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  1. Richard

    1st Congress Roll Call

    I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully and to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
  2. Richard

    William Moore (Republican)

    Character Name: William Moore Home State: New York Current Age: 40 Professional Background: Clergy Hometown: Urban Positive Trait: Charitable Negative Trait (optional): Rev. William Richard Moore Born and raised in New York City, the Rev. Moore was one of the leading Episcopal/Anglican clergymen who were also Patriots during the Revolutionary War, putting him at odds with his immediate boss, the Rev. Charles Inglis, the Rector of Trinity Church Wall Street. Moore served as the locum tenens during the break in between Inglis' rectorship and the rectorship of Samuel Provoost. Due to his position in the Revolution as an Army chaplain and his work at the most well-known Episcopal parish in the fledgling nation, Moore is extremely influential, having rubbed shoulders, elbows, and hands (at communion) with everyone from George Washington to Alexander Hamilton, a parishoner and vestryman at Trinity. He did his studies at King's College (now Columbia). View full character
  3. Richard

    Recommendations and Ideas for the Sim

    The fact that sheer numbers of players can outmaneuver good strategy. Quality vs quantity. We've been 80% quantity for the last few rounds.
  4. Richard

    Recommendations and Ideas for the Sim

    @Doomhammer, I'm going to respond to those points that I can. 1. a. Scandals effect your election performance. A more "risky" scandal helps you more. c. That is literally just how the system works. 3. I wasn't going to do it because a - I didn't have a computer and b - your first one never got graded. (But if it had, it would have been incorporated in the sheets). 6. It was. And conventions did get boosts in the states. 8. It was suggested (by me) but never acted on because of the other admins being incognito. 9. PRs (if they were tied to a state) were put in the sheet. (But that required them to be graded). I'm thinking right now how to eliminate the barnstorm strategy that the GOP used all round. Hopefully, you'll see something about that soon.
  5. Richard