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  1. Chris

    Hickenbottom: Jackass Ward Predictably Lies

    Admin Note: Please refrain from using such language. Please review expectations for behavior in the rules for Capitol Hill. This is your first warning. If you have questions please reach out.
  2. Chris


    Campaign Promises: Speaker Kurt Faulhammer 50,000,000 DNC Chair Evelyn Vanderfleet 70,000,000 HmL Calvin Ward 50,000,000 HmW John Alexander 20,000,000
  3. Chris


    Brady— DNC Chair Evelyn Vanderfleet 15,000,000 HmW John Alexander 5,000,000 NRA— Speaker Kurt Faulhammer (best speech) 15,000,000  President Kyle Fitzgerald 5,000,000 Beau Bennet 5,000,000
  4. Chris


    @AP We have confirmed reports that President Macmillan did not survive his injuries. President Fitzgerald will address the nation shortly.
  5. Chris


    @AP At 8:15pm Vice President Fitzgerald was sworn in as President.
  6. Chris


    @AP A source inside Houston methodist hospital told AP they issued a code blue confirming it was the Presidents vehicle that was hit. His condition is unknown but is in route to the hospital.
  7. Chris


    @AP There is a lot of confusion on the ground in Houston. Only thing clear is that a vehicle in the Presidential Motorcade appears to be involved.
  8. Chris


    @AP Vice President, Congressional leadership, and the Presidents Cabinet reportedly taken to undisclosed locations.
  9. Chris


    @AP Multiple reports coming in of an explosion along the route the presidential motorcade. Waiting confirmation.
  10. Chris


    @AP President Macmillan’s plane has landed and he is in route to rally site.
  11. Chris

    Fox News

    @FoxNews President Macmillan is scheduled to appear at a rally for Representative Swanner this evening. We will take you there live with his remarks.
  12. Chris


    @AP A white nationalist group out of Western Europe released a video today claiming responsibility for the Mall of America shooting. The group called Citizens United for a Pure World claim that Richard Johnson was a member of their group and that more attacks are coming.
  13. Chris

    Campaign Promises

    This is a way to earn donations and ads from different PACs. In the below thread sell yourself to each PAC. Please identify which PAC you are promising something to. Keep in mind these will not be leaked unless I choose so no character can use it against you. Conservative: Christian Coalition National Defense Industries Association Chamber of Commerce American Petroleum Institute NRA Liberal: NAACP AFL-CIO Sierra Club Move On Brady Campaign  Moderate Rural Institute Common Cause
  14. Chris

    NRA Rally

    Rally for less gun control.
  15. Chris

    Brady Campaign

    Rally for stronger gun control laws.