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  1. Strickland for Texas, Its time to lead Fundraisers X2 (4 hours) Rallies X14 for Progressives (14 hours) = (Bexar, Brazoria, Cameron, Denton, El Paso, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Hays, Hidalgo, Montgomery, Tarrant, Travis, and Williamson) Total Warchest: $32,600,000 Ads X8 (2 hours) X2 (30 minutes) - Lubbock-Abilene (Progressives) = 3,220,000 X2 (30 minutes) - El Paso-Odessa (Progressives) = 4,500,000 X2 (30 minutes) - Amarillo (Progressive) = 1,900,000 X2 (30 minutes) - Wichita Falls (Progressive) = 1,360,000 Total Expenses: 10,980,000 Remaining: $21,620,000
  2. Strickland for Texas, Its time to lead Fundraisers X4 (8 hours) Rallies X12 for Progressives (12 hours) = (Bexar, Brazoria, Denton, El Paso, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Hays, Hidalgo, Montgomery, Tarrant, and Travis)
  3. Character Name: Richard Strickland Home State: Texas Home County: Tarrant Home Media Market: Tarrant Party: Democratic ---------------------------------------------------- Previous Job: BusinessmanDate of Birth: May 17, 1965 (54 years old)Race / Ethnicity: White Religion: Southern MethodistWealth: Upper Middle ClassGender: MaleSexuality: HeterosexualAre you married?: DivorcedHow many children do you have?: 2 ---------------------------------------------------- Attributes (200 points to distribute; max 100 for each) Experience: 45 Name Recognition: 35 Wealth: 90 Charisma: 30 ---------------------------------------------------- Affinity (100 points to distribute; max 100 for each) Conservatives: 22 Progressives: 48 Moderates: 30 ---------------------------------------------------- Richard Strickland is a retired soldier and businessman who is a current candidate for the special election for Texas' Senate seat. Early Life and Career Strickland was born in Arlington, Texas into a family living beneath the poverty line. Through hard work and study, Strickland succeeded in obtaining a recommendation to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point. He graduated in 1987. After graduating, Stickland was assigned to the 101st Airborne where he earned a reputation as a brave and hardworking combat officer. His first experience with combat was Desert Storm where he served as a company commander. For bravery under fire, he earned both a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for injuries. 2nd Iraq War and Karbala Gold Strickland participated in the opening invasion of Iraq War and fought in both Battles of Fallujah in 2004, earning more distinctions for bravery and brilliance. Strickland also earned news coverage for his recovery of more than $40 million worth of stolen Kuwaiti bullion from the city of Karbala. The gold was returned to Kuwait, which asserted that some 5 million dollars were missing. Strickland left the Army in 2005 with an honorable discharge. Business career After leaving the army, Strickland became part of the board of directors for Texas Instruments. Early political career Formerly a staunch Republican, even unsuccessfully running as a candidate in the 6th congressional district, Strickland left the party citing irreconcilable differences and harshly criticizing President Donald Trump for his behavior. He was approached by the Texas Democratic Party about running in the 6th Congressional district in 2018 but ultimately refused the offer.
  4. I'd like to believe that Russia's still working out democracy. But I really don't think that.
  5. If there's a masking for HmL, please mask me.
  6. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Moore is going to win. Although, the very fact that we're talking about this really shows just how extraordinarily close this race is.
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