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  1. PRESS OFFICE OF SAMUEL CRAFTS (D-CO) For immediate release — “After thoughtful consideration of the testimony given by Mr. Lee, nominee to associate justice on the Supreme Court of the United States, I have decided to vote against his nomination. Though I found Mr. Lee to be very well tempered and well mannered, much to the contrary of Justice Kavanaugh during his hearing, I just cannot vote to put him on the highest court in the land. This is for a few reasons. First of those being he is a politician. Mr. Lee used to be Senator Lee from my neighboring state of Utah. He may have some experience in law but I prefer to have a Supreme Court justice who is completely separated from the other branches. My second reason for voting against him is because of his wife view of executive power. During his hearing he stated that he believed a President has the constitutional right to pardon himself. This is worrying to me. I feel that a man should not in charge of his own legal punishment, a sentiment held by many in this country. Imagine if a murdered could decide if he was convicted of a crime. That wouldn’t be justice. Lastly, his views on voter ID concern me as well. As an african America man I know that voter ID laws are solely designed to suppress minority turn out. It is for those reasons I cannot vote in favor of his nomination. I hope my fellow senators can see my problems with Mr. Lee and join me in voting against him. If his nomination is rejected then I would look forward to continuing to serve with him in the Senate, and I would look forward to consideration of another nominee. “
  2. Thank you for you time and for answering these questions Mr. Lee. I have nothing further. I yield
  3. So what do you think qualifies as an unconstitutional hurdle
  4. Groups like african Americans or Hispanics or native Americans?
  5. Do you think requiring an ID is constitutional in a general sense? I’m not asking for specifics but just generally. Is requiring a photo ID to vote constitutional in your view?
  6. Ok fair enough. Let’s move on then. What are you views on voter ID?
  7. More questions for you to consider. How can the American people trust you, a politician, to serve on the Supreme Court with absolutely no bias whatsoever? And on the topic of abortion, how far do you think women’s rights should go? Where would you draw the line and say “the constitution does not guarantee this right”
  8. Where do you think the line should be drawn?
  9. I agree with you on that Mr. Lee. Let’s move on to something different. How will you make sure that there is a clear line between church and state?
  10. Mm hmmm. Do you think people who comit crimes have good morals?
  11. So you think that he is legally allowed to but morally he shouldn’t? Is that correct?
  12. With all due respect Mr. Lee, No where in that statement did you say the words yes or no. So please, even if I was the only one who missed it, could you please sum up your answer with yes or no so the American people can understand.
  13. If a president were to be convicted of a crime do you think he has the right to pardon himself.
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