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    Gideon Fitzsimons (Republican)

    Character Name: Gideon Fitzsimons Home State: Pensylvania Current Age: 38 Professional Background: Farming Hometown: Rural Positive Trait: Traveler Negative Trait (optional): Stutter Born the son of a pastor in Elizabethtown, New Jersey, the Fitzsimons moved across the newly settled Susquehanna valley in Pennsylvania for most of Gideon’s very early life, until his father finally settled into his own pulpit in Cumberland county in 1765. Gideon himself left for New Jersey to study theology and letters at Princeton in 1774 but left two years latter to join the Pennsylvania militia. He served as a scout and later aide-de-camp to the regimental colonel. Following the war, Fitzsimons studied surveying at the new Dickenson College in Carlisle, and started work as surveyor on the Pennsylvania frontier later that year. After a few years of surveying work, Gideon married and set up his own farmstead. He would later read into the Pennsylvania bar and is, despite his relative youth has become something of a community leader as one of the few relatively educated men in sparsely populated Western Pennsylvania. View full character