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  1. I recently dreamt that I went back in time to the early 1990s when I lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I thought to myself I needed to buy Microsoft.
  2. Any way to estimate increased revenue from this?



    1. Jonathan


      It would require me to know exactly how many Americans would end up being in higher tax brackets due to the smaller deductions, and unfortunately data like that is pretty hard to find. Perhaps you could try and ask Pizzuto, who's in charge of economics.

  3. Chief of Staff - Mike Kelly or James MattisState - Jon Huntsman Jr. or Condoleeza RiceTreasury - Ben Bernanke or Mitt RomneyDefense - Jim TalentAttorney General - Mike LeeInterior - Lisa MurkowskiAgriculture - Debra FischerCommerce - Jeff BezosLabor - Joe ManchinHealth and Human Services - Tim PawlentyHousing and Urban Development - Mike Duggan or Anthony WilliamsTransportation - Richard Branson Energy - Elon MuskEducation - Michelle RheeVeterans' Affairs - Cindy McCainHomeland Security - William Bratton
  4. Not listening to a song at the moment but this:
  5. LMR

    Putin Wins Big

    Amazing how well you can do if you nearly eliminate the independent media as well as the strongest potential opposition candidates.
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