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  1. Macmillan

    Technologies for Energy Security Act of 2018

    UC is agreed to, bill passes
  2. Macmillan

    Bipartisan Healthcare Act

    UC is agreed to, bill passes.
  3. Macmillan

    Marine Energy Act

    Motion for UC is recognised, 24hrs to object.
  4. Macmillan

    Van Horn 1: Federal Budget

    24hrs to vote
  5. Macmillan

    Bipartisan Healthcare Act

    Motion for UC is in order, 24hrs to object
  6. Macmillan

    Technologies for Energy Security Act of 2018

    Motion for UC is in order, 24hrs to object.
  7. Macmillan

    Bipartisan Healthcare Act

    72hrs for Debate
  8. Macmillan

    Federal Budget Act of FY2021-FY2024

    72hrs for Debate
  9. Macmillan

    Marine Energy Act

    72hrs for Debate
  10. Macmillan


    @CongressMac: News that Russia is expanding its grip on East Asia is concerning, we must redouble our efforts to strengthen ties with our historical allies in the region and we must work to build new relationships with other nations in the region
  11. Macmillan


    @CongressMac: The news coming out of Afghanistan is downright disturbing, we must be prepared as a nation to go back into Afghanistan if the situation worsens to protect the World from radical Islamic terror
  12. Macmillan

    Raheem Ramsey Makes Presidential Endorsement

    In the spirit of fairness, King (Huffines' Multi) endorsed me for President and it was marked
  13. Macmillan


    @CongressMac: The Obama Administration signed us up for lots of treaties without getting Congress to ratify them. This Constitutional injustice cannot be allowed to stand. I call on President Fitzgerald to either remove us from these treaties or put them before Congress for proper ratification