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    2020 Campaign

    SML Conway Campaign - October 2020 1. Fundraiser (2 hours) 2. 3 rallies for Justin Amash in Michigan (one business, one moderate conservative, one moderate liberal)(3 hours) 3. 2 rallies for Quavis Davis in Minnesota (one moderate conservative, one moderate liberal)(2 hours) 4. 3 rallies for Pickering in Mississippi (one nationalist, one evangelical, one moderate liberal)(3 hours) 5. 2 rallies for Scott Taylor in Virginia (one moderate conservative, one moderate liberal)(2 hours) Play -5 momentum card against Ward
  2. Will Conway

    Mariana Vázquez (Republican)

    Sorry to see you go. Hope you will return someday.
  3. Will Conway


    @WillConway: What are "teaching machines?" Computers? And as for "Republicans remain silent," well, I think I'm a Republican. And I even have a position of some prominence in Washington.
  4. Will Conway


    Instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money on America's biggest abortion business with a millionaire CEO, let's take that money and invest it in community based health care services that save lives instead of destroying them #no$$toMurderInc
  5. Senate Majority Leader and former Presidential Candidate Will Conway (R-FL) is reacting to a report from the BBC that the tariffs on steel, aluminum, cars, washing machines, and, strangely, baseball caps, have indeed had a negative effect on the U.S. economy, hurting consumers, businesses, and investors. "It pains me to say this, because the President and I have worked so well together on so many issues, but according to the BBC, these tariffs he has imposed ave backfired on us. From the beginning, I spoke out against the tariffs on steel, aluminum, and cars. In my campaign for the Presidential nomination, it would have been more politic to fudge or ignore the issue, but I am too stubborn to just do that. It is now high time that the Republican Party come to its senses and stop this harmful and self-defeating flirting with protectionism. These tariffs have raised prices for consumers; cost jobs in industries that depend on imports; have damaged the stock market and cost millions of small investors dearly; and they have needlessly alienated us from our friends in other countries. It's time to stop digging this economic and diplomatic hole we have created for ourselves, and reverse course. Otherwise, the slogan "America First" will result in "America Last."
  6. Will Conway


    @WillConway: Democrats make excuses and try to distract attention from Solin's corruption. Their credibility is melting like peach cobbler left out in the sun. Boy howdy!
  7. Will Conway


    @WIllConway: Mike Solin asks America this question: "who are you going to believe? Me, or your lying eyes?" Calvin Ward needs to exercise leadership and replace his running mate today.
  8. Will Conway


    @WillConway: So Mike Solin insists "I am not a quitter." What does that remind us of?
  9. Will Conway


    @WillConway: For the sake of maintaining a high standard against corruption, Senator Solin needs to step down as candidate for Vice President.
  10. Responding to some back-and-forth between Democrats and Republicans on motor vehicle taxes, Republican Senator and Candidate for President Will Conway had this to say: "I have already expressed by opposition to the President's imposition of a 25% tariff on cars imported from other countries where they had been built. I must also express my opposition to the 5% tax proposed by Congressman and Democratic Presidential candidate Calvin Ward on motor vehicles that do not average 25 miles per gallon. Both ideas raise the price of motor vehicles, which has a disproportionate effect on the middle class. Concerning the green tax Congressman Ward proposes, I would respond that the best way to encourage better gas mileage is to simply let the market work. We have made great progress in reducing emissions from motor vehicles already, and advancing technology will allow us to make even more progress. We do not need to increase the cost of motor vehicles which cost quite enough when they appear in the dealer's showrooms at it is. As President, I will oppose any measures that further increase the cost of new cars, SUVs, mini-vans, trucks, you name it."
  11. Will Conway

    2020 Campaign

    SML Conway Campaign - September 2020 1. Fundraiser (Florida) - 2 hours 2. Rally in Florida for MacMillan for Prez (Moderate Liberals) - 1 hour 3. Rally in Florida for MacMillan for Prez (Moderate Conservatives) - 1 hour 4. 2 Rallies Georgia for Senator Purdue (Moderate Conservatives, Moderate Liberals) - 2 hours 5. 2 Rallies in Colorado for Senator Gardner (Moderate Conservatives, Moderate Liberals) - 2 hours 6. 2 Rallies in Iowa for Senator Ernst (Moderate Conservatives, Moderate Liberals) - 2 hours 7. 2 Rallies in North Carolina for Senator Tillis (Evangelicals, Moderate Conservatives) - 2 hours
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    OOC: I tweeted without knowledge of the facts. Apologies to Ward and Solin.
  13. Will Conway

    Sign out

  14. Will Conway

    Lobbying and Campaign Finance Reform Act

    Mr. President, I move for unanimous consent on this bill. I yield.
  15. Will Conway

    Fair Trade with China Enforcement Act

    Mr. President, I move for unanimous consent on this bill. I yield.
  16. Will Conway

    Ending the Fentanyl Crisis Act

    Mr. President, I move for unanimous consent on this bill. I yield.
  17. Will Conway

    Military Pay Raise Act

    Mr. President, I move for unanimous consent on this bill. I yield.
  18. Will Conway


    @WillConway: Some Democrats did indeed act like clowns when it came to voting to abolish Obamacare; however it must be stated for the sake of honesty that Congressman Ward was not one of them. He played a constructive role in the negotiations about the bill that was passed and it is simply not fair to blame him for something other people did.
  19. Will Conway


    @WillConway: Speaker MacMillan is right to be proud of the bi-partisan health care reform we passee, but it WAS bi-partisan. Democrat leaders were just as involved in the process and did not try to block it.
  20. Will Conway

    June-July Campaigning

    SML Conway Campaigning, June-July 2020 1. Fundraiser, Florida (2 hours) 2. Rally for MacMillan with evangelicals in Florida (1 hour) 3. Rally for MacMillan with moderate conservatives in Florida (1 hour) 4. Rally for MacMillan with nationalists in Florida (1 hour) 5. Rally for MacMillan with business in Florida (1 hour)
  21. Will Conway


    @WillConway: If Dylan MacMillan is as effective as President as he was as Speaker, we will be alright. #GOP2020
  22. Will Conway

    2020 Primary Donations

    OOC: Assuming this is allowed for Presidential candidates too: Senator Conway endorses and contributes to these candidates as follows: 1. Adam Kinzinger in Illinois ($2,000,000) 2. Peyton Manning in Tennessee ($1,500,000) 3. Scott Taylor in Virginia ($1,500,000)
  23. Will Conway


    @WillConway: At the end of the day, we came up just short. My congratulations to Dylan MacMillan on his victory and on winning the nomination of the Republican Party for President.
  24. Republican Senator and Presidential Candidate Will Conway addressed supporters at the conclusion of the Republican Primaries: "Well, my friends, what a ride it has been. We started out with a roar, didn't we? And we won so many states and over 1200 delegates. But we just fell short ... the final results confirm it. Dylan MacMillan will be the nominee of our party. I congratulate him for his victory and wish him God's blessings in the campaign to come against Congressman Ward. Congressman Ward is a good Christian man and a good friend of mine, and certainly he has the character to be a good President, but at the end of the day I am a Republican and will support the Republican ticket because we are the party of real reform on health care, education, and entitlements. I am looking forward to the convention to come, to continue to advocate for the vision that has driven our campaign and that belong at the center of the Republican campaign to come. I am proud that our campaign has been about ideas, and let me assert my firm belief that ideas must remain at the center of our appeal to the people. My friends, I would not have come this far without the unending love and support of my lovely wife and children and my friends back in Florida, and the many friends we made during this campaign. Next to God himself, you have been my strength when I have been weak. You have rejoiced with me when there was reason to rejoice, and you have mourned with me when it has been time to mourn. I cannot but express my incredible gratitude and affection for Shane Benzley, who rejected the herd mentality of so many and bravely supported this campaign. Thank you, Shane, and God bless you for your help and your friendship. To all of my fellow Republicans who are watching me tonight, whether you rejoice or whether you mourn, let us take this time to reflect on this campaign, and then let us determine to come together, united on a platform we can be proud of, ready for the campaign to come. Thank you for your love and support. And may God bless you, may God bless the Republican Party, and may God bless the United States of America."
  25. Will Conway

    What should I put tariffs on next?

    If I had to choose, the 25% on $50 billion of Chinese goods is the one.