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  1. Senator and Presidential Candidate Will Conway (R-FL) is pledging to withdraw the United States from the nuclear deal with Iran (officially called the "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action") if he is elected President. "During his Presidency, Barack Obama decided to try and improve relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, going so far as to ignore the mass protests against that regime in 2009. Further, in so doing, he unilaterally committed the United States to a faux agreement with Iran, never submitting the proposal to the Senate for its ratification. This means that this agreement has never possessed the slightest element of Constitutional legitimacy. For that reason alone, the United States needs to withdraw from it. In addition, the agreement is fatally flawed in substance (which explains why President Obama refused to submit it to the Senate for treaty ratification). Iran was given a gigantic payoff of $100 billion in the expectation that these funds, and the increased trade with western countries, would enable Iran to modernize its economy and improve the lives of its people. Instead, this money has been diverted to Islamic empire building, strengthening terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, and extending Iranian influence into Iraq and Syria. Our traditional allies in the region, such as Israel, but also Egypt and the Arab Gulf States, are rightfully alarmed by these developments. They are even more alarmed when they consider that this agreement only obligates Iran to back off their nuclear weapons development program until 2025. In other words, under this agreement, Iran has been given the resources to spread her power and influence throughout the region, while allowing Iran to resume its pursuit of nuclear arms. It is my determination to re-orient United States policy in the region towards our traditional allies and interests. While the United States is always ready to negotiate in good faith with the Islamic Republic of Iran, such negotiations must include real evidence of a change of mentality by the Iranian mentality.
  2. Will Conway


    @WillConway: Steady on, folks, developments in Afghanistan and East Asia may sound concerning, but let's give POTUS the opportunity to respond before jumping to conclusions.
  3. Will Conway

    Presidential Primary Elections

    Conway for President: The "Big Idea" Campaign (September 2019) Event Cards You sign a major book deal (+10 Wealth) 1. Fundraiser in Georgia (2 hours) 2. Rally in Nevada with Nationalists (1 hour) 3. Rally in Nevada with Moderate Republicans (1 hour) 4. Rally in Iowa with Evangelicals (1 hour) 5. Rally in Iowa with Nationalists (1 hour) 6. 4 tier one ads (positive) in Nevada, 1 each to Nationalists, Evangelicals, Business and Moderate Conservatives (1 hour/4 x $3,600,000 = $14,400,000) 7. 4 tier one ads (positive) in South Carolina, 1 each to Nationalist, Evangelicals, Business and Moderate Conservatives (1 hour/4 x $5,400,000 = $21,600,000) Total money spent this turn: $36,000,000
  4. Will Conway


    @WillConway: Up at night laughing, perhaps. #huckleberryhound
  5. Mr. President, I move for cloture on this bill. I yield.
  6. Will Conway

    Senate Debate: Election Integrity Act

    Mr. President, I second the motion for cloture. I yield.
  7. Will Conway


    @WillConway: No. The real issue for civil rights now is protecting the rights of conscience for people who oppose gay marriage. Unlike Mr. Ward, I will not waver on that issue.
  8. Will Conway


    @WillConway: What an absolutely ridiculous statement. Of course I support the First Amendment rights of people even if I strongly disagree with them. What astonishing nonsense that the Chairman of the world's oldest political party cannot say the same.
  9. Will Conway


    @WillConway: That was a trainwreck of a tweet. I am not going to apologize for standing up for good, decent people who should not be forced out of business for not wanting to lend their artistic talents to support something that violates their conscience.
  10. Will Conway


    @WillConway: Democrats rushing to the left, pushing gay rights, opposing conscience protections, and now favoring giving social benefits to illegals. So much for Middle America.
  11. Mr. President, I move for Unanimous Consent on this bill. I yield.
  12. Mr. President, I move for Unanimous Consent on this bill. I yield.
  13. Will Conway

    Senate Debate: PATRIA Act

    Mr. President, I move for Unanimous Consent on this bill. I yield.
  14. (OOC: I thought this should have been closed by now) @Shiggy Would a citizen go to jail if they didn't pay your individual mandate? No, because the health insurance premiums will be automatically deducted from one's income. What is your opinion of the Bipartisan Healthcare Act that was just announced by President Fitzgerald and Chairman Doyle? It is a major step in the right direction and I was privileged to be part of the negotiations.
  15. Will Conway

    Conway: Institute a Flat Tax

    Republican Senator and Presidential candidate Will Conway has unveiled his latest "Big Idea" plank, which is to replace the current tax system with an across the board, 20% flat tax: "The tax code is like the weather: everyone complains about it, but no one really does anything about it. Now, I was happy to support the President's tax cut bill, as it made some important changes. But the tax code is still a multi-million word leviathan that requires an advanced degree to understand. Millions of man hours are required of businesses, individuals and families to figure out what they owe every year. The tax code is further riddled by inefficiencies, carve-outs and subsidies. The current tax code is both inefficient and inequitable. I propose a new plan for America, one that is based in large part on the Santorum flat tax proposal of 2012. The bare bones of the plan are as follows: We will drastically simplify our tax code by fixing one 20% rate for all income: wages, capital gains, interest and dividends. The same 20% rate will apply to businesses. Businesses will also be allowed to deduct the full cost of purchased equipment during the year of purchase. Most small corporate tax expenditures will be eliminated. And there will be a one-time repatriation tax of 10% on all foreign profits currently deferred. All income up to the federal poverty line will be exempt from federal taxation. The alternative minimum tax, and the estate tax will all be abolished. All itemized deductions will be abolished as well. This flat tax will encourage growth in investment and employment. It will recoup any revenue loss from lowering rates by abolishing loopholes and deductions. Combined with my proposal for an annual individual allowance, the flat tax plan will greatly reduce the heavy hand of government in our economic life, allowing individuals and businesses to thrive."