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  1. Mr. Pennypacker, what is your stance on consumer protection measures?
  2. I have instructed my Vermont office staffers to assist local law enforcement agencies to assist in whatever way possible. We must stop these senseless killings.
  3. My office and its services are available for any state and federal law enforcement agencies that are pursuing the murder suspects in Vermont. I have also requested Canadian and American border officials to heighten security on the Canadian-American border until the suspects are captured. I encourage all Vermonters to remain smart and vigilant. With unity as a community, we can bring these suspects to swift justice. Stay strong!
  4. The President's nominee for Treasury clearly does not understand how institutions such as the CFPB protect our markets and consumers from bad faith and predatory business practices. Regulations imposed by the CFPB are aimed at curbing these unjust business practices. As long as I'm a member of the Senate, I will fight tooth-and-nail for consumer protection & rights. Due to these concerns, I voted no on the President's nomination of Johnathon Grant to the Department of Treasury
  5. Tweets from Lincoln Reynolds, United States Senator for Vermont
  6. Character Name: Lincoln Reynolds Home State: Vermont Previous Job: Farmer; Legal Aid AttorneyDate of Birth: 09/23/1980Race / Ethnicity: WhiteReligion: AgnosticWealth: Middle ClassGender: MaleSexuality: HeterosexualAre you married?: YesHow many children do you have?: 3 Lincoln Reynolds was born on a farm in southern Vermont. Reynolds attending the University of Vermont where he studied Anthropology. During college, Lincoln developed his own jam band. Lincoln enrolled into Vermont Law School in 2004. After law school, Lincoln moved to Dorset, Vermont where he began organic farming and worked for a local legal services firm as an Attorney. In 2010, Reynolds was elected to the Vermont State Senate. In 2016, Reynolds was elected to the United States Senate as a Progressive Party candidate. Reynolds caucuses with the Democratic Party.
  7. Athens circa 450 BC, so I could hang out with Socrates and learn under his teachings. I also think 17th/18th century Britain would be enriching. The Victorian Era as well.
  8. Yes, I was a hardcore right-libertarian. I was active in my State GOP, but I went through a two-three year transformation and recognized that I no longer held conservative values. So now I consider my self a left-leaning libertarian. I will most likely join the Democratic Party in the coming years.
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