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  1. No. This poll has candidates who haven’t even entered their name in the race. Our polling of the race in Iowa, for example, has us at 40% in the polls.
  2. CJL

    Ward Townhall in Cedar Rapids

    -local reporter- What is your respones to the Hayton clash over Global warming/climate change?
  3. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen polling or heard from people ground anything that’s indicative. So I guess then it’s anyone’s game.
  4. OOC: Can you fix the grammar? I can’t read what you’re saying at.
  5. I’d rather take a stand on this and lose by 30 points in the polls than lie and watch our world burn between our eyes, so yeah, I stand up to the establishment, check.
  6. I believe in a payment withholding system, where a small, certain amount (the payer can decide, but it still must be at least a certain amount) from on's pay check or social security goes to student loans.
  7. The thing is, Obama policy plank or not, Democrats and Republicans have come to support it. Am I against government intervention? Yes. But in extreme cases, when our planet and nation needs some sort of intervention to save itself, it's the last resort possible, Obama policy plank or not. I do not care if the base or establishment attacks me for that stance, but I want to be able to go to sleep tonight knowing my children actually have an earth to inhabit, and that's all I'm saying when it comes to the issue of climate change. Yes, I believe in it, it's man-made, and we need to do something about it, which is the Paris climate agreement. Play it on the cable news world every day, call me a RINO, I honestly do not care. I, as well as every sensible politician, knows that climate change is a threat to our world. Period. Next?
  8. Well, I'd have to say Jack Kemp.
  9. No one said returning to Obama, no one. I think when it comes to the future of our world population and our planet, we must act with whatever is needed. Next question?
  10. CJL


    (1) I just remembered Calvin Ward is a Democrat, due to his willingness to interfere and make GOP Primary voter’s mind for them. He just can’t stay in the primary he’s losing, and the general polling he’s being slaughtered in. (2) Every American has the right to know the health of each candidate and if each candidate is qualified to be president. To see that Calvin Ward doesn’t care is extremely and deeply troubling, and it unqualified him to be the 46th President of the United States of America.
  11. At the Indianapolis Marriott East, Republican Presidential Contender and U.S Senator from Indiana Tom a Hayton returns to his home state of Indiana to address Q&A’s from the College Republicans of Indiana.
  12. CJL


    (1) If Representative Alexander knows political transparency, why did he sell himself to corrupt interests? And he wants a promotion, with his partner in crimes the leadership Democrats and their lackeys in full step with him. (2) While I have great respect for my colleague and fellow Presidential Candidate Senator Will Conway, I believe he has some critical and key questions to answer about his medical history and health before he makes himself a serious contender for the presidency.
  13. *laughs* 1. No, as I’ve always had a fear of smoking. 2. I’m no longer in my college days, to say the least. 3. No as well. I think some of the assertions were somewhat misleading. I think climate change is happening, that it is man made, and while I woils like to se the government take action, I’d like to do it in the most cost efficient way.
  14. Well, I’ve never accused the speaker of having any bias in its favor, and I think it’s pure malarkey to say I’ve always been critical of less than positive questioning. I have appreciated tough questioning that is completely legitimate, as it helps Americans understand our leaders. However, I, as well as many conservatives and Republicans, know there is an inherent bias against our way of thinking and believing. That is why I am alert, and skeptical of certain peculiar criticisms and questions. Well, I simply believe in the threat of Climate Change, and I agree with Speaker Macmillan. Conservative, Liberal, or Moderate, you have to admit that climate change presents an international crisis that must be addressed. Now, I know taking that position will hurt me with some conservatives, and frankly, I do not care. I want my children and their children to have an earth they can inhabit. Period.
  15. *sighs* Hopefully you’re not in the Huntington cabal of reporters. Asked and answered. Next question?