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  1. Jonathan

    Round 6 Player Plans

    Sorry that RL business caused me to abandon my admin duties, but hoping that I can return as a player this round.
  2. Jonathan

    Senate Cloture

    As you all know, the Senate is currently 52-48. With no PC senators to filibuster/vote on cloture motions, that leaves the issue of what to do when a bill is passed along partisan lines and/or can't get the 60 votes needed. This is an issue that's had people from both parties talking to me about, so thought it would be best to make this an open forum. All ideas are welcome, and hopefully we can come to a solution that everyone can agree to.
  3. Jonathan

    Leave of absence

    Going to be out for the whole week next week, so first domestic scenarios won't come until later.
  4. Jonathan

    Recommendations and Ideas for the Sim

    Democrats need to do better as recruiting new players. Every round so far has ended in either a landslide 2020 victory for the GOP or the DNC Chair getting arrested for donating to a terrorist organization
  5. Jonathan

    Recommendations and Ideas for the Sim

    The state you fundraise in is just for RP apparently and doesn't affect how much you get.
  6. Jonathan

    Recommendations and Ideas for the Sim

    Re: Net Neutrality, while it is true that it's one of the less-talked about issues of the day, it does draw broad support from both Democrats and Republicans, not just "far-left SJWs."
  7. Jonathan

    Round 4 AMA

    What did Fitzgerald and the GOP think about Hong? :P
  8. Jonathan

    Leave of absence

    Limited Internet until Sunday
  9. Jonathan

    Leave of absence

    Out until Sunday afternoon.
  10. Jonathan

    Wikipedia-Style Infoboxes

    Feel free to post your own!
  11. Jonathan

    What should I put tariffs on next?

    OOC, I would say none of these. IC, Hong wonders why there isn't an option to select all of them.
  12. Jonathan

    Govsim Personas

    James Smith (USGS) (CT) Richard Sato (CT) Jaime Santiago (USGS) David Taylor (CT) (USGS) Ethan Miller (CH) Joseph Allen (USGS) Carl Lennon (CH) Robert Miller (CH) Louis "Louie" Hong (CH)
  13. Jonathan

    Your Cabinet?

    (If I were actually President I'd take much more time to do an actually good list) Chief of Staff - James G. Stavridis State - Jon Huntsman Jr. Treasury - Ben Bernanke Defense - Jim Mattis Attorney General - Robert Mueller Interior - Lisa Mangat Agriculture - Brian Schweitzer Commerce - Charlie Baker Labor - Richard Trumka Health and Human Services - Jerome Adams Housing and Urban Development - Eric Garcetti Transportation - Elon Musk Energy - Tom Steyer Education - Gaston Caperton Veterans' Affairs - Tammy Duckworth Homeland Security - John R. Allen
  14. Jonathan

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!
  15. Jonathan

    Basically the entire immigration debate

    I was saying LOL at @Shiggy's post, not your comment.
  16. Jonathan

    American elections

    Well, AP just called it for Jones. Thank you Alabama.
  17. Jonathan

    American elections

    To prove that no one knows what's going on in Alabama: Emerson Polling released a poll that showed Moore up by nine this morning. Hours later, Fox News released a poll that showed Jones up by ten. Then, as if that wasn't enough, Monmouth released a poll showing the race as a tie.
  18. Jonathan

    Pre-Reset Pass The Time Thread

    Should have stayed in the EU. My guess is May will step down after the UK ends up getting the short end of the stick when the deadline passes in 2019.
  19. Jonathan

    Pre-Reset Pass The Time Thread

    I'll post my hypothesis later
  20. Jonathan

    Pre-Reset Pass The Time Thread

    Could we get the full story on the whole Venezuelan ambassador thing now?
  21. Jonathan

    New Game Requests

    Signups for Game 1 are now open!
  22. Jonathan

    New Game Requests

    Alrighty then, could you open up a subforum for Werewolf games?