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  1. Rep. Masden: "Let's Invest in Rural Broadband" Representative Elizabeth Masden, of Washington's Fifth District recently sponsored her first piece of legislation in this Congressional session. Her legislation, the 'Rural Broadband Access Act of 2019' is designed to inject $350 million in grants to expand rural America's almost non-existent broadband networks. Masden called her legislation a "crucial component in reinvigorating America's rural areas', she continued on attacking members of the political establishment for "ignoring rural America" and "rural values". Her legislation has already gathered several co-sponsors, all of whom are members of the Democratic Party but to fight back against that narrative she proclaimed that this piece of legislation is "neither progressive, nor conservative, but rather a commonsense fix to a very real issue". Representative Masden said that she is looking forward to the legislation being brought up to the House floor; hoping it does so "quickly". She is confident the legislation will garner support from Republicans, and Democrats alike. "It really is just commonsense. Rural America, including my own district, has been left behind in the so called 'digital revolution' let us bring highspeed internet to these locations and all the economic benefits that translate along with it; it definitely will cost money now, but will save us money and create jobs down the road" Masden can be reached at her Spokane, or Washington D.C offices via her Press Secretary Jennifer Jordan.
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