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  1. Recks

    Plains Governor Campaigning

    David Spalding - Turn 1 Fundraiser (MT) - 2 hours Fundraiser (NE) - 2 hours Fundraiser (SD) - 2 hours Attributes Upgrade (Name Recognition) - 15 minutes and $2,000,000 Attributes Upgrade (Name Recognition) - 15 minutes and $2,000,000 Attributes Upgrade (Name Recognition) - 15 minutes and $2,000,000 Attributes Upgrade (Name Recognition) - 15 minutes and $2,000,000 Rally (TX, Conservative) - 1 hour Rally (OK, Conservative) - 1 hour Rally (KS, Conservative) - 1 hour Rally (CO, Moderate) - 1 hour Rally (NM, Moderate) - 1 hour Cost: 12 hours and $8,000,000
  2. Recks

    David Spalding (R-WY) Press Office

    For Immediate Release Spalding: Tax Code Consolidation "A Must" BILLINGS, MT - Congressman David Spalding (R-WY-At Large), Republican candidate for the Plains' 2020 gubernatorial race, traveled to the largest city in Montana on his cross-regional tour where he has been unveiling major policy planks and objectives of his campaign. The stop in Billings was focused heavily on tax code consolidation, a topic of great importance to Montanans, who pay the highest percent of income taxes in the state. "Well, thank you all for being here today to discuss a critical issue to this state, and to the Plains region as a whole," Spalding began. "Of course, I'm talking about the issue that pulls at your pocketbooks - literally - and that is taxation. I've long been a low-tax champion, and I believe that this campaign offers a real opportunity for a paradigm shift in the state tax picture. Already, Montanans, and all Americans, pay up to 37% to Uncle Sam. I'm proud to have fought to lower this rate, but Montana takes an additional 6.7% or so right off the top!" "This rate here in Montana is the highest in the Plains. As Governor, I will take leadership to ensure all citizens of our region pay a single, flat rate for income taxes. This will be accompanied by a single, flat rate for sales taxes. This will not only enhance fairness and equity, but it will also have efficiency gains as people feel free to move across state-lines and do business across the region without fear of losing money to the government," Spalding explained. "This is a commonsense approach, and something that I'll be leading on if I'm elected and get to serve you as Governor down in Austin," the regional candidate continued. "No longer will one state be subsidizing the others through higher or lower taxes. Instead, we'll have a consistent regional system that is fair for all Plains residents. Thank you all for coming out here, Billings, and I look forward to meeting with you further throughout this campaign." ###
  3. Recks


    @Spalding: I'm proud to be a consistently pro-life leader. "A nation that allows innocent life to be squandered, wasted, is hardly a nation at all." Read more here.
  4. Recks

    David Spalding (R-WY) Press Office

    For Immediate Release Spalding Pledges to Protect Right-to-Life OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - Republican candidate for the 2020 Plains gubernatorial race, and incumbent at-large Wyoming Congressman, David Spalding recently spoke to an audience in the largest city in Oklahoma regarding his dedication to a fundamental issue: the right to life. "Abortion is murder," said Spalding, "and it is the murder of the most innocent life humanity has to offer: that of a child. I will fight extremely hard to promote the right-to-life in the Plains. First and foremost, we must ensure that not a single penny of Plains tax money goes to Planned Parenthood, or any other abortion-provider, ever." Spalding continued, saying, "We will also ensure that abortion is as rare as possible, with stringent laws to ensure hospital-quality care at abortion clinics. And we will permanently ban late-term and partial-birth abortions." Spalding has been a vocal critic of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood decisions. "A nation that allows innocent life to be squandered, wasted, is hardly a nation at all," Spalding has said. "Where is God in such a nation?" David Spalding also spoke about the need for adoption alternatives, saying "I will be happy to support adoption tax credits, foster children tax credits, and other incentives to mothers who decide to keep their child but cannot otherwise afford to do so." Finally, Spalding outlined his opposition to euthanasia, saying: "Just as important to our society is the protection of the elderly population. We must ensure that lives are lived to their fullest, and that doctors don't convince our seniors that they are burdens on their families. Euthanasia is a terribly destructive practice, and I will ensure it remains outlawed in the Plains." ###
  5. Recks

    Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass

    Mr. Speaker, I second the motion from the Gentleman from California. I yield.
  6. Recks


    @Spalding: Poor @HimesForGov. Even his own party doesn't know who's running for their side in the Plains gubernatorial race.
  7. Recks


    @Spalding: Honored to speak to #RNC2020 about #StatesRights and #Federalism. Catch my speech here.
  8. Recks

    Mid-Session Schedules

    David Spalding - Jan. 1 Mid-session Fundraiser - CO (2 hours) Fundraiser - OK (2 hours)
  9. Recks

    Labor Rights Reform Act of 2019

    Mr. Speaker, I second the amendment offered by the Gentleman from California. Repealing Taft-Hartley would set our nation's competitiveness back decades, and would be a gross mistake. For example, Taft-Hartley gave federal jurisdiction over collective bargaining agreements - something I wonder if the sponsor of this bill intended to repeal. Section 2 of this act is a ham-fisted attempt to deny states and regions the power to enact right-to-work legislation, but in doing so it would dramatically harm our nation's economy. In support of the Allen floor amendment, I yield.
  10. Recks


    @Spalding: I am working to amend an anti-domestic terrorism bill to ensure that any and all domestic terrorists know we are serious about #KeepingAmericaSafe
  11. Recks

    Defeat of Internal Threats Act

    Mr. Speaker, If my speech wasn't clear enough, I object to unanimous consent, although I am more than willing to withdraw this objection if my two amendments are adopted. I yield.
  12. Recks

    Defeat of Internal Threats Act

    Mr. Speaker, I agree with the underlying content of this bill, but believe that laying out a specific set of findings, findings which appear to attack the right-wing alone as an enemy of the people, is irresponsible and wrong-headed. I hate to hearken back to September 11, 2001, the deadliest terrorist attack in American history, but I believe it is appropriate to at least remind this body of the great threat posed by radical Islamic jihadists, both at home and abroad. In other developed nations, we have seen no shortage of home-grown radical Islamic terror. To set our sights on one subset - a tiny fraction of the population - of potential terrorists is shortsighted and wrongheaded. Yes, I heartily condemn white nationalists who don't see a place in society for all of our brothers and sisters. But to insinuate, as this bill does, that the right-wing is responsible for these attacks is wrong. I would like to be able to vote yes on this final bill, but in order to get me on board, I would ask that the following two separate amendments be made. To that end, I move to: Strike Section 2, Findings; and Strike Section 4(b)(2)(A), Contents of the Joint Report on Domestic Terrorism. I yield.
  13. Recks

    Charisma 1

  14. Recks

    Working Families Flexibility Act

    Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank you for bringing this important bill to the floor of the House of Representatives. I rise today to speak on its behalf, to speak on the behalf of potential millions of Americans who could benefit from the Working Families Flexibility Act. This bill is aimed at allowing everyday working men and women across America to choose time-and-a-half compensatory time if they and their employer so choose. You see, Mr. Speaker, for over a generation, employees of public agencies - that is a State, a political subdivision of a State, or an interstate governmental agency - have been allowed to take comp-time in lieu of overtime pay. This carve out, unfortunately, excluded the possibility for private sector employees to make the same election. There are understandable reasons, such as the potential pressure that may be placed on employees to take comp-time instead of overtime pay. However, I believe that this bill rectifies the potential concerns and - most importantly - allows for private sector employees to choose the same benefits as public sector employees. For many families across this great nation, time is just as valuable, if not more, than money. This bill allows those families, those American workers, to decide to spend time with their family - in times of pleasure or in times of need - instead of taking overtime pay. But, as I mentioned earlier, this bill protects workers and employers alike by preventing coercion and ensuring that the time-and-a-half comp-time is only available at the mutual agreement of both parties, or of the parties' union. Mr. Speaker, in consultation with a number of members of this body, and convinced that this bill will do great things for the working class of our nation, I move to strike Section 6, the sunset clause. This way, the effects can be long-lasting and we can ensure that we don't need to revisit this area, which has received broad-based support, in five years time. With that, I yield, in hopes of a second.