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  1. Chris

    Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act

    Mr. Speaker, I’m not sure the gentleman from Virgina has read the bill. If he learns anything from the sponsor it’s good to read the legislation first. He claims that the legislation makes the United States more energy independent, but that not what the legislation does. This bill creates a pipeline as an add on to flow oil from Canada and parts of the US to the Gulf of Mexico. Once the oil gets the gulf it is shipped overseas so I don’t follow the logic that it makes the US more energy independent when most of the oil goes other places. Now it will make oil companies revenues increase and that good for the GOP because that’s a major campaign contributor, but as we look at the legislation there aren’t many benefits. In fact there are a heck of a lot of risks. The glaring one is the environmental and health risks. We all saw what happened with the BP oil situation and it devostated the gulf region now imagine an oil spill across the plain states. It be extremely devastating to the local economies. Let alone there are studies that show that processes for the oil extractions have been linked to increased numbers of birth defects and cancer as chemicals get realeased into the water supply. So again I ask what are the benefits to legislation? If the majority truly wants to move us more towards energy independence then why not introduce legislation that promotes more environmental and healthy friendly alternatives? I yield
  2. Chris

    American National Security Act

    Mr. speaker, I rise today in opposition to this bill coming to the floor. I thank the minority leader for standing up against this end around to constitutional law. The president is walking awfully close to introducing a bill that is unconstitutional. When the president took to Twitter and stated that he was going to get is wall no one in this country would’ve thought you would go to these extreme measures. This body voted as a bipartisan legislature to vote down construction of a new border wall. The speaker the president and the gentleman from Texas should respect the legislation that has passed both chambers of Congress that prohibited construction of a new border wall. This latest stunt is just as extreme as the president federalizing the National Guard. Yet again we are looking at another failure to lead in the first hundred days of his presidency. the American people elected a president that they expected to lead from in front but in fact all we got was a president leading from behind that likes to throw temper tantrum‘s when he does not get his way and he goes to links to almost circumvent the law he pushes the law to the extremes. The American people deserve a majority and a president that has their best interest In heart and not egos. Every time that this majority decides to pull a stunt like this it shows to the American people thatva Democratic majority in both chambers is necessary on the midterms. Mr. Speaker we are putting you on notice that this will not be tolerated anymore and be ready to hand over the gavel when we take back the majority because you sir will not lead. I yield
  3. Chris


    @DannyConcannon More Chaos in Republican Party as House Majority Leader Jewel is removed as Leader. #100daysFailures
  4. Chris


    @DannyConcannon Where is the HML? Where are the moderate Republicans? #WhoShouldDrainTheSwampNow?
  5. Chris


    @ArnoldVinick House Republicans and the President care more about a wall than the opinion of the American people and Congress. Both the House and Senate voted unanimously to not have a border wall.
  6. Chris


    @DannyConcannon GOP leadership missing in action. Where is HML Jewel? The leader missed a critical vote that removed the border wall and failed to vote on the docket. Is that the leadership America deserves?
  7. Chris


    @DannyConcannon The Republican obsession with the border wall continues. President has a new bill introduced to create the wall after it was defeated in the immigration bill. #WeWillGetOurWall #Obsessed #100DaysFailures
  8. Chris

    FICA Cap Elimination Act

    Mr. Vinick, for himself, others the following bill: Section 1. Title 1) This bill shall be known as “FICA Cap Elimination Act.” Section 2. FICA Cap Elimination 1) FICA Cap shall be eliminated in 2024. a) FICA cap shall be set at $150,000 in 2017. b) FICA cap shall be set at $250,000 in 2018. c) FICA cap shall be set at $350,000 in 2019. d) FICA cap shall be set at $450,000 in 2020. e) FICA cap shall be set at $550,000 in 2021. f) FICA cap shall be set at $650,000 in 2022. g) FICA cap shall be set at $1,000,000 in 2023. Section 3. Enactment 1) This bill shall be enacted upon passage.
  9. Danny Concannon Washington Post ”Mrs. Vanderfleet, you and Arnold Vinick have started blue wave tours in your respective states. What is the blue wave movement and what does it mean for the future of the DNC and America?
  10. Hi Sarah, I am conflicted with the first docket. I opposed the President’s immigration policy because it included an unnecessary physical border wall, but thanks to reasonable representatives working together in Washington we were able to remove any future construction of a physical border wall. I am now voting in favor of the bill as it has key components that I support such as DACA, no future separation of children from their families, and a virtual wall. I am proud that we were able to come to a bipartisan approach. Now there is a bill that I am opposing and no matter how we modify it I can not support it. There is a bill on the docket that supplies a major tax cut to corporations. GOP claim that it will be a boost to the economy but in reality it is just boost CEO salaries and results in cuts to domestic spending such as education, infrastructure and Medicare. What the GOP fail to realize is that when you cut revenue cuts to spending are required and despite the fact that we spend more on defense than the next 10 countries combined the GOP will not cut defense spending. It will be the American people that pay the price for CEO kickbacks.
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    Wealth 2

  12. Chris

    Player Warchests

    Arnold Vinick donates 1 million to Zane Volt
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    Charisma 1

  14. Chris

    Rural Hospital Access Act

  15. Chris


    @ArnoldVinick Launched a Blue Wave Tour in Wisconsin. It is time to take back Congress and show the Republican leadership how to lead. #BlueWave