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  1. Nubbie

    Ethan's Law

    Mr. Speaker, I do not support this legislation without the changes. I yield.
  2. Nubbie

    Ethan's Law

    Mr. Speaker, If the gentleman would also stoke section (i), we'd accept. I yield.
  3. Nubbie

    Ethan's Law

    Mr. Speaker, I will gladly answer the gentleman's question. That would be this section, Specifically, clause iii, in which the firearm is forfeited. That is a gross overreach, and infringes on second amendment rights. If we could strike this section, I think we'd have an agreeable bill. I yield.
  4. Nubbie

    Ethan's Law

    Mr. Speaker, While this bill has good intentions, I feel as if it is a gross overreach of government power. I will object against any motions for UC and will vote against this bill. I yield.
  5. Mr. Speaker, I object. I yield.
  6. Mr. Speaker, I also support the motion for UC. I yield.
  7. Mr. Speaker, I also call for UC. I yield.
  8. Mr. Speaker, As there is sufficient evidence to believe that the Government of Pakistan is supporting the Haqqani network, I believe this bill is necessary. Until Pakistan can show it's taking concrete steps against the Haqqani network, I do no feel we should have a close military relationship with Pakistan at this time. I echo the gentleman's motion for UC. I yield.
  9. Nubbie


    Good to know the spirit of bipartisanship is alive. And he called me an obstructionist.
  10. Nubbie


    Major Grant thinks the government should know if you own a handgun. In the words of Pres. Reagan, "The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help."
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