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    Fact Check

    Vang became president in 2020 right? So who was president from 2016-2020? Trump? Hillary?
  2. I am also not able to vote in the senate.
  3. @Bruce @Macmillan @Magenta @Doomhammer @Anthony @Conrad Why am I not allowed to see the quests? When I click on it, the page says that I do not have access.
  4. DNC Chair mods please.
  5. Back to last Thursday night......so you can pay your phone bill on time?
  6. If you Could Go Back To Any Point In History......where would you go?
  7. Steering the conversation back a little bit to its origin....... Did any of your have a similar experience of looking back and seeing yourself as the political opposite? (either right to left...or left to right)
  8. It really hasn't since the revolution.
  9. I can't wait for this to go to SCOTUS..........yet again. It is so scummy and suspicious that these votes only appeared after the dems lost by such a small margin.
  10. Either that or "The Snipes Awakens". https://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2018/11/09/judge-orders-broward-elections-chief-to-turn-over-vote-counts-to-scotts-campaign/
  11. Anyone else here Catholic? I am curious what other people think of the latest scandal.
  12. I settled on Kenneth from 30 Rock.
  13. Felonies and Bribery live together in perfect harmony Side by side we elect more liberals at the DNC We all know.....That politicians are the same wherever you go We are just as bad as everyone We learn to bribe each-other so our campaigns can survive together alive
  14. I was about to make a comeback with Allyn Freedom and I had even partially recorded an episode (including a clever parody song.....which I planned on making a regular thing). Then I was needed to help run the game and the episode never aired. Here is is today.
  15. And in the middle there are a bunch when I stopped caring and used funny names .....like Hugh Jass. They were just stupid and not very clever.
  16. I am always curious about how people created their character's name. Rossi: My first and most notorious character. I got the name from Dino Rossi who is a real state senator in Washington State. Hackenberg: I am pretty sure that I got the name from a name generator. Some of them were randomly generated names with no real reference. Pennypacker: Obviously was a Seinfeld reference. Ralph Labradoodle: Labradoodle is a spoof of Raul Labrador......a real congressman from Idaho.
  17. I believe that whistleblowers should be given quite wide protections since what they are doing is alerting authorities to illegal activities. It is quite brave to do such a thing even at the risk of your job, career and reputation. I, for example, agree with Snowden leaking the information that he did......especially since what he was uncovering and revealing was unconstitutional and illegal. I always say that sunlight is the best disinfectant. Those who are blameless have nothing to hide...and thus I see no reason for employees (private sector or government) who uncover illegal activities.
  18. Can you give me specific names? For leadership the rule is 7 days For everyone else it is simply once per session.......and since the session has not ended, nobody falls into that category yet.
  19. In the past couple years, I have talked to/debated many of my millennial counterparts on the left. Now being nearly 30 and have considered myself "conservative" for 4 or 5 years now, but before that, I was very much a leftist SJW like the people with whom I am now debating. The most common response I have received in such a debate was that I simply do not understand them( much less their arguments/points of view) and therefore that is why I cannot agree with them when it comes to political topics. I almost started to believe it to be true. Perhaps I was simply not understanding them. I would try so hard to see it form their point of view, but I just cannot......especially when half of their arguments consisted entirely of logical fallacies. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not understand it fully. Then it sort of dawned on me............I used to be just like that when I was younger. In fact, I distinctly remember debating my conservative friends on Facebook over many issues including socialism, communism as well as guns......Yes....... I know......hard to believe now. I even used to be the biggest fan of The Young Turks, but now 10 years later, I enjoy listening to Stephen Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Paul Joseph Watson and Jordan Peterson. Thanks to the fact that most of my thoughts and ideas from that era of my life were recorded through Facebook and social media, I was able to remember a lot of what I said back then. I was able to look back on it and really read through my arguments now that I have a COMPLETELY different worldview from that of my 17 year old self. I went back to look at things I had posted between 2006 and 2011 (which were my most leftist years before I became a conservative) It was somewhat surreal, almost like it was a different person who I did not recognize except at certain moments where I could recognize a common catchphrase, style of argumentation or snark comment which I knew could only have come from me. It was almost as if I had gone back in time and was speaking to myself as a teenager (except without accidentally becoming my own father........ew Marty.......just .....gross.) Reading what I wrote and thought back then did help me to better understand what I believed and why, yet I still was not convinced by it enough to change my mind back. In fact all I could think of was the great irony of reading the responses by my conservative friends......all of which now closely resemble the responses I make to more liberal political arguments.......especially my "Change My Mind" threads. Maybe in the future I might go through some of them and post a full rebuttal of myself.
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