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  1. Michael

    Enlistment Order

    Would the legislature authorize a smaller amount? Without a Federal army there the threat will never be subsided. Looking particularly at the Independents who voted against and abstained. What would the legislature like to see increased taxes? Infrastructure bill? With Owens America getting into the Arms Manufacturing business we could work out an agreement to arm the soldiers at a discounted rate.
  2. Michael

    Business Filing & Purchases

    Owens America purchases 2 AAM assets with funds coming from Declan.
  3. Michael

    1792 Election Filing

    **Use this instead*** Name: Patrick Owens Position running for: Governor of Virginia Current position: President of the United States
  4. Michael

    Northwest Territory Campaign

    The 4th Regiment under the command of Lt. Col Declan Owens marches north along the Ohio river to Fort McIntosh. The march was relatively short compared to that of the other regiments. When arriving at the fort the 4th will secure the fort and then secure the surrounding area.
  5. Michael

    Tax Rates

    Letter from Governor Patrick Owens to members of the Virginia General Assembly Esteemed Delegates, I am writing you today to urge you to increase the state newspaper tax to 12%. This will allow us the ability to better secure our Commonwealth financially, as well as the ability to invest in better infrastructure across our Commonwealth. /s/ Governor Patrick Owens
  6. Michael

    Enlistment Order

    Congresses failure to authorize the creation of the armed forces has led to a potentially dire situation so there are two main purposes for this request. One, we risk being vulnerable to attack. It is imperative that we be able to defend ourselves from foreign powers to the East and Natives to the West. Two, to defend our states interest in any event. Its better to be prepared, rather then to react unprepared. Should the Delegates be so inclined I believe we should also authorize the construction of three frigates (Think Original Six), one with 44 guns and two with 36, to defend our coastline. But that may be a debate for another day.
  7. Michael

    Enlistment Order

    OOC: Technically no. There are the State Guard Regulars and the State Guard Militia.
  8. Michael

    1792 Election Filing

    Name: Declan OwensPosition running for: CongressCurrent position: Congress Not sure if Patrick is up or not but on the off chance. Name: Patrick OwensPosition running for: Governor of VirginiaCurrent position: Governor of Virginia
  9. Michael

    The Sentinel

    Front Page Stories By Jameson Owens Assassination in Sweden - King Gustav III has been murdered while attending a masquerade in Stockholm. His son assumes the throne as Gustav IV. Our condolences and prayers are sent to the people of Sweden. Jacob Johan Anckarström is the man responsible. President Washington Authorizes Troops - President Washington has authorized troops to be sent to the Northwest Territory. This is the first time such an order has been given. While the regiments technically operate under the non existent United States Army, they are regiments from Pennsylvania. Vermont and Kentucky Apply for Statehood - Both territories have applied for statehood. Vermont status is of slightly more concern as Britain is upset. Kentucky has been granted its territory from the Virginia with Governor Owens authorizing the transfer.
  10. Michael

    Enlistment Order

    Esteemed Delegates, Today I write you to ask you to authorize the enlistment of 5000 regulars and an additional 5000 militia to begin general training in order to be prepared for any situation that arises. The militia will be placed in reserve to do yearly training at a time and date to be determined. The regulars will immediately move from training to regular service. I ask you to allow this authorization to be continuous to ensure when enlistments end that new individuals can take their place. /s/ Governor Patrick Owens
  11. Michael

    The Sentinel

    Congress's Big Blunder By Jameson Owens The United States Congress recently voted against creating an armed forces. This failure has important ramifications on many aspects of our new struggling nation. Before we go more in depth, we should focus on what the Armed Forces Act actually did. It created several different military branch and established a rank structure. It established certain regulations for the Armed Forces to follow. What it didn't do was actually authorize the creation of solider's. "I purposely did not include the authorization of enlisting solider's. That should be a separate act." Said bill sponsor Representative Declan Owens. Mr. Owens also told The Sentinel that "I plan to reintroduce my legislation until Congress does its duty to protect our country. It's only a matter of time until a foreign power smells blood in the water and attacks." Failure of Congress to create the Armed Forces means that Congress has little interest in protecting American shipping lines, borders, and national interests. Governor Patrick Owens also supported the bill.
  12. Michael

    Fugitive Slave Act

  13. Michael

    Infrastructure Improvement Act

    Mr. Speaker, While I commend the purpose of this legislation, I question the effects it will have on our national debt. Spending millions like this could cause greater concern in the long term. I yield