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    Will you end Trump's tariffs immediately?

    I will absolutely reverse Trump's tariffs and trade wars which have brought misery to the small and medium sized exporters of this nation. What the President has rather stupidly done with his policies is create a situation where farmers cannot export, so they go bankrupt, to prevent them from going bankrupt Congressional Democrats have been forced to pass legislation to provide subsidies for farmers up and down the country to stave off bankruptcy, all this has done is increase the deficit and increase our national debt. The Republican Party like to pretend that they know how economics works, well this latest episode shows they clearly do not. We need to revoke the tariffs and I will on the day I get into the Oval Office, we need to revoke these tariffs and spend the many billions of dollars we would have spent on saving farmers from bankruptcy on something else or on nothing at all so we can reduce the size of our nearly trillion dollar deficit.
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    What was one good thing from the Trump Presidency?

    Look, say what you want about President Trump, he has done this country one service in his time in office and as a candidate and I think it is only right that we respect and applaud him for it, no matter how repugnant the rest of his views are. Over the course of his candidature and Presidency President Trump has shown Washington, the media, and indeed the whole country that there is a massive group of people who feel let down by both main parties. Remember folks 2016 was the election in which Utah nearly went independent and in which a Republican swept the board in the Mid West, completely destroying Hillary's blue wall in the process. Now I don't have two nice words to say about President Trump's policies or politics since he has taken office, he has used the Office of the Presidency to undermine the United States on the World Stage with his inane tweets and threats, he has cut taxes for the wealthiest and cut spending for the poorest wherever possible, and he tried his damned hardest to kill off healthcare in this nation; I think he is a racist, I think he suffers from a damning lack of respect for women, and frankly I think he's in desperate need of an education in 21st Century American values. But it is undeniable that he shone a light on the disillusioned and the disenfranchised showing the whole nation that there is an entire group of people that have been let down. Indeed without President Trump it is unlikely that I would be standing on this stage, I am fighting my campaign not only to unpick Trump's damaging reforms but also to build a society in which the people who Trump tapped into a used for electoral purposes in 2016 can have a better 2020 and beyond. My campaign is focusing on issues such as healthcare with the institution of a single-payer system so that life saving medical care needn't put you into masses of debt with spiralling insurance costs.
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    Democratic Presidential Debate 1

    Ladies and Gentlemen it is good to be here, I'd like to thank the University of Iowa for hosting this debate and I'd like to thank my opponents for agreeing to meet and debate the issues so that the people may better understand us and our policy platforms. The last three years have been a disaster for the people of this nation but particularly for you folks here in Iowa, the President and his party were more than happy to rely on your votes to get him into the Oval Office but the moment he got there he threw you all to the curb. The President's agenda has brought nothing but hardship to manufacturers and farmers across not only this great state but the entire Mid West and beyond. When Congressional Democrats came together to put together a relief package Congressional Republicans conspired to block it, when the alt-right brought racist marches to the streets the Congressional Republicans conspired to block it, when the future of this country was put on the line with tax cuts for those seeking a college education rather than cuts for the richest 1% the Republican Party blocked it. Whatever happens tonight and over the course of this primary process it is imperative that we remember that we are all one party and we are all fighting to overturn one of the most divisive and damaging presidencies in modern history. Whatever happens I will happily stand with whomever is chosen as the nominee to fight back against the Republicans, against President Trump, and against their nominee because the country needs the Democratic Party now more so than ever. So who am I? I am Dylan Macmillan. I'm a five term Congressman from the great state of New York and I have the honour of serving as the House Majority Leader under Speaker Ward. In my tenure in House Democratic leadership we successfully wrestled the Mid West gubernatorial race away from the Republican Party, giving you people a great governor in Governor Travere who is joining me tonight on the stage whilst also safeguarding union rights and ending the imminent threat of Right to Work in this region, we have passed a Bump Stock Ban bill, and we overturned the President's Budget to protect a great deal of federal funding from the cuts that he and Congressional Republicans wanted to impose upon us. To put it simply I am a team player, my career has shown me the power of working with allies, friends, and colleagues to get the job done. As President I intend to use these skills both domestically and internationally to end the President's trade wars, restoring economic sanity to this and many other states, to pass a proper healthcare bill to overturn the GOP's attempted gutting of our healthcare system, and to pass comprehensive immigration reform that secures the southern border whilst helping those who have committed no crime and who contribute to our society in a meaningful and economic way. Over the course of his term President Trump has slowly chipped away at what it means to be the United States of America. Where we were World Leaders he has turned us into international pariahs, where we were a bastion of justice in the World he has brought us into bed with political murderers and the Russian State, and where we built international agreements to solve international problems he has pulled us back and damaged our ability to deal with pressing issues such as climate change. As President I would restore American pride, I want America to once more step out into the World Stage and be the World leader that our economic, political, and military prowess deserves. I would not be cowed into silence by murderers, I would not put the word of a foreign dictator over the word of my own CIA, I would build an international framework of allies and get the job done. If the whole World works together then we can beat climate change, we can beat Daesh, and we can beat World Hunger. It won't be easy, a lot of it will take more than eight years, but the future starts now and things can only get better. My friends this country needs unity and it needs strength, I have proven over the course of my tenure as House Majority Leader that I can provide both. I have a vision for a nation where the poorest are not forced to choose between healthcare or food, a nation where those who want to come and work can do so, and a nation where the rights of the working man are respected and furthered. I have a track record of achievement in Congress where working with Speaker Knox we have managed to pass a number of bills, even managing to get House Republicans to sign up to an Equality Act, if you want a candidate who can get things done and make reform happen then I'm your man. I look forward to a healthy debate with my colleagues tonight and wish you all well for the coming primaries.
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    @DylanMacmillan: Republicans show their true colours by trying to block farm subsidies for those disadvantaged by the President's lunacy and by successfully blocking a resolution condemning the alt-right. Clearly they don't care about the people, they only care about THEIR people, and that does not include farmers or anyone who isn't white.
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    Dylan Macmillan (D-NY) Press Office

    Dylan Macmillan -From the Office of HML Macmillan- -For Immediate Release- View full PR
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    Dylan Macmillan (D-NY) Press Office

    Dylan Macmillan -From the Office of Congressman Macmillan- -Exert from Conversation with a Journalist- View full PR
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    Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Act

    Mr Speaker, I move for UC, I yield.
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    Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act

    Mr Speaker, I move for UC. I yield.
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    Mid-Session Schedules

    Dylan Macmillan: Fundraiser - New York (2hrs) Fundraiser - New York (2hrs)
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    @DylanMacmillan: Immigration Reform is an economic win for all Americans and it is a moral win too. As President I would push for overarching immigration reform in many key areas to deliver lasting economic benefits and a better use of taxpayers' money
  11. Congressman, and HML, Dylan Macmillan travelled to New Hampshire to unveil an essential plank of his policy platform for the country and for his bid to run for the Presidency. @Chris
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    Dylan Macmillan (D-NY) Press Office

    Dylan Macmillan -From the Office of HML Macmillan- -Exert from conversation with a journalist- View full PR
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    Dylan Macmillan (D-NY) Press Office

    Dylan Macmillan -From the Office of Dylan Macmillan- -From the Office of HML Macmillan- View full PR
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    Mr Speaker, I second the motion and yield.
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    Dylan Macmillan (D-NY) Press Office

    Dylan Macmillan -From the Office of HML Macmillan- -Exert from conversation with journalists- View full PR
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    @DylanMacmillan: Agriculture failing, GM cutting jobs, tariffs increasing prices on just about everything we import and export, when will the President start putting America First exactly?
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    Soybean Farmer Subsidy Act of 2019

    Mr Speaker I would like to begin my remarks by thanking you for docketing this legislation, it is essential to many people in the middle of this nation that the President's agenda has so brutally failed and may hold the key to preventing the decimation and devastation of the agricultural industry of our nation. Mr Speaker, I have often said that the best way to deal with a problem is to get around the table as an international community and thrash it out diplomatically, it is unfortunate therefore - at least from my point of view- that this nation finds itself with a President who does not share my belief in diplomacy or the power of the spoken and written word in forming a deal that works for both parties. Mr Speaker to put it bluntly this is a measure that would not have been necessary if virtually any other candidate in either party had won the Oval Office in 2016, this is a measure that Congress will have to enact to mitigate some of the worst damage caused by President Trump's silly policies. Mr Speaker I truly wish that this measure was not needed, but since it is I move for UC.
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    Name Recognition 3

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    @DylanMacmillan: A strong night for Democrats across the country with only a late disappointment in the North East, congratulations to all the Governor Elects.