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  1. Senator Parker: NRA: "Millions of the common people that sent us here" Tennessee Senator David Parker recently made the following comments on the National Rifle Association on the Senate floor. They are reproduced here in entirety.
  2. David Parker

    The New Deal saved the United States

    A few ponderables. 1) It's not hard to conclude that the enthronement of inflation as US monetary policy through the DE-monetization of gold in 1934 placed the US on a perpetual and unsustainable economic profile. 2) On the 10th of February 1938, my avatar and literary idol H.L. Mencken put a gray column in his Baltimore Sun Column. It was composed of one million dots, one for every new Federal jobholder. The New Deal 'solved' unemployment the same way Obama's American Recovery Act did: By giving unemployed people Federal jobs, it just pushed recovery to the right. 3) The Panics of 1819, 1837, 1873, 1893 and 1907 were not significantly lesser in scope than the Panic of 1929. Any economy will naturally expand and contract, and the only place where limitless growth occurs is in the fevered imaginations of statists like John Keynes. The economy would have recovered much quicker from 1929 without the quackery of Lord Hoover and Roosevelt II. Really, the "New Deal" was Lord Hoover's brainchild, and Roosevelt II just took the credit.
  3. Parker PR: Correra has "Terrible" Grammar, Worse Ideas Senator David Parker made the following comments on Knoxville's Hallerin Hilton Hill Show, the market leading afternoon drivetime talk radio show. Hal, you know I always read transcripts instead of listening to speeches. A lot of times you can get what somebody's after when you READ a thing. I read Senator Correra's comments on the President, and as an old newspaper man my first thought was 'who's this guy's proofreader?' I counted five specific grammatical errors and more clumsy uses of the American language than I can count. Overall, the comments are a good example of what my journalistic role model, H.L. Mencken, would have called "Gamalielese." I'm not sure there's been an American politician since Warren G. Harding that could use so many words so poorly to say so precious little. But as to the facts of the matter, firstly there's no such thing as a "United States National Guard." The National Guard, when NOT federalized, is legally referred to here as the Tennessee Army or Air National Guard. Units Federalized are transferred to what's called the Army National Guard of the United States, as any of your listeners that are attached to the Tennessee Army National Guard's 278th Armored Cavalry will tell you. Or any of your listeners in the 134th Air Refueling Wing out at McGhee-Tyson Airport. Secondly, his invective is essentially baseless. He simply attacks the President and provides no other evidence than his unsubstianted assertion that the people of California disagree with the Executive Order. The people of California deserve better than this. Hal, America's Republican Party is the Party of Ideas. We want to Make America Great Again. But all the Democrats want to do is be The Party That's Against Things.
  4. The following message was prepared under Secretary Shields' signature for distribution to the employers of National Guardsmen recalled to active duty under President Fitzgerald's Executive Order issued today.
  5. Senator Parker made the following comments to a WBIR reporter outside his office building this afternoon on Democrats' resistance to confirming the President's nominees for Vice President and Secretary of State.
  6. David Parker

    Parker Press Roundup

    Parker Press Roundup Calls Democrat Obstructionism "Petty Nonsense" The following are excerpts from the Senator's comments on various topics in the last week. On arrival in Washington: On election as RNC Chairman: On the North Korean missile shoot. On Democrat obstructionism:
  7. Bill Bedford, RNC Press Secretary, made the following comments to assembled reporters this morning. We have concluded Party elections and have elected Senators Parker, Seymour and Lynch respectively as Chairman, Majority Leader and Whip, respectively. We're looking forward to Congress' convening and starting to help the President move his agenda forward. Despite the unfortunate obstructionism already started by some here in Washington, we're confident the American people will see who's interested in working in the American national interest and who's just interested in their own petty personal agenda. America's Republican Party is here to do the People's Business, and we're also confident we'll make some good legislation in the next few days and weeks.
  8. Secretary'Shields Addresses Military: Other Considerations "Secondary" to Combat President Fitzgerald's Secretary of Defense, General John Shields, sent the following message to all military installations and ships for immediate distribution today. It is reprinted in entirety. (Credit to the current Senior Enlisted Advisor) for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. H/T CSM John Troxell}
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    Happy New Year

    Well, I don't really hold with resolutions as such, but I will offer a few comments about the year closing and the upcoming one. -It was a year of endings. I'm sure everybody noticed this Parker isn't a Veteran. 2017 was the last complete year I will wear the Nation's cloth; I have reached mandatory retirement. And it was the first complete year we were without "Richard Candler." VUSA vets will remember he was a memorial to a very close RL friend of mine that passed on in 2016. Sim-wise, this Parker only shares a name with Parker 1.0-5.0. I retired from simming as I got tired of fighting with the Cool Kids and being a Party of One. Thinking I'll see how far I can go playing within the rules instead of just ignoring them when I think they're stupid.
  10. David Parker

    Happy New Year

    Same. Here's wishing you and yours a great 2018.
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    Basically the entire immigration debate

    Ms. Hampton was brutally murdered by two illegals here in East Tennessee a few years back. Google can be your friend; it's obvious you didn't bother to do any research.
  12. David Parker

    Basically the entire immigration debate

    Jennifer Lee Hampton.
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    Thinking about resurrecting Parker.
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    Net Neutrality

    Well, you won't die without Web access. They have these things made out of cardboard with sheets of paper in them on the big long metal things off to the side at the public library where the computer kiosks and wi-fi café are. They're called "books" and that's how people broadened themselves before there was an Internet. A first class airline ticket costs more than a Business class or Coach ticket. Should the government force airlines to charge the same for all seats?
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    This Parker will be H. L. Mencken Goes To Washington...... LOT of objectivism, and not particularly a SoCon this time. I'll try this playing against type stuff. Who's who here? Mencken on religion.