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  1. Senator Jacob Olliver (R-OH) - 4 Hour Spending Fundraiser - Texas (2 Hours) Fundraiser - Ohio (2 Hours)
  2. Ollie


    The official Twitter account of Senator from Ohio Jacob Olliver.
  3. Character Name: Jacob Olliver Home State: Ohio Previous Job: U.S. Congressman, Ohio Attorney General, Practicing Lawyer Date of Birth: 09-20-1970Race / Ethnicity: White Religion: Evangelical Wealth: Upper ClassGender: MaleSexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: YesHow many children do you have?: Three Jacob Olliver grew up in Columbus, Ohio and graduated high-school there before his family moved away to New York when his father accepted a job. Jacob graduated from Harvard Law with his J.D. and would immediately go on to begin working in the Department of Justice under President George H. W. Bush. After an extensive period of living in D.C., Jacob moved back to Ohio and met a fellow lawyer, Alice Woodrick, who would go on to become the love of his life and his wife. The two would settle in Jacob's hometown of Columbus and have three children. Jacob practiced law extensively and served on the Columbus Bar Association. After a failed attempt at running for a local legislative seat, Jacob ran to become Attorney General of Ohio and won. He would later run for Congress, in John Kasich's old seat, and win -- serving four consecutive terms, before being elected Senator of Ohio.
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