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  1. Mr. Speaker, I second the motion, this budget is not perfect, but it will keep the lights on and everything moving. I yield.
  2. DOCKET 3 MAJORITY/Minority CHOICE Federal Budget Act of FY2022-FY2023
  3. Senator Lee, as it is unlikely to come up during your tenure i'd like to ask do you believe presidential privilege is constitutional or not?
  4. They've said nothing publically so no it makes no sense that we couldnt attack them for making no public remarks and the public wouldn't magically know about this meeting anyway
  5. Major Grant - Northwestern
  6. Batman


    5 PIPS for Lebron James Endorsement of Mario Rubicon 10 PIPS for Mark Cuban to endorse Mario Rubicon
  7. Mr. President, I second and yield
  8. Batman


    Congrats to the President and Secretary of State for getting Erick Prince back (1/3) Also, while I am disappointed in the fact the budget is not balanced both myself and the Minority Leader have agreed to begin talking about tax reform in earnest to ensure that in times of growth we aren't adding billions to the budget unnecessarily (2/3) And again I'm not a fan of the fact the budget is unbalanced but it looks better then it has for a while and I am pleased with the deal struck between myself and the minority leader. (3/3)
  9. Batman


    After the very bad choices in cabinet I'm skeptical on Mike Lee but he seems to be a pretty chill dude so i'll keep an open mind
  10. Bobby Newport HQ Georgia Level 1 (for house election) $16,400,000 FR×1 California Major Douglas Grant HQ Level 2 Arkansas $9,000,000 (for house election) FR×1 TX Admin: In order to have a level 2 HQ, you must first spend the 2 hours on a level 1 HQ first. So I counted the HQ for the house at a level 1 and only charged $4,500,000.
  11. Candidate Name: Mario Rubicon Party Affiliation: Democrat State: Arizona Incumbent: No
  12. Character Name: Mario Rubicon Home State: Arizona Previous Job: Banker Joe and Joes (1990-1996), CFO Rubicon Holdings (1996-2000) Arizona House of Representatives (2000-2015), Arizona State Senator (2015-Present), Arizona State Senate Minority Leader (2018-Present)Date of Birth: May 25th, 1971Race / Ethnicity: Cuban AmericanReligion: Roman CatholicWealth: Upper Middle ClassGender: MaleSexuality: HeterosexualAre you married?: Yes Leslie Rubicon (nee Wyatt)  Which class of Senate seat is the one you're choosing?: Arizona Class 2 (for election)How many children do you have?: 3 (Isiah 20, Marcus 15, LeAnn 14) BIO: Mario's father and mother immigrated to America in 1960 during the height of the cold war. Mario is the 2nd oldest of 3 children and even at a young age had a love for Banking a profession he joined immediately after college. He rose very quickly and after taking some time off to run the finances for Bill Clinton's Presidential campaign in 1996, was offered a position for his family business being run by his older sister June. He left the business to run Bill Bradley's Presidential campaign after the campaign the incumbent for AZ house district 11 incumbent passed away and the Democratic party asked Mario to run in his place, Mario easily won the election. During his time in the house, he was famous as the man who fought against the NRA and heavily pushed for universal healthcare and removing ID cards and drivers licenses. In 2015, Mario made his 3rd attempt to get into the AZ state senate and was successful pushing hard on "Making America for all who want to be here and are here". In 2018 he's peers unanimously selected him to be the State Senate SmL during his time he once again went to bat, attempting to pass legislation which would have the state government give extra funding for sanctuary cities, and has on numerous occasions as both a private citizen and elected representative has protested ICE and Id and drivers license laws. He has announced he will run in the next election for the Arizona Senate with the campaign slogan "One Nation for All".
  13. Batman


    Finished up the #TalkisCheapTimeforActiontour meet lots of great people and heard many heart breaking stories about the ways the community and cops interact (1/3) We need to take action against this immediately first by passing the Police CAMERA Act followed by the legislation I laid out speaking at the 3 BLM rallies. (2/3) And if any Republicans or other Democrats have ideas i'm more then happy to hear them out because this isn't a partisan issue, but an American values issue (3/3)
  14. HML Major Douglas Grant takes the stage,
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