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    • Game Guide (Round 7)
      Are you ready for Round 7, Senator?
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    • Opening of the 117th Congress
      The 117th Congress opens. Will the Democrats be able to use their razor thin majority to provide a check on the Republican Senate and White House?
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    • Post in FiveThirtyEight.com
      With Dylan Macmillan (D-NY) having become the sole remaining Democratic candidate and Paul Vang (R-WI) secured his party's nomination, initial general election polls indicate it will be a very close election. Good luck to both parties!
    • I have enabled the support function on the forum in order to foster complaints or feedback with the administration team or the game as a whole. Complaints made in the general sections of the forums will no longer be tolerated. Any complaints made in these sections will automatically be locked and ignored. If after your complaint is locked, and you make another post, you will be given an official warning. 

      Use this if you would like to make a complaint, and it will be dealt with. Thank you.

      Furthermore, administrators will no longer be dealing with complaints through telegram. 
    • Happy Thanksgiving all!

      • 4 replies
    • Game Guide (Round 6)
      Signups are now open for Round 6!
      • 4 replies
    • Queer Television Past & Present | OQE Podcast #31
      What's your favorite queer TV show?
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    • Post in Gallup Polls
      In the first public 2020 Senate polls, the Republicans are facing a much tougher map than two years ago. Can they hold onto their Senate majority?
    • Why We Do The Podcast | OQE Podcast #28
      The podcast is back! Check out our new logo.
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    • 2nd Congress Roll Call
      As the 2nd Congress begins, who will be the next Speaker of the House?
      • 15 replies
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