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    BBC World Service

    Moscow- The Russian News Agency, TASS, reports economists predict the current slump in Russian crude oil prices to continue. Listeners will recall the recent fire at Lukoil's largest refinery caused regional shortages and austerity measures, reducing revenues. More recent overproduction has glutted the market.
  2. David Parker

    BBC World Service

    London- The Economist reports today that the Russian Ministry of Labour announced a revision in the rules for qualification for unemployment insurance. Oil industry workers laid off will no longer qualify for benefits, and due to what is referred to a "temporary issue," new unemployment claims are not being processed at this time. Moscow- Mr Sergei Lisitsin, Press Secretary for the Ministry of Labour, stated at a press conference that the Employment Fund is solvent and the issue relates to computer programming in the Employer Accounts section.
  3. David Parker

    BBC World Service

    Moscow- Lukoil have released their quarterly financial reports today. Revenues are predicted to be down by low double digits for the next calendar year. Amortization of losses from the recent fire is expected to take over three years and is expected to exceed 75bn rubles. Austerity measures to offset the costs will include salary revisions and rotating shutdowns of lower volume facilities. Helsinki- Nils Torvalds, a Finnish representative in the European Parliament, has been elected President of Finland following a hotly contested election. Torvalds is the most outspoken advocate of Finland joining NATO currently active in Finnish politics. Unnamed Russian sources in Helsinki state that Finland joining NATO would "destabilize" the region.
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    Manners, please. "Wrong jerk" is not appropriate.
  5. David Parker

    Parker Endorses Macmillan

    Vice President Parker, in a typically taciturn tweet on his personal Twitter account, made the following announcement today: "Personal opinion. Dylan Macmillan is best suited to be the next President of the United States. I plan to vote for him."
  6. David Parker

    Govsim Personas

    David Parker. Everywhere. John Wright, PolUK.
  7. The following message was distributed to media outlets today.
  8. The Vice President recently spoke to a Veterans' convention on the subject of foreign policy.
  9. David Parker

    Parker on ISIS Strikes

    The Vice President made the following comments in response to ongoing airstrikes in Syria.
  10. Vice President Parker made the following comments to a WSMV reporter outside the National Observatory today.
  11. The Vice President made the following comments following his registration as a candidate for President of the United States.
  12. Vice President Parker commented recently on President Fitzgerald's renewal of the Mexico City ban on use of Federal funds for abortions under certain circumstances.
  13. David Parker

    VPOTUS Medis Roundup

    Parker Media Roundup The following are recent comments by Vice President Parker on current events. On the China/Russia/Japan unrest: "Our friends and foes alike should understand this Administration is not disengaging from the global stage. America First should not be interpreted as America Only." At the Pearl Harbor memorial ceremony: "Imperial Japan made the mistake of resting American resolve one Sunday morning here. Along with the 2400 casualties, the discredited doctrine of isolationism was soundly and completely buried. Never again can we leave the global stage; this is our responsibility, it is our trust, it is our promise to the honored dead in the cemeteries around the Island and forever entombed in USS ARIZONA. " On the recent election: "I heard someone say that the progressive message wasn't gotten out. I disagree; they did an excellent job and the American People just aren't interested in it."
  14. David Parker

    Parker Media Roundup

    The following are recent comments made by Vice President Parker on topics in the news. On recent comments on immigration policy: On Censuring the President: On the Fredricksen funeral:
  15. Vice President Parker spoke to a WBIR reporter on the passing of Staff Sergeant Basil Fredrickson, US Army (Retired).
  16. David Parker

    VPOTUS Media Roundup

    Following are media comments made on issues by the Vice President. On South Africa: On the China/Japan territory dispute: On Obamacare:
  17. David Parker

    I Am Pro Gun Change My Mind

    Context, context, context. The Framers consciously and specifically rejected a standing army. Their idea was that local militias (locally funded if not privately funded) would be called to service in time of emergency. The modern idea of a formally military militia only really dates to 1903 and the Dick Act. Before, militias were generally county based. John Brown Gordon was a coal mine operator in Northern Alabama in 1860; as a leading citizen he was a frontrunner for the Captaincy of his county's militia company in the 6th Alabama in 1861. And up North, some militia companies were fielded and funded by factories or local railroads. Even State provided equipment besides maybe obsolete flintlocks was almost unheard of; the average militia member provided all his own equipment and would only be paid for "summer camp" or if called to actual service. See, in a true militia officers were elected as they were considered to be a para-civil authority; even as recently as the 20th century some rural sheriff's departments required deputies to purchase their own equipment. Some counties were so miserly that Sheriffs and deputies were paid by arrest and citgation; Tennessee's McMinn County War was fought in part over a corrupt Sheriff's abuse of this policy. The real life Barney Fife owned his own uniform, holster, revolver and one bullet. And might have been paid 50 cents (or some amount) per parking ticket he wrote.
  18. David Parker

    I Am Pro Gun Change My Mind

    Couple thoughts. Ignoring the fact that "judicial review" is an usurped power, the Dick Act in 1903 unconstitutionally turned the militia into a second-echelon reserve component of the Armed Forces. The "dual role" the National Guard goes on so much about is puerile sophistry. A militia either IS a militia or is NOT a militia. Mandatory background checks are unconstitutional, too. Fourth Amendment? Firearms are private property and as such gun rights are property rights. Dred Scott, as immoral as the conclusion was and as unconstitutional as "judicial review" is, was based on a reasonably sound interpretation of common law. Property is property, and should be left to the owner's discretion to dispose of as he sees fit, in general. I have thought for some time that the Second Amendment was superfluous; as no power to regulate any sort of firearm was delegated to the US Government in the Constitution, the US Government possesses no such power.
  19. David Parker

    I Am Pro Gun Change My Mind

    Presentism. "Well regulated militia" doesn't mean "militia subject to government edict." Regulated should be understood in the 18th Century context; when a watchmaker regulates a watch, he's not setting the criteria (or design if you will) of the watch. He's adjusting the mechanism so it functions properly. The "well-regulated militia" is not one that is restricted by bureaucrats; instead, it's one that meets regularly and is well-practiced in the use of arms suited to militia use. Historically, this was through regular "militia meetings" usually held near a county courthouse which were the distant ancestors of the modern-day National Guard and Reserve drill weekends. It must also be understood that the Framers categorically rejected a large standing Army, instead relying on local militias called to service on demand. For a well-regulated militia to be in fact well regulated, it must possess arms suited to militia use. The "sporting purpose" clause in Federal law is arrogantly unconstitutional as it restricts the arms most closely protected by the Second Amendment: military arms. To address an objection before it's made, the US "Army" in the Revolution was primarily militia, as were Old Hickory's troops before New Orleans who curbstomped the finest Army on earth at the time. The greatest light infantry in recorded history, Stonewall Jackson's Army of the Valley, were primarily militia as well. More recently, Tennessee's own Alvin York (who captured 134 Germans and probably killed over 25 more) was a member of the National Army which was as close to a militia as the US had in the Great War. The unconstitutional Dick Act of 1903 had transformed the militia into a second-echelon reserve component of the Army. And in much more recent history, the Afghan mujahedeen (sp?) humiliated the Soviet Union. The bottom line is this: Armed, determined men will always prevail in a fight. The Second Amendment restated what was obvious to many of the Framers: The right to keep and bear arms, not being a Delegated Power to the new General Government, was a Reserved Power to the States and therefore completely immune to Federal infringement through the force of law. Therefore 100% of Federal firearms legislation has been enacted under usurped power and is plausibly illegal.
  20. Vice President Parker: "New Day" In Washington Vice President Parker spoke to a small crowd of reporters on his way to the Inaugural Ball.
  21. To require a full audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks by the Comptroller General of the United States, and for other purposes.
  22. To amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to more comprehensively address the interstate transportation of firearms or ammunition.
  23. RNC Press Secretary Bill Bedford made the following comments to assembled reporters this morning.
  24. RNC PR: Election Result "Referendum On Republican Agenda" RNC Press Secretary Bill Bedford made the following statement on the Senate election results this morning.
  25. Parker On Completed Session: "Important Victories for Gun Owners" Tennessee Senator David Parker made the following comments to gathered reporters in Washington this morning on Congress' action in the field of firearms legislation today.