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    Glad to hear at least you are alive No problem......I have been busy as CA anyway.
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    @Doomhammer @Phillip Huffines
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    In Game Events per schedule cycle

    I am moving this to the cloak room. The cloak room is the area for talking about the game
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    You still alive?
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    Glad to have you back. I am moving this to general discussion instead of admin announcements.
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    Name: Ralph Labradoodle Party:Republican State: Idaho Ideology Evangelical Other Information: Spouse: Mrs. Labradoodle Children: Jim and Jane Labradoodle Religion: LDS Education History: (undergraduate in pre-law (BYU), JD at University of Washington Occupational History: Idaho House 1995 U.S Congress 2004 Governor 2018-Present @Bluto
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    Govsim Personas

    I could not find all of them because some of the govsims pages have since gone down..so some of it is from memory. Also......I recycled a lot of the personas across several govsims so there was a lot of repetition. William Rossi (AGS) Darren Hackenberg (AGS) Mike Litoris (AGS) Hugh Jass (AGS) Henry Jensen (AGS) (NGS) Jon Kim (AGS) (NGS) Chris Cameron (AGS) (NGS) Guy Marsh (AGS) (NGS) Max Cooper (media) (NGS) Alan Palmer (NGS) Robert King (NGS) Admin on NGS (username Shiggy) break from govsims for 10 years H.E Pennypacker Tony Rossi (recycle from AGS) Alan Freedom (media)
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    Govsim Personas

    This American Dad episode where all 200 of Roger's personas got me thinking about all the characters that I have used in govsims. I thought it would be fun if everyone could list all the characters that they have used.
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    Im Back

    And once again....Welcome home.
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    Im Back

    just the scandal part. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdScpMXRg-UYzGObwww1KhCUhb8G6cP_agJyYvYXut2xL7GzA/viewform?embedded=true
  12. IN DEFENSE OF KEVIN WILLIAMSON........SORT OF Today The Atlantic fired well-known conservative writer Kevin Williamson after he, in a podcast, DARED to suggest that abortion should be considered the same under the law as far as premeditated murder……….even going as far as allowing a woman who had an abortion to be eligible for the death penalty. Now that is a lot to take in so I will explain my agreements and objections for each part of that claim. As far as treating abortion as any other homicide premeditated or not…I agree. It is intellectually dishonest to deny that Truth even though I see the supposedly “pro life” organizations backpedaling after any politician commentator or celebrity makes such a claim. We saw this play out in exactly the same way when (then candidate) Trump was asked a similar question on a Chris Matthews town hall and came to the same conclusion. I also wrote a similar piece (after scratching my eyes out) because the pro life movement punted the ball and sided with the pro-aborts against such a conclusion. Now my background is in philosophy so I will show you the syllogism and the problem with making such a claim. Bear with me, I will do my best to explain it even to those without a background in syllogisms, logic and/or philosophy. You cannot say Killing another human being (including the life in the womb) is murder (by definition) Premeditated murder by definition is planning a murder or hiring someone to commit murder While also saying A woman who premeditative plans to and does kill her child (through the help of the doctor) in the womb should not be punished for murder 1 (premeditative murder) under the law. To say this becomes a self contradiction......what George Orwell would call "Doublethink". Supposedly “pro life” people try and make this ridiculous claim through impossible mental gymnastics. Either ALL premeditated murder is bad and should be treated equally under the law OR ALL premeditated murder is NOT bad and should not be punished at all. You cannot say that some premeditated murders are bad but some should just be conveniently ignored for political reasons and there inlies the problem with the supposed “pro life” crowd. They are too worried about how it will look politically even if they completely contradict their own position. That is why every time a TRULY pro-life commentator or politician exposes this paradox, they freak out. Main stream “pro lifers” live in a state of political nihilism where abortion is murder…….unless it polls badly. People who get abortions committed murder……unless they might lead to being called “anti-women” or “waging a war on women” The other peculiar aspect of such an occurrence is that the LEFT is the usually the one that points out the intellectual honesty of Trump or Williamson (as seen here) in their claims against the mainline pro-lifers and conservatives. It is not the left that is so scandalized by Williamson, they already find nothing wrong with murdering a child in the womb. It is the neo-conservatives and the neo-pro lifers who cry foul. If you truly believe that abortion is by definition murder and that those who actively plan and pay in advance to have their wife, neighbor, boss killed should be punished under the law, then it is impossible to then turn around and say that a woman (knowing that a human baby is in her womb) who makes premeditated plans to hire a doctor to kill that child should not be treated the same under the law. But aren't women the victims? Why punish them the same as the abortionist? No actually they are not…….unless they are raped, they are not the victims in any way whatsoever and even so, those cases only make up less than 1% of all abortions. And even so, the woman being wrong in rape does not morally excuse another wrong being committed against the baby or morally excuse the wrong being done against the baby. That would be like a mother beating her kid because the husband beat her. It does not follow that the mother should be able to take her anger/pain out on the child because the father took it out on her. It is impossible to somehow split hairs and say that women who pay for and get an abortion are not guilty of intentionally paying to kill another human being…….the same as if I payed a hitman to kill my non-existent child/wife or anyone else. Even if I was coerced by a group to participate in a plot to commit murder and may not have entirely been my free will……..or had a gun put to my head and told to kill someone else or be killed, I am still guilty of aiding in the crime or still guilty of murder despite being threatened myself. Saying, I was just following orders did not clear the Nazi war criminals of guilt. And even if I did say that those women who were coerced were NOT AS responsible because of manipulation/coercion,they would still hold responsibility (even if slightly less). Plus, I would point out that those cases of extreme coercion by others or because of situation (like rape/incest) make up far far less than the majority if not being only a small percentage of all instances of abortions. Now moving on to his comments on the death penalty, I have to make quite a few qualifications to make. 1) I think abortion is by definition murder. 2) Anyone who gets an abortion planning to do so ahead of time has committed premeditated murder by definition. Do I think that ALL women who get abortions should face a capital case?.........no probably not. I think the local DA (prosecutor), the judge and the jury should look at the facts of the case and decide whether it is merited. Do I think there COULD be instances where a capital case could apply to a women who got an abortion...maybe for the 15th time?...........Yes, i do....in the same way as a mother who drowns all 5 of her kids in a bathtub should face a capital case. To give a blanket statement about no women being murderers in all cases is impossible if you truly believe it is murder. If abortion is murder then you cannot make exceptions without contradicting your statement that abortion is murder. That is why I cringe and gnash my teeth when I saw so many in the pro life movement capitulate to this exception. It is equally as dangerous as those who say they are pro life but then argue that there should be exceptions for rape, incest etc. Donald Trump was right when he first said that there has to be some sort of punishment for a mother who has an abortion. It is consistent with being truly pro life and a true sense of justice.
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    Can you give me specific names? For leadership the rule is 7 days For everyone else it is simply once per session.......and since the session has not ended, nobody falls into that category yet.
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    I Am Anti-Abortion....Change My Mind

    I am glad we can at least agree on 6 weeks. That is definitely a start.
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    These debates accomplish nothing: change my mind

    I disagree. I think it is important to talk about the issue even if we disagree. This nation (I mean the U.S specifically) has become so divided because people refuse to at least talk about the issues......instead they hide in their echo-chambers of like minded people. I think it is important (even if they only end up agreeing to disagree) to talk about such issues in order to understand and truly debate the merits of the issues without all the rhetoric and grandstanding.