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  1. Chris

    Student Non-Discrimination Act

    Mr. Schumer Aye Mr. Sanders Aye
  2. Chris

    Northeast Mid-Session Schedules

    Sarah Fitzgerald $12,600,000 $5,400,000 Sergey Kirov Lewinsky $6,000,000 $3,200,000
  3. Chris

    Regional Legislature

    Breakdown: 56 Democrats — 44 Republicans Democrats: 40 Progressive 16 Moderates Republicans: 30 Conservative 14 Moderates
  4. Chris

    Governor’s Mansion

    Governor will sign legislation and issue executive orders here.
  5. Chris

    Sign in

    Northeast Regional Sign in
  6. Chris

    Recommendations and Ideas for the Sim

    Simplicity is nice, however some level of measure needs to be added so that elections aren’t decided just by the fact GOP has more bodies. There should be some merit to argument and strategy. It may not be what Doom suggested but it needs to be something.
  7. Chris


    DNC chair masking please