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  1. Recks


    @GrahamChambers: While I supported debating the #NipahResponse bill, I am disheartened that @HMLGrant would escalate partisan conflict in DC further by denying the GOP docket space. #TwoWrongsDontMakeARight
  2. Recks


    @GrahamChambers: Proud to co-introduce a #Bipartisan solution to the issues facing the US Postal Service. Both from the worker compensation and long-term sustainability side of things.
  3. IN THE SENATE Sen. Chambers and Sen. Ward (for themselves, Sen. Newport, and Sen. Morrow) introduced the following bill A BILL To institute long-term reforms to allow for the financial sustainability of the United States Postal Service. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the “Postal Service Reform and Sustainability Act”. SECTION 2. ENHANCING BUSINESS SERVICES. (a) The US Postal Service shall be empowered to provide complementary non-postal services at USPS locations including: photocopying and printing services, money transfer services, storage for unused portion of existing infrastructure, public internet access services, notary services, and sale of advertising space at USPS locations and physical assets. The USPS shall consider in its business decisions for the establishment of new physical post office locations the revenue that would be raised from the providing of the non-postal services described in this section.  (b) 18 USC 1716(f), prohibiting the shipment of alcohol, is repealed and renumbered accordingly. In the shipping of the previously prohibited items, the USPS shall implement processes to ensure that shippers of such products are appropriately licensed, and addressees are legally capable of accepting such a product.  (c) In consultation with state, local, and tribal governments, USPS shall determine opportunities to utilize USPS facilities as areas for vehicle registration, hunting and fishing licenses, and voter registration.  SECTION 3. INCREASED DECISION-MAKING CAPACITIES. (a) State and national political committees shall not be eligible for non-profit organization rates for mail.  (b) The USPS shall give preference in the expansion of new postal services and reevaluation of current delivery systems to the establishment of centralized cluster box postal delivery points in all cases except where it can be demonstrated that door-to-door delivery would be more practical, efficient, or result in cost savings. Prior to changing any existing service, the USPS shall provide adequate notice to the impacted postal customer.  (c) The limitation on the percentage increases on postal rates for market-dominant products is repealed.  (d) The USPS shall designate a position to function as a Chief Innovation Officer who shall examine opportunities to continue to improve and expand upon the traditional USPS services and those described in this section to enhance its operation. (e) Functions of the Office of the Inspector General for the Postal Regulatory Commission shall be consolidated with the USPS Office of Inspector General, under the latter office. SECTION 4. EMPLOYEE BENEFIT REFORM AND IMPROVEMENT. (a) Medicare-eligible postal workers and eligible family members who currently participate as a part of the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program shall be automatically be placed in Medicare Parts A and B programs.  (b) Determinations of the USPS pension costs and liabilities shall be determined using best available information, specific to USPS, in lieu of general federal employee assumptions. Any additional monies set aside to cover liabilities in excess of what has been determined under the previous formula shall be transferred to the Postal Service Fund.  (c) USPS employees, not covered by a collective-bargaining agreement which provides a process to the contrary, shall have the right to appeal to the United States Merit System Protection Board.  (d) USPS employees shall be entitled to time-and-half compensation for work performed above 40 hours per week, on weekends, and between December 22 and December 31. SECTION 5. EFFECTIVE DATE. (a) This Act shall be effective 60 days following its constitutional enactment. PES: Reforms the USPS by expanding business services (including shipping of alcohol) and governmental services, increasing business decision-making capabilities, and reforming employee benefit system (to include ensuring overtime pay for weekend and holiday work).
  4. Recks


    @GrahamChambers: I support debating a Congressional response to the #NipahCrisis in Mississippi. Whether taking funds from FEMA is appropriate or not should be decided by the Senate in a full-fledged debate.
  5. As someone who has been targeted by members of my own party for non-conformity, I believe that this may be an attempt to silence my voting power. I am, as such, wholeheartedly opposed to efforts to reduce the influence individuals have (be it by time in game, or leadership selection). If we must enact some type of backbencher penalty (which, keep in mind, I believe we already have bonuses for leadership roles), my suggestion is to give all committee members a small voting calculator bonus, less than that attributed to Chairs, floor whips, floor leaders, or PPT. It would not stack with any other bonuses, and would apply regardless of how many committees you are assigned to. In this way, the SML/SmL who controls committee assignments may ensure that party loyalists are given "more equal" representation as compared to true backbenchers. In concluding, I offer this forward as a potential solution, but I want to reiterate: I do not support moving to such a system. I believe that this may be a vindictive attempt to silence newer players who don't buy into an established clique. Thank you.
  6. Recks


    @GrahamChambers: .@POTUS Vang is wrong to suggest raising the FICA Cap without a sustainable approach to #FixSocialSecurity. My door is open to any member of Congress who wants a real fix!
  7. Recks


    @GrahamChambers: It was an honor to be a guest of TX Gov. Greg Abbott in Dallas to speak to the business community about issues that impact our nation's economic well-being!
  8. Recks


    @GrahamChambers: I am opposed to the federal government dictating what private businesses must do. That is why I am voting to table the Social Media regulation bill.
  9. Graham Chambers - Midsession Schedule Fundraiser - Arkansas  Fundraiser - Texas
  10. Mr. President, I have observed this debate intently. I have also referred back to my pocket copy of the US Constitution, and believe that it is time for me to speak out against this piece of legislation. Yes, as a private citizen, I believe social media platforms are wrong to censor voices, especially when the censoring of those voices tend to be politically-driven and to advance a specific (in this case, left-wing) agenda. However, as a United States Senator, I believe it is entirely within the right of these social media firms to decide what content they want to publish. Our Constitution is clear in protecting private property. Our founding document, which I believe is divinely-inspired, is not a tool for government power, but rather a tool to enable institutions that foster innovation and economic growth. That is why I will be voting to table this piece of legislation. I yield.
  11. Senator Graham Chambers Republican of Arkansas Well, a huge howdy to Dallas! And a big thank you to Governor Abbott for having us here tonight. I'd like to make something clear from the outset: tonight isn't about us elected officials. No, it's about you - the business owners from across American who believe it is important to hear what's going on in our nation's capital and how we are representing your interests. Because, as Ronald Reagan's favorite president - Calvin Coolidge - famously said: "the chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world." American society is unique in this feature: we aren't defined by an over-active, interventionist government. No, all too often government gets in the way. Instead, we are defined by our entrepreneurial spirit of innovation, which is driven by our status as a capitalist nation. Now, friends, this all seems commonsense to you and to me. As an accountant, I know what it takes to run a small business, what it takes to manage a large-scale business. And the last thing you need is the overburdening iron fist of government to crush the invisible hand of the market! Unfortunately, this commonsense which our Founding Fathers embraced, which has created the institutions for prosperity here in America - well, unfortunately the Democratic Party has completely abandoned all the received wisdom of what works and what doesn't! Take a look at some of their latest legislative proposals. First is a bill to permanently, automatically increase the minimum wage to the relative poverty level. Now, none of us here want Americans to live in poverty: it is antithetical to our promise of opportunity for all. But the way to eradicate poverty is not to place mandates on businesses: that is the way to create mass unemployment. This Democratic Party proposal would hike the minimum wage to over $15 per hour across the United States - overnight! Now, this crazy, left-wing idea is intended to make the Democratic House's minimum wage hike seem friendly to business, but you tell me: Do you want to see your cost of labor doubled? As if that isn't bad enough, Democrats in the House are insistent that you, as business owners and managers, fork more of your hard-earned money over to Uncle Sam. They claim that a 65% top marginal rate will fix the budget crisis, but I'll tell you all what this soak-the-rich strategy would do: it'd lead to a decline in innovation, long spells of recession, and less money for all Americans! Democrats believe that government knows how to spend your money better than you do. That is pure, unadulterated malarkey! Friends, I can promise you that the Republican Party I'm proud to represent will not support such outlandish proposals. Of course, we cannot sit back on our laurels and simply be on defense all of the time. That is why I introduced the National Right-to-Work Act, because no American worker, regardless of where they live, should be compulsorily forced into union membership. Our Constitution guarantees freedom of association, and our economy thrives on freedom of employment. Unfortunately, this bill was killed in Committee by Democrats and a few rogue Republicans - but I will continue to fight for Right-to-Work across these 50 states! I'm also proud to have worked across the aisle to support the unanimous Senate passage of a bill to that would establish a Federal Regulatory Budget. If we can carry this across the finish line, which I believe we can, it'll be a huge success for the business community nationwide and prevent your industry's regulators from acting maliciously the next time there's a change of the party in the White House. I also believe we must call out so-called pro-business leaders when their policies fail to meet muster. For example, I support giving Congress greater oversight over executive abuse of tariffs. Trade is not a zero-sum game - everyone can win - but trade wars are a negative-sum, nobody-wins scenario. I am also skeptical of some parts of the so-called America First Tax Reform Act, which you ought to be aware of. This bill is largely anti-capitalist, as it would eliminate carried interest, would establish a financial transaction tax, and re-establish tax on foreign corporate earnings. It also eliminates the FICA cap, meaning you'll be paying more into Social Security without receiving anything extra when you retire. Now, I do support continued cuts to the tax brackets, but we must also address a looming threat to our economy that nobody wants to talk about: cutting our deficit. We simply spend too much, and at some point the whole system might come crashing down if we don't get things under control - and soon. That is why I'm going to tightly scrutinize President Vang's budget to eliminate any wasteful spending, duplicative programs, or other pork barrel items that must go! Well, Dallas, I really appreciate you letting me speak with you here today. And, once again, a huge thank you to Governor Abbott of the Great State of Texas! Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America!
  12. Recks


    @GrahamChambers: I'll continue to fight for this issue because all Americans deserve the #RightToWork.
  13. Recks


    @GrahamChambers: I am deeply concerned that a Republican-led committee would reject such an important piece of legislation as #RightToWork.
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