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  1. Macmillan


    @POTUS: North Korea's Communist dictatorship poses a threat to the stability and security of East Asia, I urge all governments in the region to work together with the United States to address and tackle this issue.
  2. Macmillan

    Nicholson on North Korea

    Ross Nicholson -From the Office of Ross Nicholson- -For Immediate Release- View full PR
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  4. Dylan Macmillan -From the Oval Office- -For Immediate Release- View full PR
  5. -From the Oval Office- -For Immediate Release-
  6. Macmillan

    American National Security Act

    Mr Speaker, I am delighted to see this issue brought to the public's attention and to the floor of this House, I would like to personally congratulate you on your courage and on your conviction to see the will of the American people as a whole realised. National Security is as important an issue for any government as there is, period. A surge in immigration enforcement, a review of aliens from troubled regions of the world, and open source software for the screening of immigrants will no doubt go a long way to reinforcing the provisions we passed in the last docket. I do however have a question for the bill's sponsor ((@TexAgRepublican)). This bill requires that any recipient of tax credits has a social security number, a valid and laudable requirement, however one of the most common ways for illegals to fraudulently claim welfare is by having a fake social security number. How does the learned gentleman plan to, or suggest that the White House, combat this issue? Finally Mr Speaker, to talk briefly about the elephant in the room, I fully support the measures to bring a wall back to this place. I urge my colleagues to support this vital part of President Macmillan's agenda as it will not only help immigration enforcement but forms a sizeable part of his national security agenda too. I see my colleagues across the isle sharpening their pitchforks for a good old fashioned witch hunt and will only say that I will oppose them each and every step of the way.
  7. Macmillan

    Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act

    Mr Speaker, This bill is a simple one to get one's head around, we need to build up to a situation of energy independence and this bill allows us to do just that. I absolutely believe it to be necessary to keep gas prices low for consumers and to provide an economic boost to the states along the construction and distribution lines. I yield.
  8. Macmillan


    @POTUS: One of my core campaign promises in last year's election was that America would once again be confident World Leaders rather than meek experts in the art of surrender. Today by stepping up our campaign against Daesh we are placing our best foot forward and returning to lead the World once again #AmericaWinsWhenAmericaLeads
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  10. -From the Oval Office- -For Immediate Release-
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    Done for both characters
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    Referred @Junkyard Cat as well, let's see if I can hit the perfect hundred shall we?
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    In-Session Campaigning 2018

    In Session #1 Dylan Macmillan Hours 2hrs Fundraising 2hrs Fundraising 1hr Campaigning with Moderate Conservatives for the Senate in Virginia 1hr boosting Charisma (+4, $8mn) Ross Nicholson Hours 2hrs Fundraising 2hrs Fundraising 2hrs Campaigning (Mod Con + Mod Lib) for House in Virginia