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  1. Andy


    Could all the other AB-run Twitter threads be pinned please? Just makes it easier to catch official news delivered that way
  2. Suddenly occured to me, seeing this thread title, that you may not have seen this reaction from an Aussie politician. It's peak Australia.
  3. Actually, the national polls at the Presidential election were pretty good. The issue was in the way the media presented what a small popular vote lead actually means in an election that isn't decided by popular vote. On the subject of what we over here call the "Shy Tory Factor", it is sometimes the case that online and automated polls show a different result to in-person polls, although the size of that issue is disputed, and those types of polls are not necessarily more accurate due to other factors such as low response rate. I'm a maths and stats guy, so I'm a bit nerdy about this sort of stuff!
  4. SurveyMonkey did a poll and weighted in 10 different, but completely sensible, ways. The results ranged from Jones by 9 to Moore by 10
  5. Well, a solution needs to be found, and we're slowly crossing off the more sensible options
  6. The UK Government has decided to leave the European Customs Union as well as leaving the EU, even though its possible to be a member of the former while not being a member of the latter. This means that between the European mainland and the UK there will need to be customs checks of goods crossing the border, but... The border can't be between A and B, as this would separate Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK, and this is unacceptable to people like the Government's allies in the Democratic Unionist Party The border can't be between B and C, as the separation of communities in this way was the source of much of the trouble in Northern Ireland in previous decades, which no-one wants to re-ignite The border can't be between C and D, as the Republic of Ireland (C) is a separate country and the UK can't tell it what to do. Polls show that people in the ROI have no interest in leaving the EU, and it couldn't happen under their constitution without a referendum My preferred option would be to stay in the Customs Union, known as a Soft Brexit, resolving the issue altogether (Actually my preferred option is not to Brexit at all, but I've been outvoted on that). However, some people, including the Government, say that a Soft Brexit isn't a proper Brexit. If we have to leave the Customs Union, it seems to me that putting the border between A and B is the least worst place. The Government tried proposing that solution this week, but were slapped down by the DUP. The Government can't afford to upset the DUP if they want to stay in power, so it looks like that option's dead... Like I said, buggering up.
  7. You can all have my Brexit rant another time, but to stay topical this week the Government realised something I've been saying for the last 18 months to anyone who'll listen... (The picture is not my work, but sums up the issue perfectly)
  8. Oh the Government here are buggering up Brexit perfectly well without any help!
  9. As an LGBT person and a football fan, I'll be interested to see whether this makes any difference, because there have been programmes like this before. For context, in a survey about a year ago, 8% of football fans said they'd stop supporting their team if the club had a gay player. The British press reported that as "only 8%", but that's more than 3000 people out of the average attendance of a Premier League game.
  10. Hardly surprising is probably the right phrase, but disappointing that arseholes like that can still get elected these days. Questions have been asked in the press here about his party's vetting of candidates, which was apparently minimal. Sadly, he's still in parliament, but he's been kicked out of his party pending an investigation. I may be slightly biased in that he defeated a popular former leader of my party in the election and I'd like to see him back, but I've heard people of every party saying O'Mara should resign his seat. I wouldn't be surprised to see him stick around, but stay out of the public eye and just not stand for re-election. Meanwhile, a former senior Conservative has interesting views on why some people are transgender. Thanks to our political system, this guy has a seat in our upper house for life, literally. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/10/24/former-conservative-party-chair-lord-tebbit-claims-air-pollution-is-making-people-transgender/
  11. He's admitted the older comments, but claimed to have changed and denies any more recent comments. He was well known among followers of politics despite only being first elected this year, because he defeated another party's former leader in the election. I wouldn't call him influential though.
  12. A British politician has stepped down from the House of Commons' Women and Equalities Committee after old forum posts surfaced showing him making sexist and homophobic comments. Other allegations suggest this behaviour has continued more recently, but he denies this. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/oct/23/labour-mp-jared-omara-sheffield-hallam-sorry-girls-aloud-orgy Screenshots of the comments can be seen here, although this is a particularly gossipy politics blog I wouldn't normally endorse: https://order-order.com/2017/10/23/vile-homophobic-slurs-jared-omara/
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