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  1. Authorized for immediate release: "Good afternoon all. I am here to announce that today I will be stepping down as Minority Leader, effective one week from now at noon. Mr. Ward will be taking over the temporary leadership of the Democratic Party until such time as the party can select a new leader. I do not apologize this evening for my policies in Congress and my commitment to my party and I wholeheartedly defend my record. But I have let down too many. And those who feel anger in their hearts at me are justified. Years ago, I made a mistake and chose self over service. I forgot my duties to my district, country and party. Instead, I chose myself and compromised the office that they trusted me to grace. I forgot my commitment to the core values of my prior service in the Air Force, values I have sought to live by: Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do. I let down my children and Maya, and my promise to be faithful to them. And most of all, I let down Ms. Simmons. Though many will condemn her, it was my responsibility to know better. And I deeply apologize for all the pain and hurt I have inflicted on her and her family. Thank you, and God bless the United States."
  2. House Minority Leader John Shultz addressed new revelations surrounding former Speaker Anthony Granata. Shultz also had harsh words for his fellow Texas representative Marina Vasquez. Shultz called upon Vasquez to resign.
  3. House Minority Leader John Shultz endorsed current Ohio Congressman Mike Solin.
  4. House Minority Leader John Shultz endorsed former Democratic Congressman Gabriel Gonzalez for New Mexico.
  5. Pennsylvania Senator Daniel O'Brien praised President Fitzgerald's steel tariffs. O'Brien, a staunch advocate for Pennsylvania's decaying steel industry, has fought against trade deals ever since he was first elected.
  6. House Minority Leader John Shultz announced his support for President Fitzgerald's steel tariffs. Shultz urged President Fitzgerald to impose further tariffs on other imports, including aluminum, cars, and electronics.
  7. House minority leader John Shultz indicated that he would back West Virginia congressman Jack Doyle in the upcoming 2018 elections.
  8. House Minority Leader John Shultz announced his support for President Fitzgerald's infrastructure bill.
  9. Pennsylvania Senator Daniel O'Brien welcomed President Kyle Fitzgerald's infrastructure plan. O'Brien praised Fitzgerald for deviating from traditional Republican Presidents in his approach to infrastructure. For O'Brien, one of the strongest defenders of labor unions, the bill offers an opportunity to solidify his support from this critical avenue.
  10. House Minority Leader John Shultz announced his intention to back his fellow Texas representative Phillip Huffines on the latter's efforts to reinstate the Glass Steagell Banking Regulation Act.
  11. House Minority Leader John Shultz made the following remarks to reporters. Authorized for immediate release
  12. House Minority Leader John Shultz spoke to reporters, explaining his belief in the necessity of having well defined borders to help craft immigration policy. H.R.27, known as "The Border Security Infrastructure Act" would see nearly $2 trillion worth of upgrades per Fiscal Year applied to the US-Mexico border from FY 2018 to FY 2021. The bill forms the backbone of Shultz's proposed "Smart Wall," the establishment of a so called "high tech wall" along the US-Mexico border. To secure the border, the US Border Patrol would be expanded and provided with modern equipment such as drones and vehicles to better carry out their mission. In addition to the upgrades to the Border Patrol, a system of cameras and fences would provide a more flexible response to migrants. When asked about the potential for abuse, Shultz explained that a significant portion of the funding would provide Border Patrol agents with the training to humanely deal with migrants. Shultz warned though that just simply having better defined and more secure borders would not solve the immigration problem. Shultz emphasized that successful border policy was only effective when united with a "sane and sensible" immigration policy. Shultz called upon his colleagues to come together for immigration reform.
  13. House Minority Leader John Shultz continued his protectionist drive by unveiling plans for cracking down on currency manipulators. Shultz spoke to reporters this afternoon, calling out countries including China that actively engage in currency manipulation. Details of the plan were light but Shultz expressed optimism that President Fitzgerald would back his final plan. Shultz, a critic of free trade, has endorsed the use of punitive tariffs against China and other export driven economies. He has also announced plans to force a withdrawal from the North American Free Trade Agreement.
  14. House Minority Leader John Shultz released the following statement regarding the new Republican efforts to repeal the ACA. Authorized for Immediate Release: "Good morning all. As you may have heard, today, House Republicans introduced a resolution that if passed will result in the repeal of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. I am here today to announce that under no circumstance will we, the Democratic Party, tolerate or even consider this motion as a solution. It is our view that healthcare is a right, not a privilege for a few lucky individuals who possess the means to access it. "Our colleagues across the aisle will try to dress up their insane proposal with pretty statements. They will claim to be in favor of bipartisanship and claim that we are playing politics. They will claim that they are offering us a seat at the table, that they are accepting outside input. They will say this, and it will be false. Access to healthcare is not a partisan debate. It is unacceptable when any segment of our population can be denied access to care. Therefore, any claim that kicking 20 million off of their health insurance is a negotiable position is false. "Failing this, our colleagues across the aisle will ask you then to think of the costs. They will beg you to think of the poor American weighed down with the burden of premiums, groaning beneath their weight. And they will claim that the only way to help these poor souls is to repeal the ACA. This again is a false choice. The only way to help the millions of working Americans is to relieve them of their burden. We must provide a public option to ease this. It is the only humane way to do this. "Our colleagues across the aisle display their cavalier attitudes towards their fellow Americans in this move. They assume that the rest of us are too stupid to recognize their craven and callous attitudes. But they assume wrong. Hear me America. We, the united members of the Democratic Party, are fighting for each and every one of you. I swear this upon my honor, before this Capitol, before my family, and before God. Thank you all for being here, and may He watch over and guide us in the coming months."
  15. House Minority Leader John Shultz had harsh words for House Majority Leader Sullivan Rapperbee of Rhode Island. Shultz predicted that the American people would not take kindly to the current activity of Congress.