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    Please Include The Following and Reply Below: Name:Party:State: Ideology (Pick from one of the following below): From Far Left-Far Right (SJW, Progressive, Moderate, Evangelical, Alt-Right) Other Information: Spouse: Children: Religion: Education History: Occupational History:
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  5. If the people of New Mexico see their way to give me another term in office here are my following 5 goals I plan to tackle head-on from the beginning of my session. 1: Universal Basic Income Single Individuals making less than $50k per year and Couples making less than $75k per year would be qualified for a $1k per month Universal Basic Income which would bolster GDP and help the economy boom once again. We have proven time and again giving tax breaks and incentives to millionaires and billionaires do not "trickle down" it does not result in promotions or higher pay or even creating more jobs. All rich people do when they earn that money is to spend it overseas on luxury items like yachts so they don't have to pay US Sales Tax where it does us no benefit or they pocket the money. I have found a way to make the cost-revenue neutral so that it wouldn't affect our economy. First, we could eliminate food stamps and TANF because both would be helped greater by a UBI which saves us $125 billion per year. Secondly we could take away one out of every 3 dollars someone on Social Security or Social Security DIsability receive which would equate to this if somebody made $1,500 per month on Social Security they would instead receive $1,000 in Social Security and $1,000 UBI so they would still be coming out better than they went in. This would raise an additional $325 billion per year bringing us up to $450 billion per year in savings. Next we could create a $50/ton Carbon Tax which would raise $150 billion per year bringing our total to $600 billion per year. Lastly I would lift the cap on Sociinnial Security so that everyone pays in no matter how much they earn. This would create an additional $380 billion in revenue and now our UBI has more than paid for itself at $980 billion dollars. 2: Pre-K Expansion Every child should have access to Pre-K and I will not be satisfied until every parent who wants to send their child to Pre-K has the ability and is paid for by the Federal Government because access to quality education is a universal basic right and should not just be a benefit for the rich. 3: Creating Fairer Taxes On Large Corporations Right now 67% of Americans agree with the statement "Corporations are taxed too little." I will seek to end that and make sure that Corporations start having to pay their fair share along with the richest 10% of Americans. 4: Medicare Single-Payer Health Care More and more Americans are beginning to list Health Care as a primary concern in this election. If elected again I will continue to push for a single-payer health care system and will urge Democrats and Republicans to finally come to their senses and help us pass the kind of Health Care reform Americans want and deserve. 5: Limit Executive Pay I feel CEO's and other executives should be limited to giving themselves raises based on the average percent they raised the wage for their workers combined for the previous year so if a CEO gave less than a 5% jump in pay for his workers than he should be limited to a less than 5% raise as well. I think this is fair and the greatest way to see that wages don't remain stagnant but workers actually get raises that can help themselves and their families with.
  6. The time for a Universal Basic Income has come. I believe we should be giving $1,000 dollars a month to single individuals earning less than $50,000 and married couples earning less than $75,000 this would be enough to boost the GDP and stimulate spending without breaking the bank. Next session if elected to a second term I will be promoting the UBI bill including cost-cutting measures and a more progressive tax on the top 10 percent to help pay for this legislation. I hope I can work with Republicans and Democrats and come up with a UBI system all parties could support because it's time we try trickle up economics because everyone from Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg have supported a UBI and people like Robert Reich have said that we need to give money to the bottom because they will spend it on real needs which will boost our economy we've proven time in and out that when we give tax breaks and incentives to the richest Americans they only pocket the savings not hire more workers or give promotions like Republicans always use as their reasoning for giving tax benefits to the rich.
  7. Today Congressman Gabriel Gonzalez went to Baltimore, MD and held a town hall to speak on behalf of his endorsement of Chelsea Manning.
  8. This is where you will submit PR's, Submit/Sign legislation, and more. Vermont House Of Representatives: Majority: Democrat: 83 (13 SJW's 45 Progressives 30 Moderates) Progressive: 7 (2 SJW's 5 Progressives) Independent: 7 (3 Progressives 4 Moderates) Minority: Republican: 53 (27 Moderates, 18 Evangelical, 8 Alt-Right) Vermont Senate: Majority: Democrat: 21 (8 SJW, 10 Progressive, 3 Moderate) Progressive: 2 (2 Progressive) Minority: Republican: 7 (4 Moderate, 2 Evangelical, 1 Alt-Right)
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    Name: Robert BlutarskyParty: DemocratState: Vermont Ideology (Pick from one of the following below): SJW From Far Left-Far Right (SJW, Progressive, Moderate, Evangelical, Alt-Right) Other Information: Spouse: April Blutarsky Children: David (18) Jacob (20) Robert Jr. (25) Religion: Non-Denominational Christian Education History: Graduated from Harvard Magnum Cum Laude with JD in Law. Occupational History: Lawyer (1988-1995) Vermont Attorney General (1995-2004) United States Senate (2004-2015) Lieutenant Governor for Vermont (2015-2018) Governor for Vermont (2018-Present)
  10. Republicans Continue To Go Against The US Constitution Mike Davidson, Editor For Social Progressive Alliance. In what could only be seen as a bizarre work of firsts we have seen Republicans leave their stand as a party that defends the United States Constitution to a party that seemingly wants to throw the baby out with the bathwater and destroys the constitution when it doesn't personally fit their narrative of events. This started days ago with the President's first executive order banning the immigration of certain groups of people which was challenged in the Supreme Court to yesterdays attack by House Majority Leader David Huffines personal attack on Congressman Gabriel Gonzalez attacking his parents and suggesting that the world would be better off of the Congressman lost his citizenship by eliminating the rights of Birthright Citizenship which is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the constitution. Democrats and Independents like Gonzalez were quick to jump and question the logic of the party that claims to be the most ardent supporter of the Constitution now wanting to eliminate sections of it and openly discussing it on Twitter. Yesterday evening President Kyle Fitzgerald issued Executive Order #7 which repealed the highly discussed previous executive order (E.O. #4) but also took many steps in creating new laws to deal with visas and the question of immigration. What the President failed to realize though is that his newest Executive Order has the same opportunity to be challenged by the courts if they so choose this time however for violating Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution which clearly spells out that Congress alone shall make laws and enact legislation to create a "uniform Rule of Naturalization." With Republicans so brazenly setting their backs away from the United States Constitution by discussing amending it to take away rights one day and then the next day immediately ignoring Article 1 Section 8 is it time that the United States send new progressives, social justice warriors, and forward thinkers to Washington to replace these Republicans who are slowly losing their grip on what matters to most Americans? SPA believes it is time and that is why we will continue to grow through this election cycle to help meet the need as it arises in 2018.
  11. The right wing keeps sticking their foot in their mouth on the issue of immigration, first President Fitzgerald was likening immigrants to "child molesters and rapists" now House Majority Leader Huffines wants to strip away the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution which grants birthright citizenship to people born in the United States such as Representative Gabriel Gonzalez and founder of the Social-Progressive Alliance. This has left many people scratching their head and while this could be excused with the typical "Republicans dislike persons of color" argument the truth is the problem is much more deep rooted than that when they begin talking about taking rights away from United States Citizens such as the rights granted by the Fourteenth Amendment. While nobody has officially come out in support of House Majority Leader Huffines call to end Birthright Citizenship the GOP has also not chastised the House Majority Leader either for his disparaging remarks. Showing that the GOP at this point probably wants to wish they never raised the issue of Immigration and are hoping they can sweep the problem under the rug by election day however members of SPA and the 55 million Latino's in the United States will not forget where Republicans have stood on the issue of immigration and that each day a new Republican has something even more morally repugnant to say than the day before on immigration. Huffines attacks have been personal, they have attacked not only Congressman Gonzalez but his parents as well and hurt the feelings of the 55 million Latinos presently living in the United States. Democrats along with Independent Congressman Gonzalez will not allow this issue to go away as it shows how petty and partisan the right wing machine has been when dealing on the topic of immigration. Democrats have been working for bipartisanship cooperation but after attacking a United States Congressman and his Parents it's clear that the GOP has no use or no interest in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation.
  12. Today David Huffines took to twitter to verbally suggest that Representative Gonzalez's parents should have been deported and then went o fn to challenge Birthright Citizenship for those who don't know Congressman David Huffines of Texas is also the House Majority Leader and the legislative director of the Republican Party. For somebody with that much influence you would think the party's leading representative would know more about the United States Constitution especially coming from a party who claims to be proud of it's libertarian roots. However libertarians are people with strong convictions and ardent believers in enforcing and defending the United States Constitution and creating more personal liberties so what does it say when the man who can influence the legislative direction of the majority wants to destroy the United States Constitution? Section 1 of the 14th Amendment reads as follows: So David Huffines call to eliminate the rights of Birthright Citizenship was not just a slap in the face directed at Representative Gonzalez and his family, not only to every immigrant legal or illegal who have come into this country but a direct slap in the face to anyone who values the United States Constitution including the proud group of Libertarians who David Huffines hope don't hear this message and still show up to vote on election day for the Republican Party. This is proof however that the Republican Party does not value our Constitution and unless Republicans call for Congressman Huffines resignation in the open it shows that they corroborate the message of destroying the United States Constitution one article at a time. Congressman Huffines owes not only Representative Gonzalez and his family an apology but an apology to every hard working American who has fought for this country and many who have paid for the high price of freedom with their own lives.
  13. Today, I had to listen to a former Democratic colleague refer to all “Illegal immigrants” as criminals. I have heard this same line of thinking from Republicans in the past and it’s sickening. I’m not going to get into who said it or in what context because I’m not here to ostracize the Democrat for not knowing better but I am here to offer the “counter” that the Democrat should have used first when referring to illegal immigrants and I use this PR only as a teaching tool not an attack board. First of all imagine you come from a third world country not thousands of miles away but you woke up every morning to greet a new day not even a few hundred miles where people have rights to life, liberty and property that you could only dream about. You woke up not resenting those who have these rights they take for granted but envious of the abilities they do have. You wake up one morning to find out that the wife you love and care about now has an infant on the way and you know life in this country would harm or injure his chance to develop into what he could become if given the same chances on the other side of the border in the new country called America. Now would you fight for your child? Would you “break” any law to assure your child had rights and abilities you could only dream about if given the chance to be born into this new country? Now you’re starting to understand my store and my parent’s story. My parents left Mexico so that I could become a United States Citizen and be born with rights they dare not even dream of. Once they get here however they fear for their unborn child not because of the great advances in Medicine but because of people’s fear of the “brown man” they are forced to live in a fog of suspicion worried that if they do come out and dare tell people they came into this country to provide a better life for their unborn child that they may be thrown out of the country. I equate this crime to the “crime” of stealing a loaf of bread to feed your starving family but if anybody stole a loaf of bread to feed their family and was arrested there would probably be massive outcries and a community would come together to try and aide the family. No community outreach unfortunately for brown people just rumors and suspicion and the thought that they are out to steal peoples jobs and waste welfare when the truth is the majority of welfare recipients are now brown they are white. If this was a white couple who fought for a better life for their children we would call that “living the American dream” fighting to improve the quality of life for the next generation of American’s but when those people are brown and dare come from places like Mexico or Cuba they aren’t referred to as people who want to live the “American dream” they’re referred to as criminals, rapists and child molesters like the President referred to people like myself as in his recent interview with the media. Something needs to change and it won’t be changed by building a wall, kicking out immigrants or further dividing the race barriers it comes by knocking down those race barriers and thinking of people as human beings first with the same rights to dignity and ability to live as we have. I ask citizens of New Mexico and all United States citizens to join me in breaking down these barriers not constructing new ones.
  14. Today the President equated illegal immigrants to "rapists and child molesters" in a recent interview with Allyn Freedom. Mr. President, my parents were illegal immigrants when they came to this country and to refer to my parents as "rapists and child molesters" is something I will not stand for. My parents are hard working people my dad worked long hours in the Strawberry Fields and my mother put herself through college and became a public school teacher. They finally went through the proper paperwork and became legal US Citizens but were not able to accomplish their dream of becoming US Citizens for many years. What you've said is a slap in the face not only to myself, my parents, my siblings and all of my family but to the millions of legal and "illegal" immigrants in the United States. That's about 50 million Americans you owe a sincere apology to Mr. President. Effective immediately I will be filing a censure for the disparaging remarks made about Mexican immigrants and I urge all to co-sponsor and pass this censure to show that no man is above reproach least of all the President of the United States who should be held at the highest standard.
  15. Recently Gabriel Gonzalez donated to 5 key Democratic Primaries including to Deedra Abboud an SJW Attorney running for Senator of Arizona who placed within 2% of the winner Krysten Sinema a moderate liberal. Also, Congressman Gonzalez endorsed a Progressive named Kevin De Leon over the incumbent Senator Diane Feinstein and in a primary that turned many heads with help of the Congressman's endorsement and donation the PPT managed to unseat the incumbent Feinstein in a primary that is sure to leave many scratching their head. Also, Chelsea Manning, a former whistleblower and proud SJW activist edged out her primary competition Ben Cardin in Maryland. In New Jersey, Congressman Gonzalez endorsed and donated to the campaign of Rush Holt who showed that his Progressive roots were still alive and proved that the SJW and Progressive message is still alive in Jersey. Lastly, in Utah, the Congressman endorsed and supported Mitchell Vince another SJW who came within a few thousand votes of upsetting the heavily favored Jenny Wilson. Out of all 5 races, the Congressman hand-picked candidates won 3 races including a major head turner in California that will leave many people talking. Gabriel Gonzalez has proven that despite leaving the Democratic Party he still holds some influence on elections around the country. Gabriel Gonzalez has made a new push to "tone down" his rhetoric and work toward electing more progressives and socially liberal candidates and with these latest results, we have seen the beginning of that process. Gabriel Gonzalez is looking toward a working relationship with the Democratic Party on issues like Health Care, Equal Rights, Union Rights, Agriculture and more. However, he still holds some reservations about the direction the party is headed however, he's proud to work alongside friends like House Minority Leader Schultz and other Democrats on various key issues.
  16. In Doyle's first act as newly elected DNC Chair he referred to working with Blue Dog Democrats. For those unfamiliar with Blue Dog Democrats these are Democrats who oppose immigration, who favor fiscal conservatism, who support the NRA, and are pro-life. Blue Dogs tend to be pro-business, favoring lower corporate tax rates, limiting public welfare spending and reducing Social Security benefits. This is a direct slap in the face to the Social Justice and Progressive wings that Democrats tended to rely on outside of Southern states to get elected. There is a difference between working toward the spirit of bi-partisanship and spitting on the face of those who elected you and trusted you to speak for their values. Democrats have abandoned a majority of their base and I believe there must be a future way forward absent of Democratic or Republican Parties. It is a time and it was clearly spelled out in Chairman Doyle's press release where we need to recognize our views are no longer accepted or welcomed and we must fight to create a new party that will represent the values of hard working Americans. For the past week I have seen my approvals take a dip due to my heavy handed approach toward the Democratic Party I once knew and loved but after Chairman Doyle's Presser and electing a Blue Dog to replace a Progressive it can no longer be denied that the Democratic Party has turned it's back on liberalism and on social welfare in exchange for a seat at President Fitzgerald's table. Their plan to win seats is to become so much like the Republican Party that you can no longer tell them apart. I ask all Social Justice Warriors, all Progressives and all Enviornmentalists to join with me in denouncing this "New Way Forward" for the Democratic Party and join with me as we push for a new party that will speak to our values because after Chairman Doyle's press release it's clear the party that was once run by the left has abandoned them once and for all.
  17. Las Cruces, NM Today Gabriel Gonzalez gave his first speech at a town hall since leaving the Democratic Party below are his comments.
  18. Santa Fe, NM -- Congressman Gabriel Gonzalez, DNC Chairman had the following to say to reporters on the hill. "Republicans are demanding bipartisan negotiations on health care after signing a bill that will kill Affordable Care Act, throw tens of millions off their health plans, make it so private insurance can deny coverage to pre-existing conditions and still some Democrats are wanting to meet with Republicans. To me this is no better than women standing up to defend the rights of their abusive husband. What Republicans have essentially done is rob America at gunpoint and they expect us to whistle a happy tune and meet with them to discuss health care? This makes as much sense as going out for coffee with the person who just robbed you at gunpoint." If any Democrat attends this "meeting" I will resign as Democratic Chairman and resign my position in the Democratic caucus because someone must continue to be a voice for the voiceless. If I have to go it alone to do that, so be it."
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