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  1. SENATE REPUBLICANS SHOW INCOMPETENCE TO LEAD Washington, DC -- Senate Republicans have shown that they are incompetent at leading the United States Senate by constantly violating Senate Rules. Vice President Bateman who has been presiding over the Senate has violated Senate rules numerous of times while his caucus has remained silent on the issue of this violation. In a statement to the press, Senate Minority Leader Markus Bolster stated that "the Republicans are leading in a dictatorial way and are rushing to pass policies that not only hurt the American people but violate the basic rules of the Senate and delegitimized the credibility of the Republicans." Minority Leader Bolster has called on the Vice President, in his statement to re-open the vote or debate on all legislation that passed that by the lack of leadership of the Republican leadership. "This shows that the Republicans do not deserve leadership in the Senate."
  2. PROTESTERS IN WISCONSIN AGAINST STATE CASTLE DOCTRINE Castle Doctrine Hurts America's Safety Washington, DC -- In committee, Senate Republicans have proposed legislation to enact a nationwide "stand-your-ground" law that would allow for homeowners to use a firearm to shoot a person that enters their property or their home. In his remarks during the committee hearing Senate Minority Leader Markus Bolster (D-NY) spoke about his concerns with the law calling it a step in down the wrong path and a way that could harm the safety of Americans instead of protecting them. In states like Florida, which the Senator referred to, enacted a form of the Castle Doctrine which in 2013 was the highlight of controversy over the Trayvon Martin death that sparked national and international outrage about race relations in the United States. "If we enact this law nationwide we could possibly see a rise in innocent killings regardless of our citizens race," he said. He also spoke about an indecent in Detroit where an innocent African-American woman was killed when looking for assistance after a car accident. "This law will lead our nation to more division and could lead to path of racial basis and a large divide between our citizens."
  3. Bolster Re-Appointed Minority Leader; Disappointed in GOP Washington, DC -- This week Senator Markus Bolster (D-NY) was re-appointed as the Senate Minority Leader. In congress the GOP sets to quickly pass legislation through the Senate without bipartisan support and without consolidation of the Democrats. In remarks the Minority Leader stated that "passing policy without bipartisan support is bad for governing," he stated. "The GOP is also trying to rush numerous pieces of legislation through the Senate without having substantial support or input from the Democrats." Senator Bolster pointed to the Concealed Carry legislation which Senate Republicans took to the floor to pass by unanimous consent. "This legislation has detrimental affects to our nation's gun laws and the safety of the people of this nation," he stated. He continued by expressing concern with allowing legislation with great impact just pass the Senate. "This is not how government works, legislation that has a large impact on the American people should never swiftly move through congress without heavy scrutiny."
  4. Chabot Missing In Action From Hearings Washington, DC -- Senate Minority Leader Markus Bolster (D-NY) commented on the hearing of Admiral Charlie Chabot who failed to answer questions from his hearing. In a statement issued by the Minority Leader, Senator Bolster stated this: "It is disappointing to see this failed attempt by the Fitzgerald Administratin. After being courteous and extending debate on the hearing of Admiral Cabot, he still failed to answer questions that were previously asked. Therefore, I have no choice but to vote no on the nomination."
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  6. Senate to Host Hearings on VP and Secretary of State Nominations Washington, DC -- Senate Minority Leader Markus Bolster (D-NY) released the following statements in regard to the Vice President and Secretary of State Nominations: "I want to thank President Fitzgerald for working very closely with myself and my caucus to address these pressing concerns about holding hearings for the nominees for Vice President and Secretary of State. We reached a compromise to hold hearings on the Senate Floor where each and every member of the Senate can ask questions of both nominees. I look forward to producing more bipartisanship solutions with the President and Senate Republicans."
  7. Bolster: We Cannot Bypass Congress With These Nominations Washington, DC -- Senate Minority Leader Markus Bolster (D-NY) defended the Democrats reasoning for supporting committee hearings of President Fitzgerald's nominations for Vice-President and Secretary of State. "The 25th Amendment states that the Vice President shall be nominated by the president and confirmed by both houses of Congress," he stated. "When Gerald Ford was nominated for Vice President under this new amendment, he was nominated by President Nixon and sat through extensive hearings and vetting by Congress to make sure he was qualified and able to carry out the responsibilities and President." Senator Bolster also noted the nomination of Vice President Rockefeller stated that he "also went through extensive committee hearings." In his remarks, Senator Bolster stated that "we cannot bypass Congress on this responsible check on the federal branch." He continued by saying that "it is basic civics that when the president makes a nomination the Congress must hold the nominee accountable by performing extreme vetting procedures to protect the checks on government." Senate Minority Leader Bolster warned the Senate Republicans that "we must follow precedent and the Constitution."
  8. Bolster: These Nominations Must Go Through Committee Washington, DC -- Senate Majority Leader Markus Bolster (D-NY) voted against the floor vote to bring up for the debate, for both the Vice President and Secretary of State nominees under newly sworn in President Kyle Fitzgerald (R). In his statement, Senator Bolster stated that "these nominations should not bypass committee procedures" saying that the Senate should not rush to confirm anyone who is nominated by the president without careful congressional vetting and hearings through committees. "It is the Senate's responsibility to raise a check on the Executive Branch by confirming Executive nominations by the President and this effort to rush these two nominations through the Senate is absurd." Senator Bolster said that his vote does not mean he, in the end, would vote against these nominees, however, that his vote is to preserve the protocol and procedures of the Senate and to make sure that the nominees are qualified for the offices they were chosen to serve.
  9. Senator Bolster Comments on Kennedy Retirement Washington, DC -- This morning, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the United States Supreme Court. In a statement to the press, Senate Minority Leader Markus Bolster (D-NY) gave the following statement on the retirement of Justice Kennedy: "Justice Kennedy is one of America's most respected Justices on the Supreme Court. With his announcement to retire from the bench, I call on the President to work with both Democrats and Republicans to find a nominee that is qualified for this prestige job. I ask President Fitzgerald to work with Democrats and Republicans to fulfill this vacancy."