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    Happy New Year

    Well, I don't really hold with resolutions as such, but I will offer a few comments about the year closing and the upcoming one. -It was a year of endings. I'm sure everybody noticed this Parker isn't a Veteran. 2017 was the last complete year I will wear the Nation's cloth; I have reached mandatory retirement. And it was the first complete year we were without "Richard Candler." VUSA vets will remember he was a memorial to a very close RL friend of mine that passed on in 2016. Sim-wise, this Parker only shares a name with Parker 1.0-5.0. I retired from simming as I got tired of fighting with the Cool Kids and being a Party of One. Thinking I'll see how far I can go playing within the rules instead of just ignoring them when I think they're stupid.
  2. David Parker

    Happy New Year

    Same. Here's wishing you and yours a great 2018.
  3. David Parker

    Basically the entire immigration debate

    Ms. Hampton was brutally murdered by two illegals here in East Tennessee a few years back. Google can be your friend; it's obvious you didn't bother to do any research.
  4. David Parker

    Basically the entire immigration debate

    Jennifer Lee Hampton.
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    Thinking about resurrecting Parker.
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    This Parker will be H. L. Mencken Goes To Washington...... LOT of objectivism, and not particularly a SoCon this time. I'll try this playing against type stuff. Who's who here? Mencken on religion.