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  1. Batman

    Conceal Carry Act of 2020

    Amendment fails 48-52
  2. Batman

    Taxpayer Relief Act

    Passed 62-38
  3. Batman

    Naloxone Access Act

    Passed 62-38
  4. Batman

    Voter Identification Act

    Passed 62-38
  5. Batman

    Tort Reform Act

    Passed 62-38
  6. Batman

    Concealed Carry Act

    Passed 62-38
  7. Batman

    Regulatory Relief Act

    Passed by uc
  8. Batman

    Regulatory Relief Act

    John Karylton Texas Mr.Speaker I move for uc SPEAKER: motion for uc recognized 24 hours to object
  9. Batman

    Border Security Act

    Passed 62-38
  10. Batman

    Education Reform Act

    Passes via uc
  11. Batman

    Education Reform Act

    @Rufus Goodwin
  12. Batman

    Legislative election minigame

    Coming soon
  13. Batman

    Immigration Enforcement Act of 2020

    Parliamentarian With 50 in favor and 50 against the Bill's fate shall be decided by the vote of the Leutenant Governor. Mr.Leutenant Governor? Leautenant Governor Aye Parliamentarian Order bill passes 51-50
  14. Batman

    Immigration Enforcement Act of 2020

    Is this for final passage?
  15. Bobby Fisher car salesman Mr. Himes why should we choose you over the Republican Candidates