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  1. Wall Street endorses the Lessening Regulatory Costs and... Bill and will donate $2.5mn to Senator Willenhouse upon its constitutional passage.
  2. Vermont Murders Continue Vermont Police have continued to be stumped by the recent spate of cult-murders in their state amidst fears that copycat attacks could be occurring. Since the story broke in national media a week ago the number of victims in the state have risen to 7. The bodies were all found chained to trees in public forests or parks with gunshot wounds to the head and satanic markings carved into their torso and abdomens. The latest victim, a ten year old school boy from Newport, was discovered by hikers just yesterday reporting that they saw a van with darkened windows leave the area shortly before they discovered the body. More to follow as we get it.
  3. Wall Street endorse the Preventing SBA Assistance Act and donate $250k to Congressman Smith ( @Nubbie )
  4. Move On will, upon its constitutional passage, donate $1mn to any Democrat Representative or Senator who votes for the Common Sense Wage Act and $2mn to any Republican. They will donate $5mn to the bill's writer upon it's constitutional passage.
  5. The Christian Coalition will, upon its constitutional passage, donate $1mn to any Representative or Senator who votes for the Defund Planned Parenthood Act. They will donate $5mn to the bill's writer upon it's constitutional passage.
  6. AFL-CIO will, upon its constitutional passage, donate $1mn to any Representative or Senator who votes for the Common Sense Wage Act. They will donate $5mn to the bill's writer upon it's constitutional passage.
  7. Vermont Cops Stumped by Spate of Violent Murders Vermont police have appealed once again for witnesses today after the third body was recovered tied in forest land with gunshot wounds to the head and suspected knife-carvings to the torso and abdomen. The police say they have a group of potential suspects [police drawing here], members of the public who see these individuals are to call this number [number] and under no circumstances are they to approach this armed and dangerous group.
  8. Guys, please remember that legislation requires a Plain English Summary, if you haven't already please add one to bills that don't have them.
  9. If you think you qualify for PAC money can I ask that you post in this thread http://teddervision.com/forums/topic/8767-claiming-pac-money/ with proof.
  10. If you think you're entitled to PAC money then please post here with proof.
  11. MoveOn will pay $25mn to the Senator who successfully passes an immigration bill which includes amnesty for illegal immigrants, they will not pay out if the bill also includes (or is part of a compromise for) a wall on the southern border.
  12. The Chambers of Commerce will pay $25mn to the Senator who can successfully push Right to Work legislation through the Legislature and into law
  13. The Rural Institute is willing to pay $2.5mn to any Democrat who votes for a bill removing tariff powers from the Executive upon it passing Congress The Rural Institute is willing to pay $5mn to an Republican who votes for a bill removing tariff powers from the Executive upon it passing Congress The Rural Institute will pas $5mn to the first Senator who puts a bill in the Senate Hopper removing tariff powers from the Executive upon it passing Congress The Rural Institute will increase all payments by 20% if a bill removing tariff powers from the Executive becomes law.
  14. When a PAC wants to offer cash for favours, or wants to make something known, they'll post here.
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    Moderate PACs

    When a PAC wants to offer cash for favours, or wants to make something known, they'll post here.
  16. When a PAC wants to offer cash for favours, or wants to make something known, they'll post here.
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    Conservative Christian Coalition National Defence Industries Association Chambers of Commerce American Petroleum Institute NRA The Tea Party Moderate Rural Institute Common Cause Wall Street General Other Interest Groups Liberal NAACP AFL-CIO Sierra Club Move On Brady Campaign Planned Parenthood
  18. Europe 2019 was an interesting year for Europe characterised by many as a wounded soldier lurching from one crisis to the next, 2020 saw much of the same but the crises were far less serious and could in fact be mitigated by the bloc over the coming years depending on a multitude of factors. Brexit Brexit went about as well as can be expected when the Government of the day is being held hostage by about 10 different groups all wanting radically different things. For the latter half of 2018 and the first month of 2019 the Government tried to get a deal together and passed through the House, suffering an historic 230 vote defeat in the House of Commons on her initial deal. Following this defeat the party, for the most part, rallied behind the so-called 'Malthouse Compromise' (1). Initially it looked like the Irish backstop question could be solved with new technology offered by the likes of Steven Baker and the ERG but these avenues were brutally cut down as deadline day approached leading to, on February 18th, a showdown vote in the House of Commons where Theresa May announced that she would be pursuing the 'Malthouse Plan B'. This decision rocked the Conservative Party to its foundations and by the end of the two days of debate 8 Conservative Party MPs had resigned their whips to sit as a mixture of Liberal Democrats and Independent MPs. The resulting vote was a close run affair with Whips frantically trying to second guess how their colleagues would vote whilst agitators on both sides tried to talk up the impact of the vote, in the end the Government won the vote by 2 (310 - 308). What has followed for the next year and nine months has been the Brexit transitional period. The UK has left the EU, the Government has settled in with an even-smaller majority that might fall at any moment, the World watches with baited breath. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jan/29/the-malthouse-compromise-everything-you-need-to-know-brexit-vote Please note above the State of the House of Commons, even with the DUP the Government now have no majority but they have weathered a confidence vote using some independents (the ones in grey). The Conservatives have 309 (319 with the DUP), the Opposition together have 323 Since Brexit the UK economy has continued to grow at the same rate it was pre-transition period (about 1-1.5% annualised) but economists are noting the disturbing drop off of long-term investment at the current time. The European Union Italy - Post-Brexit the relative unity which the EU had been enjoying collapsed almost immediately, the populist Government in Italy published their 2019 Budget towards the tail-end of the year and posted another increased deficit citing the recent infrastructure collapses and earthquakes in the north alongside the French Government being given a free pass during their yellow jacket protests. The Commission refused to sign off this second budget and a showdown commenced in earnest. The Government of Italy refused to back down and the budget passed the Italian Parliament in December 2019, the Commission's attempts to "punish" the Italians were ultimately blocked for the most part by the Hungarian and Polish Governments who we shall talk about later. The Italian economy is currently undergoing something of a mini-Trump boom but economists look on warily as the credit cards can't run forever before they get maxed out. The 'Eastern Bloc' - In late 2019 President Macron began renewing his greater drive towards European integration, continuing on from the French-German military integration pact with a greater emphasis on a pan-European army. The Polish and Hungarian governments objected at the European level forcing Macron to pursue his goals in a manner external to the European Union, in response to this Hungary and Poland began to coordinate to such a degree on the European stage that they are now being referred to by some as the 'EU's Eastern Bloc'. They have consistently opposed greater intervention by what they call the "superstate" and have protected each other regularly from punishment votes to do with their migration and human rights policies The 'Western Bloc' - In much the same way that the Eastern Bloc has formed to oppose greater integration President Macron and Chancellor Kramp-Karrenbauer have begun uniting with the Low Countries to form a tighter bloc of pro-integration nations to drive the EU forward towards their stated aim of ever closer integration. The French-German military treaty has been expanded to include the Belgian, Dutch, and Luxembourgian armed forces and their intelligence services have been integrated into one single command structure run out of Alsace with national HQs in all 5 members' capital cities. The economies in the Low Countries have been in rude health having essentially chosen to treat Brexit like it hasn't happened until a deal can be worked out between the UK and EU (the Transition Period), the economies of Germany and France have fared less well. The yellow vest protests continued into the Spring of 2019 causing France to suffer a three-quarter long recession (Q4 2018 and Qs 1&2 2019) and a great amount of damage to the streets of Paris. France's economy has been stagnant since growing at an average of no more than 0.5%. Germany meanwhile has done similarly, having a 2 quarter recession in late 2018/early 2019 (really it was a rounding error as it is essentially irl) and has grown a little more strongly than France at about 0.6% since mid-2019.
  19. My current intention is to roll the UN over into the new round as was, if anyone wants to change or sign out please make yourself known in the UN Forum.
  20. I do declare the UN Security Council OPEN Players may now submit resolutions as and when they want to.
  21. The following list is from ANA-USA. Sample Preambulatory Phrases Affirming Emphasizing Noting with satisfaction Alarmed by Expecting Noting further Approving Expressing it's appreciation Observing Bearing in mind Fulfilling Reaffirming Believing Fully aware Realizing Contemplating Further deploring Recalling Convinced Further recalling Recognizing Declaring Guided by Referring Deeply concerned Having adopted Seeking Deeply conscious Having considered Taking into consideration Deeply convinced Having examined Taking note Deeply disturbed Having received Viewing with appreciation Deeply regretting Keeping in mind Welcoming Desiring Noting with deep concern Sample Operative Phrases Encourages Expresses its appreciation Reaffirms Endorses Expresses its hope Recommends Expresses its appreciation Further invites Regrets Expresses its hope Further proclaims Reminds Further invites Further reminds Requests Deplores Further recommends Solemnly affirms Designates Further requests Strongly condemns Draws the attention Further resolves Supports Emphasizes Has resolved Takes note of Encourages Notes Transmits Endorses Proclaims Trusts
  22. Header The only parts you need to include in a draft resolution is a list of sponsors and signatories. To be included here, these delegates need to post as a reply to your draft resolution in this forum. You get to decide which countries are signatories and who is promoted to a cosponsor. This is an important distinction later because friendly amendments do not need to be voted on by the entire committee. After the draft resolution is passed by the committee and becomes a full resolution, the list of sponsors and signatories will be removed and the other elements will be added by the President or admin. Preambulatory Clauses This section always starts with "The Security Council," and is used to set the background for the plan you are presenting in your resolution. Your clauses should be presented in a logical manner and must include links whenever possible. A preambulatory clause always begins with a specific word or phrase with accepted meanings in international diplomacy. These words are always italicized. Some examples of preambulatory phrases can be found in the next post. This might sound complicated the first time, but it really isn't. Each preambulatory clause ends with a comma (,). Operative Clauses This section is the real meat of your resolution as it outlines your plan of action regarding the situation the draft resolution is addressing. Operative clauses need to be as detailed as possible and must links must be included here as well. Many resolutions are quite specific in this section, and that is something we should aspire to as well. Some good examples from the past year include S/RES/2364 regarding Mali and S/RES/2371 regarding North Korea. Each operative clause after this first should be numbered and ends with a semicolon (;). The final operative clause ends with a period (.). Like preambulatory clauses, there are specific words and phrases that begin operative clauses. These words are always italicized. Some examples of operative phrases can be found in the next post. During debate, only operative clauses can be amended.
  23. UN Security Council Resolutions can, at first glance, look incredibly complicated so as part of my remit as Secretary General of the United Nations I have decided to simplify things immeasurably. Below you will find my very own UNSC Resolution (applying sanctions on Niger) and a blank template. In this system it is not necessary to name the 50 or so resolutions that can before on any topic because frankly that confuses people and is mildly unnecessary in most instances, where it becomes necessary to name an explicit motion (say because international sanctions need to be revoked) name the motion in the preamble (The Security Council -> Resolves) The preamble is not set in stone, you can change it to fit whatever requirements you have, such as to name a specific resolution, as and when you need to. The basic rule with setting out a UNSC Resolution is be courteous to your fellow players, many of them (myself included) are not overly familiar with the UNSC and will find huge preambles outlining every little resolution back to the 40s themselves intimidating. This game is about international debate and giving you guys a little piece of a say in the international goings on of this World, not about scaring the living daylights out of someone and making them feel insignificant because they're not all there on the UN and its goings on.
  24. For announcements about the running of the UN Security Council minigame.
  25. Signing in to play as the United Kingdom
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