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    OOC Questions

    Does Roleplay have any barring on this test election
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    Primary Turn 1

    Character Name: Power McNelly Home State: Texas Home County: Armstrong Home Media Market: Amarillo Party: Democrat Previous Job: Mayor of Amarillo 1968-1970, Lieutenant Governor 1973-1979, Majority Owner Houston Rockets 1980-1999, NBA Deputy Commissioner of Basketball Operation 2000-2015, Owner Dallas Stars 2012- Present, Owner Houston Astros 2015- Present, Minority Owner Tennessee Titans 2017- Present Date of Birth: September 11th, 1949 (67)Race / Ethnicity: White CaucasianReligion: LutheranWealth: Upper Class (TOP 1%)Gender: MaleSexuality: BisexualAre you married?: Yes Justine David 1978-1979, Alyssa Monroe 1988-2000, Mark Jones 2000-2011, Zena McNelly (nee David Sister of 1st wife) 2017- PresentHow many children do you have?: 4 from all marriages (with 2 more on the way) ---------------------------------------------------- Attributes (200 points to distribute; max 100 for each) Experience: 15 Name Recognition: 60 Wealth: 100 Charisma: 25 ---------------------------------------------------- Affinity (100 points to distribute; max 100 for each) Conservatives: 38 Progressives: 40 Moderates: 22
  3. I think it is because they aren't up yet because I cant either
  4. HML maskings if appropriate also aVIP private WR forum like jelly had please
  5. You haven't been masked yet, once your masked you should be able to vote
  6. RNC Chair Masking if you please
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