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  1. Office of U.S. Congressman Tom Hayton December 2017 Today, at a rally/press conference in Rockville, Indiana, U.S. Congressman and Indiana Senate Candidate Tom Hayton announced he would be joining the newly formed, “America First” Nationalist Caucus. Hayton widely praised the new caucus: ”I am extremely excited to announce I will be joining the newly formed Nationalist Caucus. It is this Caucus, formed by individuals pursuing a new America First agenda, that will truly put our nation first. We will roll back the Obama policies that have pushed our country back, while pushing for the true, Conservative, Nationalist values this nation needs right here and right now.”
  2. Office of Congressman Tom Hayton December 2017 Today, after an impassioned speech on Capitol Hill, Congressman Tom Hayton called out House Democrats for a lack of inaction, and irresponsibility on the issue of immigration, especially on the matter of illegal aliens in the U.S. Hayton spoke on the controversial yet widely popular immigration speech. The excerpt of the speech: “Mr. Speaker, It interests me why the member from New Mexico objects to UC in this bill, I mean his colleague from Louisiana, a Democrat, after all, co-sponsored it. But moving on, let’s look at this why this nation needs this act now more than ever. Take Arizona, for example. Using data from 1985 to 2017, if you seperate legal US citizens from illegal aliens, Undocumented immigrants are at least 142% more likely to be convicted of a crime than other Arizonans. They also tend to commit more serious crimes and serve 10.5% longer sentences, more likely to be classified as dangerous, and 45% more likely to be gang members than U.S. citizens. And here’s the kicker: If undocumented immigrants committed crime nationally as they do in Arizona, in 2016 they would have been responsible for over 1,000 more murders, 5,200 rapes, 8,900 robberies, 25,300 aggravated assaults, and 26,900 burglaries. Am I saying all Illegal Immigrants are criminals? No. But I’m saying that we must be wary of what the open borders of the Obama administration did to our country. Look at the crimes committed by one Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros for example, protected by DACA. She was convicted in 2014 of killing to children, aged 6 and 11. It is cases like these that shows what this act can and will do: protect our nation against a number of violent, dangerous, criminals.” Hayton, however, was criticized for attacking the open border policy of President Obama by New Mexico Congressman Gonzalez. Hayton responded with the following: ”It’s a true shame that Mr. Gonzalez continues to ignore the problem of illegal immigration, especially with the fact that his state deals with the issues of illegal immigration heavily. However, I guess he’s too worried about wasting time and money on his Downton Abbey themed office than the thousands of Americans raped, killed, robbed and harmed by illegal aliens.”