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  1. You’re so partisan you can’t even help disease victims if the bill has a dem name on it.
  2. So we can only appropriate $15 million for it and not more? Zika had $1.1 billion appropriated for it. You just shot down extra funding for it.
  3. Aaaannnd the GOP just voted down Disease Relief. Funny how they call themselves the “pro-life” party but have no problem voting down money to stop a disease outbreak.
  4. Senator Crafts (D-CO) made the following comments at a BLM Rally in Cleveland, OH.
  5. Hello everyone, thank you all for having me though I wish I was here under better circumstances. First I would like to take a moment of silence for the friends and family of De’Aaron Jones. *step back from microphone and let’s moment of silence pass* May he Rest In Peace. But his sacrifice should not be ignored. We must have this be the last unarmed black man that gets shot. We must not let any more of our boys be killed on the streets by police officers. There is a problem in our country. Whether you like it or not there is a problem with unarmed black men being killed in the streets by cops. This is not a new problem. I remember being a young black man being afraid whenever id see police lights behind me. I remember being afraid of being shot during a normal traffic stop. The time of being afraid must end. We must pass legislation to make police accountable. We must pass bills to do this like require ALL police officers to wear and operate body cameras. We need accountability within the department. But we must also change our mindset. We cannot be violent when protesting injustice. We must remain peaceful. We cannot go after police officers because there are many, many good ones. Believe it or not I used to be a police officer on the streets of Denver. I’ve seen my blue brothers do real good in the community. We must focus on eliminating the racism in our community and in our departments. We must end the stereotype of “the hood” and that all young black men must be trying to mug some white guy. We must learn to love and learn to treat everyone with respect and decency. We cannot put others down just for the color of their skin or what neighborhood they were born in. And we have to protest any injustice we see. We must do this peacefully and we must be united. We cannot let De’Aarons sacrifice be in vain. We can be the change this country so dearly needs. We are the future!
  6. The GOP is currently in the senate, trying to block a bill that will provide further funding to fight the Nipah virus in Mississippi. This is shameful. They are putting partisan politics before helping the people of this country. This virus won’t stop and wait for some money to be appropriated, it’s going to ravage that community. We need the Nipah response act to stop this outbreak and to make sure we never have another outbreak. There is no valid reason to block this bill. The only reason they’re doing it is because it’s democrats who are trying to push it through. This is shameful. Plain and simple. The GOP trying to block disease response aid is shameful.
  7. Fighting disease is a bi-partisan effort. The republicans should put politics aside and help our American people
  8. Mr. President, I second the motion. We must pass this bill because our people need this bill and its appropriations. I yield
  9. Today I am calling on the United States Senate to bring the Nipah Response Act to the floor for a debate so we can pass the bill. I am proud to support and co-sponsor this bill because it will provide funding to the CDC to fight this dangerous disease. This is a bi-partisan issue. We must act now before we have a pandemic on our hands. We need to pass that bill.
  10. For immeadiate release: Following a vote within the caucus, Senator Samuel Crafts (D-CO) has been elected Senate Minority Leader and Senator Lewis Berryhill (D-NY) has been elected Senate Minority Whip. With this new leadership we all look forward to pushing policies intended to help all Americans regardless of income, race, gender, or sexual orientation.
  11. Minority Leader: Samuel Crafts (D-CO) Minority Whip: Lewis Berryhill (D-NY)
  12. I’ll proudly vote Aye in order to fight for our disaster victims
  13. Well my favorite toppings here are sausage and pepperoni. Sorry it gave you heart burn, but what the republicans are doing is much worse in regards to social security. But I’ll make this promise to you, if the republicans try to cut social security I will personally filibuster to make sure that never happens. And our party will also make sure that a bill like that will never pass the house. The republicans can try to be immoral and cut it all they want but we democrats will not let that happen. Thank you for coming here and thank you for the question.
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