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  1. Senator Lucille MacGillicuddy-Ricardo (R-FL) Session Campaign Schedule 1. Tier 1 PI HQ in Wyoming (2 hours) $1 million 2. Fundraiser in California (2 hours)
  2. LMR


    @RNCChair: It has been an incredible honor for me to serve as Chair of the GOP. But upon reflection, I do not believe this position and I really fit well together. I am resigning this post with gratitude for the chance to serve, and with best wishes to my successor.
  3. Sorry to see you go, there are not enough women in this game!!
  4. Senator MacGillicuddy-Ricardo's reaction when hearing this comment:
  5. Governor and Mrs. Abbott and Honored Guests, Thank you for inviting three of us Senators to speak about what America needs to do in order to foster business and private enterprise, the great drivers of growth and opportunity for us all. It is fitting that we meet here in Texas, which, like my home state of Florida, is booming. People and businesses come to our states all the time. It is no coincidence that our state governments know what it means to attract jobs and residents: keep taxes and regulations low. Indeed, our two states share an enviable distinction … no state income tax! And so we grow, and we grow, and we grow, every day moving forward. And then there are the other states, especially the highly taxed and regulated states like New York, California, and Illinois, where taxes are high and regulations are burdensome and the budgets groan with unfunded liabilities, and life is therefore hard for both residents and businesses. New York is losing people as we speak, and California has stopped growing. Illinois is a flaming dumpster fire of decline. When considering places like Texas and Florida, and those other states, we see two fundamentally opposed philosophies at work. Both political parties believe in funding government. But Democrats think that the State is the rightful custodian of the money that the people have made, and so it is the job of the State to dole out what it considers to be “enough” money to the people. If the State believes you are too successful or have made too much money in life, well then, you get to keep less of what you earn. Republicans know something different. We know government does not create wealth. We know that the State does not have the first claim on the country’s wealth. Rather, we Republicans strive to take the least amount from the American people, the amount needed for the Government to operate, to deliver public goods, and provide for the common defense. And we really are not into stirring up envy and resentment against people because they are successful. That is not our way, and that is not the American way. The Republican and Democrat ideas about our national government and the economy stand in glaring contrast to each other. The Republican Party, led in the Senate by your own Majority Leader, Kyle Fitzgerald, has submitted a plan that does not raise income tax rates, and in fact cuts rates down the bone for most taxpayers. But it also brings in revenue by further streamlining deductions and exemptions just as President Trump had done. And, in light of alarming projections that the Social Security Trust Fund is about to run empty, the Republican Plan fully funds Social Security for at least the next forty years. So that is our plan. What about the Democrat Plan? Well, when I look at it I have to just shake my head. Where is the Democratic Party of the JFK era, when that President worked to lower the top rate by twenty points? Where is the Democratic Party of Bill Bradley, who worked across the aisle to pass the 1987 tax reform, which lowered the top rate to 28% and removed millions from the tax rolls? Instead, we have the Democratic Party of Douglas Grant and Bobby Newport, of Paul Kessler and Calvin Ward, a party of stagnation, a party of anger and envy of the successful, and a party that would have us go back to the 1970s in tax policy, jacking our top rate up to 65% and the second highest rate to 55%. These are rates we last saw in 1979. And we know they do not work! We know they stifle growth innovation. That is why every single country in the OECD has lower top rates than 65%. Look at the major countries. Britain and Germany have top rates below 50% for example. Even the European countries, so fondly regarded by Democrats as paradise, know that you cannot tax your way to growth and prosperity. But in fairness, there are real-world examples of the Democrat approach from recent years. Socialist President Francois Hollande imposed a 75% supertax on the wealthiest citizens of France. The result? No extra revenue and a blow to the economy. He had to reverse course quickly. And I mentioned Britain… by 1979 the British were being crushed under a top wage tax rate of 80% and a top investment tax rate of 97%. And the economy stagnated. Wealth was not created, wealth fled. Britain was called the sick man of Europe. It is simply perverse that Democrats want to take us back towards those days. Have they learned nothing? Can they really believe that raising our top tax rate to be the highest in the world will possibly increase wealth and attract capital? There is a better course. Keep taxes as low as possible. Keep deregulating. Concentrate on growing the economy rather than dividing a stagnant economy. Stop jacking up costs on business, such as labor costs. Let our great American engine of prosperity truly roar. It has been doing so. We are already the world’s biggest exporter of energy. Let’s keep moving forward. Thank you.
  6. -Domestic Affairs Committee: -College Campus Free Speech Protection Act - AYE -Social Media Anti-Censorship Act - AYE -Rein in Regulation Act - AYE Senate Floor Votes: -Opioid Action Act - AYE
  7. I accept. (Lucille MacGillicuddy-Ricardo)
  8. Mr. Chairman, Thank you for extending an invitation to me to discuss my bill. I want to first say I appreciate the bipartisan support this bill has received so far. In response to the question raised by the Senator from Illinois, the bill directs NASA to create a plan, along with cost estimates, for the purposes contained therein. NASA has to come up with a funding projection, after which the Congress would need to approve the plan and funding request. This bill is merely the first step. Thank you.
  9. LMR


    @RNChair: Oh. @SenatorEddieMorrow tries so hard, but never quite hits the target. The Pearl Harbor Committee he references was voted into existence in September, 1945 ... nearly four years after Pearl Harbor. What is @SenatorEddieMorrow thinking?
  10. Republican Party Press Office Lucille MacGillicuddy-Ricardo, Chairwoman Democrats Continue to Major in Minors Republican Party Chairwoman Lucille MacGillicuddy-Ricardo responds to Democrat complaints about the Senate not rushing forward with a bill that would establish ... a committee: "Democrat Senators Samuel Crafts of Colorado, Eddie Morrow of Illinois, Calvin Ward of New York, and Paul Kessler of Pennsylvania, already well-known for their flamboyant and negative style of communicating both on and off the floor of the Senate, took to social media to attack Republicans because we would not agree to rush one of their bills to the floor of the Senate. The bill has the appealing name of "Protecting Seniors from Disaster Act." But what does the bill actually do? It establishes an Advisory Council. Now, establishing such a council may well be a good idea. But it does precisely nothing to help seniors who need help NOW. It is beyond bizarre that these Senators would politicize the suffering seniors are undergoing in current natural disaster crises, demand special treatment for their pet project, and consequently spend less time on helping seniors TODAY. If this gang of four had been in office during Pearl Harbor, I can imagine them insisting that it was a matter of a greatest national urgency to establish an advisory council on how to respond to Japan. Well, as people say in Florida, at least North Florida, "bless their hearts."
  11. Republican Party Press Office Lucille MacGillicuddy-Ricardo, Chairwoman Chairwoman Reaffirms That the Republican Party is Proudly Pro-Life RNC Chairwoman Lucille MacGillicuddy Ricardo (Senator from Florida) is proud to highlight several pro-life bills submitted by Republicans in the Senate and House. "I personally submitted the De-Fund Planned Parenthood Act to the Senate, and the House Republican Leader submitted a companion bill to the House. Planned Parenthood is America's biggest abortion provider, bar none. It provides about 100 times as many abortions as it does prenatal care, and it provides 300 times as many abortions as adoption support. America knows what Planned Parenthood is really about. There is no need whatsoever for one penny of taxpayer money to go to that abortion business. In addition, I am proud to list my name as a co-sponsor for two unfortunately necessary bills, the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act, and the Pain Capable Unborn Child Act, which were both submitted by my good friend Senator Madison of Indiana. In recent years, we have witnessed truly astounding displays of callousness and perversity from Democrat leaders as they cheered a law in New York making infanticide possible, and defended a similar evil law in Virginia (which was thankfully defeated in committee). President Trump was entirely right to call out this awfulness in 2019. But the work is not finished! We have to take a stand for human rights and human dignity for the unborn as well as those who are born. Democrats are again displaying their pro abortion extremism by obsessively questioning the nominee for Attorney General, Jace Kadar, about Roe v. Wade, even though he answered the question the first time. He deserves a medal for sitting through that farcical performance! So we Republicans will continue to let the light of life shine through. There are millions of Independents and Democrats, too, who are looking to us to provide a cause around which to rally, and I know we are giving them that.
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