a young woman named Mary Daniels, the only child of a fellow tobacco plantation owner. Their marriage has been a quiet affair, with no children produced yet. In 1789, Samuel decided to seek election to the United States House of Representatives. With the support of a large number of the tobacco farmers in the state, he won election and will proudly be representing North Carolina in their first Congressional delegation. View full character