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  1. The fact that sheer numbers of players can outmaneuver good strategy. Quality vs quantity. We've been 80% quantity for the last few rounds.
  2. @Doomhammer, I'm going to respond to those points that I can. 1. a. Scandals effect your election performance. A more "risky" scandal helps you more. c. That is literally just how the system works. 3. I wasn't going to do it because a - I didn't have a computer and b - your first one never got graded. (But if it had, it would have been incorporated in the sheets). 6. It was. And conventions did get boosts in the states. 8. It was suggested (by me) but never acted on because of the other admins being incognito. 9. PRs (if they were tied to a state) were put in the sheet. (But that required them to be graded). I'm thinking right now how to eliminate the barnstorm strategy that the GOP used all round. Hopefully, you'll see something about that soon.
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