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  1. The Office of Senator Kyle Fitzgerald For Immediate Release Washington, DC – Senate Majority Leader Kyle Fitzgerald (R-TX) spoke to the press after President Paul Vang signed the Tornado Relief Act, sponsored by Sen. Fitzgerald, into law. “I am very pleased that the Tornado Relief Act has passed through both chambers of Congress and was signed by President Vang. This legislation provides supplemental funding for FEMA to provide disaster assistance for the victims of the recent tornado in Kansas. It also ensures that FEMA has the funding and resources necessary to deal with disasters later in the year, especially hurricane season. The last thing we want is for FEMA to run out of money when a hurricane hits Texas or any other state. People are always told to be prepared for disasters. Our government needs to be prepared as well, and this bill ensures that we are.”
  2. Mr. President, I have some concerns about taking money that is set aside for FEMA disaster relief that will likely impact my state and many others. I’m specifically talking about hurricane season. I yield.
  3. Mr. President, Seeing as there has been absolutely no debate against this bill, I move for cloture. I yield.
  4. Mr. President, The Senator from Nevada is experiencing first-hand what it's like to be censored without any recourse. But fortunately for him, he'll still get his fat paycheck when pay day comes. Most content creators aren't that lucky. They don't have a guaranteed six figure paycheck for six years like we do. I yield.
  5. Mr. President, I am disappointed that the Gentleman from Nevada is unable to argue the merits of his position without resorting to vicious personal attacks. I yield.
  6. Mr. President, The Constitution gives the federal government the power to regulate interstate commerce. I yield.
  7. Mr. President, A single mom making a living by broadcasting youtube videos out of her bedroom does not have the resources to create a viable competitor to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube that would allow her to earn a comparable living. This isn't like a local bakery, and it's not as simple as just switching to a competitor. There are extraordinary barriers to entry. There is nowhere for damaged parties to "take their business." The better solution is to simply update our laws to reflect the digital age, which is what this bill does. I know the Gentleman hates it when I break this stuff down, but it really is very simple. Either you're on the side of individual content creators trying to earn an honest living, or you're on the side of big corporations and billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg. I know which side I'm on. I yield.
  8. Mr. President, I'm still here. I never left the chamber. I yield.
  9. Mr. President, I'm disappointed that the Gentleman from Nevada has chosen to side with big corporations over the rights of ordinary Americans. I yield.
  10. The Office of Senator Kyle Fitzgerald For Immediate Release Washington, DC – Senate Majority Leader Kyle Fitzgerald (R-TX) spoke to the press in support of legislation introduced by Senate Republicans that will protect the right to free speech on social media and college campuses. “Free speech is a non-negotiable human right in America enshrined by the First Amendment. Everyone has the right to say whatever they want to say. Right now, we are considering two bills on the Senate Floor that will protect the right to free speech on social media and on college campuses. “The first bill is the Social Media Anti-Censorship Act – a bill that I personally introduced. Major social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube have become absolutely essential to basic communication – as essential as the internet itself. Many Americans, such as entertainers and commentators, make a living by creating content on social media platforms. This legislation protects the First Amendment rights of content creators by prohibiting major social media platforms from censoring lawful speech. We are entering a new age of digital communication, and our laws need to keep up. “The second bill is the College Campus Free Speech Protection Act, introduced by Senator Michael Madison. This bill protects free speech on college campuses and prevents discrimination based on political ideology in the academic world. Our colleges and universities are places where all points of view should be welcomed and debated. Being exposed to different viewpoints and debating those viewpoints prepares students for the real world and makes them better informed citizens.” “The right to free speech is absolutely sacred. We cannot let big corporations or anyone else take away our right to freely express ourselves. Senate Republicans will do whatever it takes to protect free speech.”
  11. Mr. President, I move for unanimous consent. I yield.
  12. Mr. President, The bill was already referred to the appropriate committee and was passed. I yield.
  13. Mr. President, If the Gentleman from Nevada can't support this, then why did he co-sponsor it? This bill was already deliberated on and passed through the Government Oversight Committee. Sending it back to committee again is nothing more than obstructionism. We can engage in "further deliberation" right here on the Senate Floor. I yield.
  14. The Office of Senator Kyle Fitzgerald For Immediate Release Washington, DC – Senate Majority Leader Kyle Fitzgerald (R-TX) spoke to the press in support of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s State Visit and the Israel Anti-Boycott Act introduced by Senator Lucille MacGillicuddy-Ricardo (R-FL). “Israel is one of our key allies in the War on Terror. It is absolutely imperative that we maintain a strong relationship with them. That is why I am very pleased to hear about the upcoming State Visit from Prime Minister Netanyahu. I think this visit will greatly enhance our cooperation with Israel, and this is a solid move by the Vang Administration. “Senate Republicans are also working alongside President Vang to support Israel. Senator Lucille MacGillicuddy-Ricardo has introduced the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, which opposes and prohibits boycotts against the State of Israel. This bill has passed the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, and I have scheduled it for consideration on the Senate Floor. Legislation like this, together with the upcoming State Visit, will make our relationship with Israel stronger than ever.”
  15. The State Department For Immediate Release Washington, DC – Secretary of State Jack Swanner spoke to the press and announced an upcoming State Visit from the State of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “I am honored to announce that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be visiting our nation’s capital for an official State Visit. Israel is a longstanding ally in the Middle East and a key partner in the War on Terror. Our administration is committed to supporting Israel, and this visit will enhance our relationship and improve our cooperation in the War on Terror and other important issues.”
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