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  1. Macmillan

    Equality Act

  2. Macmillan

    Leave of absence

    My laptop is currently on the fritz so I am consigned to my phone unless I can find my netbook. Will keep everyone posted.
  3. Macmillan

    Presidential Tax Transparency Act

    Mr Speaker, I am delighted to see this bipartisan bill before the House today, I urge all members to support it. I yield.
  4. Macmillan


    @DylanMacmillan: President's Budget is a bad deal for America's farmers, America's children, and America's future. Congress must work together to do better
  5. Dylan Macmillan -From the Office of HML Macmillan- -For Immediate Release- View full PR
  6. -From the Office of HML Macmillan- -For Immediate Release-
  7. -From the Office of HML Macmillan- -Speaking with Reporters-
  8. Macmillan

    Macmillan on the Trump Budget

    Dylan Macmillan -From the Office of HML Macmillan- -Speaking with Reporters- View full PR
  9. Macmillan


    @DylanMacmillan: Delighted to see such a bipartisan first docket, 40% of the bills we are debating in Congress right now were proposed by the GOP, now that's good #Bipartisan Governance
  10. Macmillan


    @DylanMacmillan: I'm sorry but the President is dead wrong to stop enforcing action against businesses that deliberately use unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices in the course of their business. It is time for Republicans to stand up to him or prove that their only concern is big business, not the people they were elected to represent
  11. Macmillan


    @DylanMacmillan: The Budget as @realDonaldTrump proposed it is very far from perfect, Congressional leaders must work together to propose a better alternative that actually stands a chance of passing without being a detriment to our nation
  12. Macmillan


    @DylanMacmillan: Partisan attacks flying one way and the other serve only to hurt the American people when we should be coming together to find solutions to their problems