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  5. Character Name: Benjamin Wilson (multi) Home State: Massachusetts Current Age: 35 Professional Background: Business/Trade Hometown: Urban Positive Trait: Scholar Negative Trait (optional): Weak Benjamin Wilson b. July 7th, 1754 Hometown: Salem, MA m. Josephine Goodhue 1773, one son Richard b 1774 Background: Partner, Secretary of Wilson Family trading company graduated Harvard College left arm crippled at 8 View full character
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    Will in testament of James Wilson Assume needed legal formalities Control of my equity in Wilson family shall go half to James Wilson II, and a Quarter each to daugther Rebecca and son Benjamin Wilson All other assets shall be transferred to Catherine Wilson nee Dane, and in the event of her predeceasing, split equally between my children If any beneficiary is below age of majority, any assets bequeathed shall be held in separate trusts, executed by my brother Benjamin Wilson
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    Business Filing & Purchases

    The Wilson family forms Wilson Family Trading in Massachusetts. Invests 2 into the SST sector, focused on the import of coffee and sugar from the West Indies and Netherlands Invests 1 into rum distilling (MAN?) Invests 1 into canal and turnpike projects (CIT) Invests 1 into land speculation SST (5k*2) + CIT (1.5k) + MAN (3k) + TS (1k) = 15.5k
  8. Character Name: James Wilson Home State: Massachusetts Current Age: 39 Professional Background: Business/Trade Hometown: Urban Positive Trait: Traveler Negative Trait (optional): Drunkard James Wilson b. March 16th, 1749 (40) economic background: scion of an established if relatively modest Salem trading family and currently a trader and distiller. In his trading duties, he was traveled to Europe, the West Indies, the Spanish Main and Briefly Africa hometown: Salem, MA family: Married Catherine Dane (1770), son Benjamin (1771), daughter Rebecca (1774), son Alexander (1778) timeline: Childhood/adololesence: worked the family trade business, taking trips as a supercargo starting 1767. Attended, but did not graduate Harvard College Summer 1775-Winter 1776: Lieutenant ,7th Massachusetts/27th Continental Regiment. Participated in the Siege of Boston campaign. Fell sick and discharged Winter 1777 on New York-New Jersey Campaign. Participated in Battles of Trenton and Princeton 1777-1783: After convalescing, organized finance and smuggling for the Patriot Cause 1783-1789: continued in family business, taking joint ownership with brother Benjamin in 1786 after father's death. Maintained correspondence with continental army contacts In 1787-1788 particpated in the Massachusetts Ratifying Convention 1789: elected representative for Massachusetts' 2nd Congressional District. Political background: Focused on the strong commercial development of the United States, in particular the national bank and Hamilton plan. Differs from federalists on tariffs, preferring excise taxation and tends more Francophile than Anglophile. View full character