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  1. Hi, thank you for coming. Very good question. As you probably know, the President’s tax reform legislation is sitting in my committee - so I’ve been studying the Bill hard. I’ve also spoken a lot with colleagues on both sides of the aisle about it, and, I’m confident that the Republicans’ America First Tax Reform is a great foundation for meaningful tax reform. They should be commended for proposing to eliminate the FICA cap, imposing an FTT, and dramatically cutting the taxes of low-income citizens. I look forward to continuing to work with them and others in the Senate to make sure this much-needed reform comes as a benefit to America’s taxpayers.
  2. Senator Eddie Morrow (D-Illinois) invites members of the public and of the press to join him in Springfield, IL to discuss issues and solutions related to community policing, criminal justice, and juvenile justice.
  3. Mr. Chairman, I move for unanimous consent. I yield.
  4. Tomorrow I’ll be having a townhall in Springfield to discuss community policing, criminal justice, and juvenile justice reform. (1/2) I invite any of my GOP colleagues (Senate/House) to join me and see that Illinois isn’t just “overrun by crime and approaching bankruptcy,” but a growing and improving State. (2/2)
  5. Edward Morrow (D-Ill.) 1. Fundraiser, CA (2 hrs) 2. Fundraiser, NY (2 hrs)
  6. Mr. President, I move to invoke cloture. I yield.
  7. PPT Madison has restricted a United States Senator from speaking in the Senste Chamber during a debate about free speech... (1/2) I applaud him for understanding that moderate censorship is sometimes necessary to maintain order and the collective good; and hopes he doesn’t change his values when it comes time to vote on the CCFSP Act. (2/2)
  8. The provisions of Senator Madison’s bill which I moved to strike apply to guest speakers—not college students. (1/3) Public funds that go towards colleges are to promote students’ education and opportunity; not the opportunity of guests whom students, perhaps, don’t want ruining the culture of their academic, social, and professional atmosphere (2/3) Should the Senate approve my amendment, I will be proud to vote for the amended Bill—which would still contain provisions prohibiting discrimination against certain ideologies and the creation of unreasonably small free-speech zones—and encourage my colleagues to do the same (3/3)
  9. Mr. President, To correct the gentleman, it passed through the Domestic Affairs Committee, which has jurisdiction over domestic matters outside of the scope of Government Oversight (which includes the judiciary, law/order, and ethics). The referral of this Bill to the appropriate committee for appropriate review prior to its final consideration isn’t obstructionism, it’s the duty of the Senate. I yield.
  10. Mr. President, I move to amend this bill by striking paragraphs (3)-(4) of Section 4(d). I yield
  11. Mr. President, Because of the Constitutional implications of this legislation, and the substantial punitive power it gives a government agency—the FCC—over private social media companies in Section 4, I move to refer this Bill to the Senate Government Oversight Committee for further deliberation and consideration.
  12. Mr. Chairman, I move to amend this Bill by 1) striking the following sentence from Section 3: 2) Adding the following section to follow Section 3: ”4. Authorization of Appropriations. (1) $25,000,000 shall be appropritated annually until FY2025 to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the purpose of carrying out Section 3. (2) The Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is authorized and empowered to coordinate with the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Air Force, at the sole discretion of the Secretary of Defense, for purposes of acquiring human, mechanical, and operational support. (a) $1,000,000,000 shall be appropriated to the Department of the Air Force for purposes authorized by this subsection.” I yield.
  13. RT. Very poor precedent, very negligent “leadership.” Mr. Crawford should step down if he can’t accountably conduct his duties as Chairman and adhere to the Rules of the Senate. #PleaseDoYourJob
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