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  1. Donates 40% to Common Cause and other moderate interest groups.
  2. Former Senate Minority Leader Amanda Willenhouse D-CA says she won’t seek reelection. The Democratic Senator announced Friday her plans to step down when her term ends. “This has been a very difficult decision, given how much I have enjoyed serving the people of California in the Senate and the fact that the next election is shaping up but its time to announce. When I was first elected, an important time was happening when Congress would work together to tackle the big issues but that has changed in a lot ways in the last few years and I want to do more to improve the lives of all Americans now. I will work to move America forward from the private sector when my term ends. In the coming days."
  3. Donates $ 25.00 to Bobby Newport (CA)
  4. Jellybeans

    Admin Tips

    I like the election changes but they need a full guide and explain the process more not just in random posts here and here They are a bit too random. We really need to simplify the Senate rules . There need to be consequences to ig action a bit more. I agree that the press needs to go back to single threads. I also believe that there need to be more options for fundraisers since there higher costs and other things now. Maybe make the elections calendar ongoing not just certain dates other than end dates.
  5. who decides on who a maverick? People vote differently on a lot of issues. Let's be honest half of this is because a lot people want everyone to vote lockstep with the party. Most voting doesn't happen that way in the US Congress. states and issues matter. Why should a person lose their ability to swing votes because the parties cant learn how to compromise. making a maverick vote seems more like making this a uk style sim where you cant break the whip or your kicked out of the party.
  6. 1. Fundraiser - California (2 hours) 1. Fundraiser - California (2 hours)
  7. Twiiter handle change to @Willenhouse @willenhouseI as stepped down as SmL but will stay a senator due to health issues. There still alot of things to get done.
  8. sign out. It just not fun here to me anymore. Been struggling all reset here and not really enjoyed playing here for a while. I might be back after a while but i need the break. Peace and jellybeans
  9. Mr. President, The bill already had already been through the committee process. I can't support a move to just waste time . A committee gave this act its fair time. Let's debate the merits here but not waste committee time or make every issue a partisan witch hunt. if you don't like the bill fine vote it down or do some other action but I can't support sending this bill back to a committee for a second time. I would also point out by Senate rule an act that been through a committee must be referred to the conference committee by our senate rule if refer to a committie a 2nd time. ( ooc: Anthony rule not mine). So this act cant be sent to oversight even if we wanted it too. I yield.
  10. Mr. President, This bipartisan piece of legislation sponsored by republicans and democrats from conservative members to moderates to even some of our most liberal members in this body have come together for this act. veteran-owned small businesses create jobs and stimulate the economy. Veterans own 2.5 million businesses in the United States with over $1 trillion in revenue and 5 million employees, according to the Census Bureau. One of my priorities in the Senate as Minority leader is working with anyone that will to ensure our veterans are getting the help they deserve from job training, to access to health care and education benefits, to finding affordable housing. Our brave men and women who have fought for our freedom deserve to be taken care of when they return home. This bill aims to help encourage veterans to pursue their dream of starting a small business in our communities around the country. Throughout our history, veterans have laid the foundation that has built America’s economy by leveraging the knowledge, skills, and work ethic that led to their success in the military. Not only have these men and women sacrificed for our country, but many come home and work as entrepreneurs, creating small businesses that boost local economies and provide new jobs in their communities. This bill helps to provide crucial tax credits for our veterans aspiring to become entrepreneurs and leaders in underserved communities, while expanding the small businesses that will create jobs for those who need them most I yield
  11. * old lady that looks like the twin of betty white* Senator, What did you have on your pizza tonight? That spicy stuff sure gives me heartburn?. Also what is your damn plan to make sure those greedy Republicans don't cut my social security benefits this term?
  12. *lonely member of the press in an empty room* With due respect sir, why should the press care here today what you have to say? Let's be real your a backbench senator with no real accomplishments that's not even on a committee?
  13. Mr. President I second the call. I yield
  14. Mr. President, Point of order we shall not be voting on the passing of "Opioid Action Act". Cloture as not been motion for or passed. There no time limits outside of cabinet nomination with our senate rules. I yield
  15. Senate Minority Leader Amanda Willenhouse D-CA accepting.
  16. Mr. President, This bipartisan measure was brought forward today to find a long overdue solution.The burden of federal regulation on the U.S. economy has often been compared to a tax From environmental mandates that impose costs on energy production, to Internet restrictions that discourage innovation and investment on the Web, to pharmaceutical controls that slow the introduction of new medicines and increase their prices, the regulatory “tax” impacts nearly every part of our lives, and is increasing steadily. Unlike ordinary taxation, however, these regulatory burdens are neither accounted for, nor limited, by any of the budgeting tools available to Congress. This legislation aims to address a real problem: the growth of regulatory burdens. And the proposed solution of budgeting those costs has a commonsense appeal to it. Why should $1 billion in compliance costs on industry investors, workers and consumers be treated differently than $1 billion in federal budgetary outlays that are typically financed by taxes this piece of legislation that put regulatory budget in place would substantially improve policymaking, forcing Congress to take responsibility for regulatory costs and encouraging regulators to prioritize regulatory activity. The principle behind budgeting regulations is straightforward, treating federal rules as a major expense imposed on taxpayers. Yes, there good regulations and their bad regulation and we need a system that puts fair mind solution in place. Regardless of which party is in control of Congress and the White House. I echo the Gentleman call for NY for UC
  17. Suspend and Debate Opioid Action Act - AYE Suspend and Debate Tornado Relief Act - AYE Suspend and Debate Lessening Regulatory Costs and Establishing a Federal Regulatory Budget Act - AYE
  18. Confirmation Votes: -Jace Kadar - AYE -Johnathon Grant - AYE -Jack Swanner - AYE -Jim Webb - AYE -Dean Heller - AYE
  19. @smlwillenhouse. For most part I stay in my lane but I will say the pettiness of both sides on what to docket in a committie is waste of time. Sit down and talk to each other rather than going to social media first has always worked for better soultions.
  20. Fundraiser. 2 hours in Calfornia Fundraiser 2 hours in NY
  21. @SmLWillenhouseI I was proud to sit down with Majority leader Fitzgerald to form a bipartisan agreement to suspend/debate bills ranging from Kansas tornado support,opioid addiction,, and finding a soultion for regulations in our nation.
  22. Mr. President. I object a bipartisan agreement was reached on some bills but I agree this needs more committee time. I yield
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