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    Uniformed Services Act

  2. Declan

    Uniformed Services Act

    Aye to both
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    James Hawthorne (multi) (Republican)

    Yup, he is. Thanks!
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    Politician 1

  5. Declan

    Uniformed Services Act

    Mr. Speaker, I see no reason to support the lurch toward militarization this bill would facilitate. Reasonable men can argue that we need a standing Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, but we do not need a Coast Guard or a National Guard. It should be the purpose of the Army to guard the republic and the Navy to guard our coasts, and I agree with the Gentleman from North Carolina that creating a distinction between Army and National Guard, Navy and Coast Guard will just encourage wars of aggression. I'm not prepared to say no to this bill altogether, but it must be reined in. I second the amendments moved by the Gentleman from Rhode Island. I also move to strike all references to the Coast Guard not covered by the Gentleman's amendments. I separately move to strike all references to the National Guard. I yield.
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    New Player 3

  7. Character Name: James Hawthorne (multi) Home State: Virginia Current Age: 25 Professional Background: Business/Trade Hometown: Rural Positive Trait: Attractive Negative Trait (optional): Arrogant View full character
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    Wills and Testaments

    Upon my death, all of my possessions and titles shall pass to my brother, James Hawthorne.
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  11. Character Name: Ethan Hawthorne Home State: Virginia Current Age: 35 Professional Background: Politics/Law Hometown: Rural Positive Trait: Soldier Negative Trait (optional): Womanizer View full character