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  1. I agree. I do however think it is more than a little condescending and insulting to use the term "Ron Paul bots..........anymore than using the term "neo-con" or "Trumpist-fanboy".
  2. Shiggy


    And it doesn't take an economist to tell that socialism in venezuela sucks. #priorities #taxcutsforhardworkingAmericans
  3. Shiggy


    I love how the democrats only applaud President Vang as being bipartisan when he totally caves on things they want. Their definition of compromise is not the same as the rest of the universe. #getadictionary
  4. Shiggy


    @Batman @HMLGrant I would take what you say more seriously....if democrat had not been the party of big spending for the last 60 years. It turns out, that you guys are only the party of cut-the-deficit when it comes to cutting taxes that your party wants to use for socialist programs.
  5. Cloture on Preventing SBA Assistance from Going to China-----AYE
  6. I will play mostly as a drone. I will not say much as this character, Character Name: Anthony Rossi Home State: New York Previous Job: Politics (Congressman, Governor, Mayor, or lower rank) Date of Birth: 12/15/1960 Race / Ethnicity: White Religion: Catholic Wealth: Working Class Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: Yes How many children do you have?: 3 Grew up in Brooklyn NY. He went to Fordham college and studies law. He ran for state assembly rep in 1996. In 2010 he was elected leader.
  7. Shiggy


    3/3 3) Tax Cuts: The republican tax plan to cut taxes is long awaited. Vang and the GOP get a duke there. The rebuke goes to Grant and other democrats who are now suddenly worried about the deficit after they pushed ridiculous spending for 20 years. Their crocodile tears about spending now look far from genuine. Tune in next week for more Duke or Rebuke.
  8. Shiggy


    2/3 2) Free Speech and Jewish Business While I agree with Pennypacker on the issue of free speech for private businesses, his using his Jewish ancestry on the floor of the Senate in order to accuse another senator of anti-semitism was so ridiculous that it took away from the point he was successfully making. For that, I give Pennypacker a Rebuke. Other democrats looked similarly ridiculous from opposing free speech on public universities funded by tax dollars. They might as well have voted to repeal the 1st amendment. Those democrats get a hefty rebuke. Duke to Republicans for pushing it through.
  9. Shiggy


    Time for this week's Duke or Rebuke. 1) Gun debate The CNN gun debate failed to even bother to seriously consider constitutional problems with democrats' gun proposals. Smith was absolutely obliterated by (ironically enough) democrat H.E Pennypacker who had serious answers to Ward's nonsense. Pennypacker gets a Duke. Smith (in my view) did a poor job of articulating Pennypacker's arguments and responses and even flubbed some of the answers on background checks and bump stocks. 1/3
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