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    Michael Pratt (Independent)

    Character Name: Michael Pratt Home State: Massachusetts Current Age: 30 Professional Background: Politics/Law Hometown: Urban Positive Trait: Traveler Negative Trait (optional): Greedy Son of Rep. Orison Pratt, aspiring businessman. View full character
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    Wills and Testaments

    Upon the death of Orison Pratt, half of his assets shall be split between his children equally. A quarter shall go to his wife. A quarter shall be invested in charitable trusts, as administered by the oldest next of kin.
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    Orison Pratt (Federalist)

    Character Name: Orison Pratt Home State: Massachusetts Current Age: 54 Professional Background: Business/Trade Hometown: Urban Positive Trait: Intelligent Negative Trait (optional): Womanizer Name: Dr. Orison Pratt State: Massachusetts Date of birth: July 7, 1735 Birth Place: Attleboro, Massachusetts Place of residence: Boston, Massachusetts Family: Orison married Annette Cummings, five years his junior, in 1757. They have had five sons; their first son, Henry (born in 1758), died in a drunken duel at the age of 18. Their second son, Michael (born 1759), is a war veteran who currently works in local government and law. Their third son, Kyle, was born in 1760 and died three weeks afterwards because of an infection. Their fourth son, George (born 1763), is currently studying to be a doctor, and works as an impromptu scientist and inventor in his spare time. Their fifth son, Lewis (born 1766), is studying to be a doctor too. They have three daughters: Henrietta (born 1761), Bonnie (born 1763, who died from smallpox at the age of four) and Claudette (born 1765). He has an illegitimate fourteen-year old child, named Toby, with the slave of one of his neighbours. He has successfully kept the scandal under wraps (and is managing to continue his affair on the side), and Annette is none the wiser. Alma mater: Oxford University Religion: A Protestant of some kind Short biography: Orison was the third child of a Dr. Roger Pratt, an influential Attleboro cobbler and politician, and from an early age stood out from his siblings, taking a keen and active interest in his studies and assisting his father in all aspects of his business. At an early age, he developed keen interests in theology, medicine, history, literature and politics, and after leaving school, he travelled abroad to England to study medicine. After graduating with flying colours, he travelled extensively for the next few years, working as both missionary (running missions and homes for the poor in Algeria and Persia) and explorer (mounting a failed expedition up the Nile, during which he contacted malaria. As he says, it was “a miracle” that saved him.) Upon returning to Massachusetts, he briefly spent time working as a writer. His books discussing his travels and his theological and civil beliefs were well-received; his journeys into fiction, however, were disastrous, and, at the age of 30, he decided to return to his natural calling of medicine. Soon enough, he established a clinic in Boston, and, by the time the revolution ignited, he had gone on to become one of the most respected medical voices in New England, leading several innovative medical studies and earning enough wealth to make business investments (including a publishing house) and start philanthropic projects. Indeed, as colonists in Boston were throwing boxes of tea into the Boston Harbor, he was giving a guest lecture in Harvard. During the revolution, Orison avoided active fighting, instead focusing on pursuing other interests and writing up diaries of his view of the war and his “vision for a prosperous America where liberty and equality is cherished”. Indeed, he spent much of the war in his father’s estate in Cape Cod, his father having died from old age shortly after the revolution started, with Orison, as the oldest surviving son, being the main beneficiary of the death. That is not to say he shied away from playing a direct role in helping the cause for American independence; he provided revolutionaries with medical care, information, supplies, and, from time to time, a hiding place from British authorities, often putting his own life on the line in the process. One time, 12 revolutionaries were killed after being caught hiding in his stables. It was only by his own wit he kept his family safe. Afterwards, Orison, now a published writer and respected pillar of the Boston community, was convinced to run for the House of Representatives by friends and family. Politically, he has aligned himself with the federalists, and is notable for his strong expansionist beliefs, an aversion to slavery and capital punishment, and a love for the arts and culture. View full character