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    Jim Coaver (Democrat)

    Character Name: Jim Coaver Home State: New Hampshire Previous Job: Politics (Congressman, Governor, Mayor, or lower rank) Date of Birth: 12/08/1966 Race / Ethnicity: White Religion: Protestant Christian Wealth: Upper Class Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: Yes How many children do you have?: 2 James “Jim” David Coaver is an American Democratic Party politician and the US Representative for New Hampshire’s 2nd congressional district, elected in 2012. Prior to his election to the US House of Representatives, Jim was Governor of New Hampshire from 2004 until 2010 having previously served in the New Hampshire Senate. Born on 8 December 1966 in Concord, Jim was the son of Ronald and Juliet Coaver, the former a wealthy businessman with an extensive property portfolio and the latter a British journalist who had moved to the United States as part of her role with the British Broadcasting Corporation. Jim was educated at a private school in New Hampshire before travelling to Britain to study history at the University of Oxford. He returned to the United States following his studies and took up a role in his father’s company, before eventually changing careers to become a journalist, like his mother, at the Washington Post and later an international affairs reporter for CNN. In the late 1990s, Jim became active politically and entered the New Hampshire Senate. In 2004 he ran to become to Governor of the state, and succeeded, having built up a significant profile. He stood down from the role in 2010 and signalled his intentions to enter the federal government. In 2012, he was elected to the US House of Representatives for the first time. Jim married his wife, Katherine, in 1993. They have two children, both daughters, born in 1994 and 1997. He is a member of the Episcopal Church. View full character
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    Round 6 Player Plans

    Uh, newbie question... what happened to states?
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    Please do!
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the advice. I’ve decided I’ll play as a moderate Democrat. I tend to find in these polsims that both main parties end up plagued by extremists! Perhaps I can provide some counterbalance. By way of a proper introduction, some may know me from UK polsims as James Whitelaw or Matthew Kemp. I’ve served as Conservative Prime Minister many times and Labour Prime Minister once or twice. I’ve been playing these games since 2010; predominantly the two (now defunct) British polsims - Rule Britannia and PolUK. My only experience of a US sim was many years ago when I briefly played a game called “On The Hill.” I see a few familiar faces. I know and have worked with and against Jellybeans! And MacMillan and I know each other reasonably well from the British sims. Looking forward to getting to know you all.
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    Do I jump straight in and create a character?
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    When I use the word “liberal,” I’m referring to classical liberalism. If you prefer, the term “libertarian” might be appropriate. I’m very right-wing on the economy but very liberal on social issues. I’m a socially liberal Thatcherite, I guess. Personally, as a Briton, I obviously believe in gun control. I believe in legalising and regulating marijuana. But my real-world views won’t necessarily inform my character’s views - that’s the point of roleplaying, after all! And I recognise that the American political climate is different to that of Britain. For instance, I’m a member of the Conservative Party, an atheist, and a public sector employee. I struggle to imagine a Republican atheist in the public sector, so naturally my character will not be a carbon copy of me.
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    Greetings all, I thought I’d pop in and introduce myself. I’m a British polsimmer (or govsimmer, if you like) with plenty of experience of the old UK polsims - Rule Britannia and PolUK. I’ve never really played a US sim before and it’s all quite different, so I’d appreciate some pointers on getting started. IRL I’m socially and economically liberal (in the British sense of the word) - I believe in free markets and free people. The freest possible economy and the freest possible society. Not sure whether to play as a moderate Republican or a Democrat.
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    Writing essays on twitter

    Melinda, right?